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Grimalkins Vingette - New Years 2010


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December 31st, 2009 Interceptors Brownstone

Still in her sweats and T-shirt, Lynn checked the time on her cellphone; luckily, she had over an hour to come up with a nice look for Colt tonight. With a wave of her hand, a standing mirror rose up out of the floor of her small bedroom, reflecting her in a thoughtful pose.

“Okay, first up, hair.â€

Rather distractedly, she shifted through a number of looks, lengths and colors, shoulder length cascades of burnished gold melting into straight black tresses hanging all the way down to her waist. Most of these ‘doos she wouldn’t dream of wearing on the town (at least not as herself), but she liked to think outside the box from time to time.

What would look the best next to Colt? I want a good match for his awesome rugged style.

This was something new for her; of course, she always wanted to look her best for her boyfriends, but with her new beau she found she wanted to be complimentary, so people would know right away they were a couple. At her insistence, Colt had given her a peek at the tux he’d be wearing to the party, and to his amusement she’d given it a thorough going over with an analytical eye. Now she tried to remember all the details, but finally shook her head in annoyance

“Wait, I need to look at it again.â€

Rolling her shoulders back, Lynn took a deep breath and let her glamour flow, until she stood before the mirror in a carbon copy of Colt’s outfit (albeit much smaller), complete with boots and black cowboy hat. She grinned as did a few cartoony cowboy poses, pistol fingers at the ready.

“Howdy, ma’am! Wow, I look good in a tux! Not too butch, neither. Mmm, maybe some other time, though.â€

Before she bid his Western look goodbye, she stopped to think about the man himself; what was it about Colt that made this relationship different? She pursed her lips as she fiddled with her bolo tie, deep in thought. True, he made her feel safe, but all of her boyfriends had been strong silent types. What else?

He makes me want to be a better person.

Was that true? Well, she had been thinking about the dancing lessons since Taylor’s wedding, and the crazy idea of college had floated to the surface once of twice. Then it finally hit her.

“Colt’s not a boy; he’s a man.â€

And with that realization, a flood of other thoughts entered her mind, more or less unbidden, and for maybe the first time in her whole life, Lynn had a glimpse of her future. Sure, there was a crimefighting and kicking butt, but there were also thoughts of making a home of her own, and building a life with Colt. And maybe things wouldn’t head down that road anytime soon, or even at all, but it was time to start thinking long term.

Rushing over to her bedside table, the young shapeshifter pulled out her journal and a pen, and started madly writing; her Western tux drifted away in tatters of mist, leaving her usual bum-around clothes in its wake.

Things to Do this year:

1. Get my GED.

2. Look into college (what major?)

3. Save some money! Lots of it!

4. Do more things with Colt (new things/Colt things)

5. Continue to be awesome!

Satisfied with her little list, Lynn smiled as she dropped it back into the drawer and returned to the mirror, humming ‘Auld Lang Syne’ as she created the perfect party dress.

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