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Tempests Vingette - New Years 2010

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(Wharton State Forest)

I have become intrigued with this concept the humans call “New Year’s Resolutionsâ€. The humans have a peculiar way of measuring the amount of time that has passed, one of the larger units of measurements being a year. Most humans live around 70 to 80 years. As such, living to see a new year is a big achievement. The humans celebrate this with a large amount of parties and even a strange ritual observing the effects of gravity on a ball. The point of this entry is to remark and take part in the concept of the New Year’s Resolutions. The humans make a promise or “resolve†to make changes to better themselves within the coming year. Here are my own Resolutions:

1. Visit another country.

So far my analysis of the human condition has been colored by the American style of living, which I am told is different in other countries. Therefore, I need to observe the other cultures so that I may make a proper comparison between the cultures and determine what exactly the unique human condition is. It is also the only way my research will truly be legitimate.

However, I will endeavor to make the transition slowly, so as I do not experience as much of the “culture shock†as I did when I first came to America. I will most likely visit the European countries first, then Asia, followed by South America and ending with Africa. I am not sure what countries I will specifically visit in each of these continents but I plan to make a circular visit at many points in the coming years, visiting a different country each time so hopefully my time will be well spent and I will have a general idea of what I wish to investigate when the time comes to visit, and live in a given country for a given amount of time.

2. Get a “steady jobâ€.

Many of the humans I am told have a job of some sort. From my understanding, a job is some task a human does repeatedly and receives some sort of compensation for the completion of this task. It is a central part of the routine a human will regularly follow on a day to day basis.

Apparently, many humans do not enjoy or take pleasure in the tasks that they are assigned to do for their job, but yet they still tend to them regularly. It is my understanding that these jobs are necessary for survival in human society. To be more accurate, the compensation that the jobs grant is necessary. Though from what I am told, certain professions are entirely invaluable to maintain human society. Which jobs in particular are in the category mentioned above are quite debatable, as many people deem their own jobs to be important while those in another job do not share that opinion. I believe the humans refer to this discrepancy as a bias.

The point in however, is that because I do not possess a normal job, I am missing out on a very important aspect of the traditional human life cycle. I wish to understand this aspect before this year is up.

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