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Breakdowns Vingette - New Years 2010


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Southside – Bayview – Eddie Ozan’s house

Eddie sat alone in his room, on the first day of January. He had paper, a pencil, and a headache from the night before. But tradition was tradition, and if you didn’t keep up with it, it was useless. The first thing he wrote was, “New Year’s Resolutions!†Then sat, tapping his pencil against the paper as he tried to think of things he actually wanted to write down.

1. Put out an album

2. Schedule a tour

3. Make my first million

Okay, so most of these things are for the band, but it had to be said. We haven’t done much with ourselves in a while, and I really want to get back to it. First step: Put out an album. Even if it’s just an EP, I would still really like to get it out there. I also really want to go on tour with these guys. I think that we could really be a hit if we just got our names out there.

4. Stay with Zoe

So my life has been a white-knuckle thrill ride ever since I met this girl. And I’d really like to keep it that way. I never knew anyone like her from home, and she’s even pretty unique as far as Freedom City’s standards go. Yea, I think I’ll stick around for the long haul with this girl. She’s worth it.

5. Start a charity

Wouldn’t it be great if I can out-donate Bono? Zo says that I become quite the philanthropist in a few years. So what am I waiting for? There’s plenty of people that need help out there and the sooner I help out the better. Now what do I call it? And more importantly, what do I donate to? Cancer survivors? No, too cliché. Plus they already have a tone of money pouring in for them. How about, something music related? Something about singing… Singing for salvation? Maybe the Salvation Army needs money? Well, it’s something to look into at any rate.

6. Get into the Freedom League

Well, this one might take a while. But it’s worth it if can I can actually do it. I may be a little young yet, but it would be worth a try. And they don’t necessarily let everyone in that tries out, so I had better start trying out soon.

7. Alphabetize my CD and Record Collection (again).

Eddie continued tapping away at the paper in front of him. He’d only gotten about halfway down the page, but he didn’t have anything else planned for the day. He’d always spent New Year ’s Day making a list of things he wanted to do for the year. Tradition was tradition after all.

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