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Colts Vingette - New YEars Day 2010


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West End – The Underground – New Year’s Day

Colt sat in the rolling chair in front of Vince’s large screen display monitor. He wasn’t scanning for criminals, he wasn’t researching super-villains, heck, he wasn’t even researching guns. No, Colt wasn’t sick, he was writing his new year’s resolutions. Currently , the screen showed only a small list of things, but the list was growing as Colt plugged away at the keyboard one key at a time.

1. Learn to type better.

Reckon I seen Razorwing’s fingers fly across the surface a this thing. I ain’t that good at this whole typin’ thing yet, but I mean ta learn. Sure would make writin’ this list easier.

2. Win a shooting contest in Freedom City.

Hard ta believe that I been here bout three whole months already, an’ I ain’t won a dang trophy yet! Either I been busy or I been slackin’. Either way, I gotta free up some time an’ practice up.

3. Start a trophy shelf.

Left most’a ma own trophies at home. But I reckon there’s plenty’a time ta start another trophy shelf. I certainly think I’m gonna be here fer a while. Might as well start decoratin’ that there room I got upstairs.

4. Learn to fight without guns.

Well, I reckon that charity event we all held a while back showed me somethin’. Now I reckon I’m the best there is when it comes ta shootin’ but there ain’t no way I’ll be any good in’a fight if’n I get ma guns taken away. Maybe I c’n ask ol’ Jack ta show me a few things ‘bout usin’ swords’re somethin’.

5. Read 10 books.

Grim’s given me a hearty stack’a books ‘bout as tall’s a horse. Reckon I better get crackin’ on them. I ain’t been much’a reader back home so I bet I c’n set a good ol’ goal fer maself. Ten books by the end’a the year sounds mighty nice.

6. See how bad “Tex-Mex†truly is.

Colt continued to plug away at the keyboard. Every time he added a new item to the list, he saved, as Vince had advised him. Suddenly the alarm went off, and a news feed showed up the screen.

“What in blazes?†Colt exclaimed, “Who in their right mind robs a bank on New Year’s Day? Y’all should be sleepin’ off last night if’n ya ask me. Oh well, duty calls!†and with that, the Interstellar Cowboy ran off towards the garage to get his motorcycle and get into the action!

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