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Woodland Gymnasia [OOC]


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  • 1 month later...

Talona officially enters her Rage, and goes for another fly-by on Alex.

Round 1: Attack roll vs Prone MA, Crit on 19-20 (1d20+11=26) [i forgot to add that she Power Attacks for 3 given that MA's prone, flatfooted, and stunned.]

Round 1: Toughness Save vs DC 29 (1d20+14=20)

Fails by 9, so Stunned (again) and another level of bruise

I'm having MA spend the round stunned I think. The better for Moira to show off a little to start with.

IC will be up later today, I need to get a move on since I'm GMing this evening.

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Talona can't make that DC without Fiat, so she's Demoralized, she attacks Divine Round 3: PA 2, Demoralized, DC 26 if hit. (1d20+7=24)

Hits, and from the already rolled Toughness Save Divine takes another bruise

MA has had enough and steps to hit Talona with all she's got at the moment. Round 3: All-out PA 5/5, DC 33 it hit (1d20+9=16)

Talona can't make that save particularly well, she tries thoughRound 3: Toughness Save vs DC 33 (1d20+6=18) Fails by 15, so she's unconscious. The Knockback sends her into a nearby tree.

We're now out of rounds.

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