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Roll to hit Phalanx (1d20+11=17, 1d20+11=21, 1d20+11=18) DC 24 Toughness

Those all hit, his impervious is higher than the damage rank. Next time they know to power attack.

HP for heroic feat Improved Grab

Set Paragon Array to 9 Super Strength

Roll to hit #2 (1d20+8=24) DC29 Toughness

Toughness save (1d20+11=20) #2 Bruised and Stunned

Grapple Check (1d20+31=32) Phalanx's Grapple (CUUURSSSE YOU IIIIIICCCCCCC !!!!!!!)

Grapple check (1d20+24=35) # 2's Grapple She chooses to escape the grapple

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To hit power attack 3 Base DC 27 (1d20+8=19, 1d20+8=28)

First DC 28 +1 autofire

Second DC 36 Crit +4 autofire

Toughness save DC 28 (1d20+16=29) No Damage

Burn an HP for Ultimate Toughness for the second one for a 36. No damage

Burn HP for Improved Grab again

Attack roll Attack w/ improved Grab (1d20+8=21) Hit DC 29 Toughness

Toughness #3 Toughness (1d20+11=29) No Damage

Grapple check (1d20+31=37) Phalanx Grapple

Grapple check (1d20+24=40) Grapple Check Number 3 He'll choose to try and maintain a pin to give his cohorts a better shot.

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Grapple check (1d20+24=41) Number 3 Grapple check to maintain Pin

Grapple check (1d20+31=49) Phalanx will choose to do damage DC 29

Toughness (1d20+11=16) Fail by ten Staggered and Stunned

Two and Five attack Defense 12 Power attack 5 base DC 29 (1d20+6=17, 1d20+6=10) One hit DC 31 toughness

Toughness (1d20+16=35) No damage

Phalanx auto wins the grapple check since 3 is stunned and will throw him at 5 All out Power attack 5 Throw attack (1d20+5=24) DC 34 Toughness for both

Three then Five Toughness (1d20+11=26, 1d20+11=19) Three Takes a bruise and is already stunned Five is unconcious

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Two Provides covering fire for Seven

Phalanx will ignore the covering fire penalty granting two a chance to fire at him Attack Roll (1d20+6=8) A miss.

Phalanx attacks the fleeing Number Seven All Out Power Attack for grapple (1d20+8=11)

HP Reroll: HP Reroll: All out Power Attack for grapple (1d20+8=11) +10 for a 21 will hit.

Grapple check: Grapple (1d20+31=42)Phalanx

Grapple Check (1d20+24=34) Number Seven, Failure Phalanx chooses Damage DC 34 Toughness Save

Toughness (1d20+11=24) Staggered and Stunned.

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Round Five Initiative

21 - PC 3 - Staggered and Bruised

15 - PC 2 - Bruised

10 - PC 5 - KO'd

10 - Phalanx - 0 HP - Uninjured

9 - PC 7 - Staggered and Stunned

Three will engage his flight system in preparation of fleeing

Two will fly away as a full round Accelerated move.

Phalanx auto wins the grapple since Seven is stunned and throws her at Three full all-out/power attackRoll to hit with thrown Number Seven (1d20+5=19) Just enough DC 34 Toughness

Toughness Saves: Toughness for three then Seven (1d20+10, 1d20+11=[10, 10], [5, 11]) A 20 and a 16 Enough for both to be KO'd

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