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Tempest's Undersea Adventure (IC)

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Tempest had felt a strange feeling when he had last passed over the ocean. He had pressing matters at the time, so he could not tend to it at that time, but now he had no other pressing concerns so it was time to investigate. Diving into the depths, Tempest headed deep under the waves. Even in this world, the presence of humans was felt. On the ocean floor, countless ships lay broken and forgotten. What the humans once used to wage war, was now the source of life. It is what the humans would call ironic.

It wasn't too much longer until Tempest began to see signs of what had originally drawn him here. On the see floor, there appeared to be a large green egg, roughly 3ft in diameter. This is not from any earth creature.

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Tempest alters his course and descends so that he may investigate the egg closer. Before he gets too close however, he begins to sense something off about this egg. He cannot place the feelings, but something tells him as if this is something that should probably be left alone. However, Tempest was quite adept at ignoring that particular feeling whn there was something new and exciting to learn.

Tempest set down on the ocean floor which was bathed in the soft green glow of the egg. Their appeared to be some vine like protrusions from the egg keeping it anchored down to the ocean floor. Carefully, Tempest placed his hand on the shell. It's alive, but also, not. It does not seem to be growing either. It is... waiting? But why? What is it waiting for?

He was so engrossed in his analysis of the egg that Tempest did not see the three figures approaching from behind him.

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The strike force quickly got into position, surveying their target and taking up what little cover there was on the ocean floor. They had to be careful not to hit the egg, but this is something they were trained for. They line their targeting arrays up, and with unspoken commands, fire in unison at the target. Tempest however, is unfazed by the electrical assault.

He abruptly stops examining the egg, and rounds on his assailants. "What manner of creatures are you?" asks Tempest, but due to the fact that he is under water, it mostly comes across as a dialect of blub. The soldiers exchange worried glances for a moment as the creature before them just shrugged off a rather powerful surge of electricity.

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Realizing that a change of tactic was in order, the goons split up, and charge at Tempest from different angles. However, due to the speed of their manuever only one was able to touch Tempest and it was a glancing blow at best. The goons then quickly disappeared as they peeled off in different directions away from Tempest. They were simply too fast for Tempest to pursue.

Rather than get lead into what was likely going to be another ambush, he decided to hold his ground. "Whatever manner of creature these are, if they insist upon attacking me, I shall have no choice but to defend myself." His hands began to swirl as he concentrated energy in his hands, waiting for the return of his attackers.

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And he waited, and waited, but his attackers showed no sign of returning. As time stretched on, and the darkness pressed in on Tempest's eyes his thoughts wandered from what those creatures were to what this egg was. Soon enough, Tempest's curiosity won him over and he dropped his guard to further inspect the egg.

His hands swept over the surface of the egg, as Tempest drank in the pulsating energy issuing from it. It was a dormant creature. It had laid here for a very long time, but it wouldn't do so for much longer. No, the awaited hour was fast approaching for its awakening. The awakening she and her brothers had long awaited. "Ohh... this is bad."

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