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Madcap (by Kakashi64) - PL10 Hero

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Power Level: 10 (152/152pp)

Trade-Offs: -2 Toughness for +2 Defense

Unspent PP: 0

Character's Name: Madcap

Alternate Identity: Matt Wyman

Age: 25 (born 10 August 1984; apparent age mid-twenties)

Gender: Male

Height: 5'8"

Weight: 165

Eyes: brown

Hair: brown


As Matt: An unassuming young man in his mid-twenties, clean-shaven, a bit shorter than average, and of wiry build. His hair is short and well-groomed, his clothing neat, casual, and unremarkable. His expression is often a preoccupied frown.

As Madcap, he wears a tight-fitting black bodysuit with an orange checkerboard pattern across his sides, arms and shoulders, black boots, white gloves and a big cheesy 'M' on his chest. A matching belt holds the various devices he uses. He has a pair of oversized goggles that hide much of his face, and clown make-up obscures the rest. It's all topped off with a jangly jester's cap.

History: Matt Wyman grew up in Freedom City. His father worked for the government in an unknown and top-secret capacity, and was sometimes away from home. As a young child, he enjoyed a typical upper middle class life – even if he was insatiably curious about what his father did at work, which got him into trouble when he would get caught snooping around. His parents taught him right from wrong, to extend a helping hand when it was needed, and to cherish his family. Matt showed exceptional athletic ability at an early age, and was involved in various sporting activities throughout his childhood, including karate lessons.

But by the time Matt turned twelve, he was aware of a growing tension in the house. His father seemed a more distant person to him and his mother. Sullivan still spent time with him, but often in intense sessions where he taught the boy what Matt could only describe as “spy tricks:†perception training, intimidation, resistance to psychological warfare, security, hiding and sneaking, and technological improvisation. While Matt enjoyed these glimpses into his father’s life, and the games Sullivan sometimes made up to help teach him, he could see the man’s paranoia grow over time, made all the more painful by the occasions where his father was his old, loving self.

This paranoia was heightened late one night when the neighborhood became an impromptu super-powered battleground between the super-villain known as Madcap, his gang The Wise Fools, and members of the Freedom League. After a fierce battle, Madcap escaped. After that, Sullivan moved the family several times, at first to larger and more expensive houses, and then to smaller homes on quiet side streets.

Throughout his teenage years, Matt began to develop a knack for anticipating things that were about to happen. He would finish his friends' sentences, and he often seemed to know who was on the phone before answering it (or checking caller ID). Sometimes, he would do strange things, like grabbing a stranger by the arm, or suddenly move an object on a table to another location. When asked, Matt had no explanation for why he did these things. The family doctor was concerned, but because Matt's actions were rarely ones of overt violence or destruction, he decided the boy's impulse control problems were not serious. Matt's reflexes became remarkably quick, making him an outstanding high school athlete in spite of his small size.

Matt was happy to move away from home to attend college, although he stayed in Freedom City to look after his mother, who seemed increasingly melancholy in reaction to his father’s erratic behavior. Sullivan was difficult to be around during the occasions when he was home at all, and was either frightfully paranoid or simply angry. Still, there were times when he paid surprise visits to Matt’s dorm room, and the two spent enjoyable times like any father and son would do, watching a ball game or talking current events.

When Matt was 20, his father disappeared for good. Broken-hearted, his mother struggled with failing health and depression, but she refused to let Matt move back home, instead encouraging him to stay with school until he graduated. Two years later, he accomplished this, earning a degree in chemical engineering.

Gail Wyman’s condition suddenly took a turn for the worse not long thereafter, and within a month, she was dead. After his mother’s burial service, Matt saw a familiar figure walking amongst the distant headstones. Recognizing his father, he ran to catch up with him. Sullivan was strained, his words intense, but Matt knew that something besides paranoia gripped his father. What Sullivan said was burned into his son’s memory:

“I’m sorry, son. I know that I’ve failed my duties as a father and as a husband. You have to believe this isn’t what I wanted for my life, or yours – or your mother’s. I've made some bad choices, particularly where you're concerned.

“I’ve shamed the family name, Matt. Soiled it. And there’s nothing I can do to about it. But I know you can. I know it’s too late to fix what I’ve broken. There’s really only one choice for me at this point, and I think I’ve made the right choice. And I know you’ll make the right choice, too.

“Redeem our name, son. I’d tell you to make me proud, but you do that every single day.â€

Matt never saw his father again.

Left with the onerous task of straightening out the family’s financial affairs, Matt moved into the family home and began sorting through family files. The first unusual thing he discovered was that his father had signed over or renounced ownership of all family property and investments some time before, and Gail’s will named Matt as sole beneficiary.

The second unusual thing was an envelope stuffed among some old tax papers in a box in the basement. It was obviously much newer that the papers in the box. Inside was a key to a safety deposit box. Intrigued, Matt went to the bank and had a teller open the box with him. Inside was another key, and a blank magnetic swipe card. Realizing that these items were important, but not knowing what to do with them, Matt put the key on his key ring, the card in his wallet.

Less than a week later, the papers were full of news of a climactic battle between The Freedom League, and Madcap and his minions. The battle ended with an explosion that killed the super-villain instantly. Unlike the demise of most villains, the body was recovered. It was identified as Sullivan Wyman. Matt’s shock helped insulate him against the prying of the news media. He soon sold the house and moved in with a family friend, where he waited for the media frenzy to die down.

Eventually, it did. Leery of public attention, Matt decided to delay entering grad school, and instead found a small apartment and a good job in the R&D department of a manufacturing company. He tried his best to put his past behind him, although his father’s words still haunted him.

Two years passed before Matt was surprised one evening by a courier from an attorney’s office. The envelope the courier delivered contained the deed to a property in Riverside, and a piece of paper with the outline of a key. The outline matched the key Matt had retrieved from the safety deposit box. Matt went to the address, and found a small repair shop with a second-story apartment. From the dust, it was evident that no one had occupied the place for quite a while.

As he explored, Matt found a door that apparently led to the basement – but it had a magnetic swipe lock. Swiping the card from his wallet, Matt descended into a room with a complex mechanics and chemical laboratory. In one corner was a mannequin with a complete Madcap costume. Nearby were notebooks containing information about the workings of the suit, and about the chemical composition of some of its gimmicks.

As Matt examined the outfit and the complex items contained in it, Sullivan’s cryptic last words came to him. He now knew what his father wanted: for Matt to take up the mantle of Madcap, and somehow clear the family name. Could the people of Freedom City accept a former villain as a hero? The only thing to do was try. If he could make Madcap into a hero, he could then reveal his identity and retire, knowing that people would remember the Wyman name as belonging to a hero, not a criminal.

Matt spent many weeks puzzling out and mastering the workings of the suit, as well as studying video and written reports of his father's combat style and tactics. He quit his job and moved into the building he now owned, re-opening the repair business to augment his inheritance money. When he felt he was ready, he went out into the city’s rough streets. Of course, people sometimes had negative reactions to him, even when he saved lives or prevented crime. Matt knew he was in for a long and difficult struggle. What was more interesting to him was the reaction of the city’s criminal element. They offered him information or asked to work with him, trying to curry his favor, sometimes groveling in fear as they did so. What kind of creature had his father become while wearing Madcap suit?

It didn’t take long for such types to understand that Madcap had had a change of heart and now had some sort of vendetta against them. His father's former gang, the Wise Fools, were particularly incensed at what they see as Madcap's "betrayal" of them, and have vowed to hunt him down. Matt later realized that by cleaning up the streets, he blew his chance to make some permanent underworld contacts to help in future crime-fighting endeavors.

Matt has so far avoided any confrontations with superheroes, hoping to make enough of an impression as a "good guy" that heroes might think twice before immediately attacking him.

Personality & Motivation: Matt is a serious young man who seldom relaxes. He's not a loner by nature, but his current lifestyle is pushing him down that path. His determination to redeem his father's legacy and his family name leave little time for a social life. To some extent, playing the zany Madcap has become a release for the often-repressed lighter side of his personality. It's the only "fun" he has – but he sometimes feels guilty for clowning around instead of being a more "serious" hero. He enjoys tinkering in his lab, working to improve the functionality of the Madcap rig.

Powers & Tactics: In combat, Madcap is a "stick and move" kind of fighter. He knows he probably won't deliver an instant knock-out blow, so he uses his movement abilities to caper through the combat area, annoying and confusing his opponents until he finds a good opening. He trusts his "instincts" (unbeknownst to him, this is actually subconscious precognition – see stats) to keep him from being hit.

Outside of combat, Matt has found his technical expertise to be useful in many situations. He maintains a small repair shop in his civilian ID which also doubles as a lab when he needs to whip up an impromptu device.


Enemy: The Wise Fools gang. They're mad at Madcap for "turning on them."

Reputation: He has assumed the identity of a known super-villain. People are bound to be a little suspicious (or downright hostile!). Eventually, this Complication will no longer be valid, but for now…

Obsession: Clearing his family name.

Secret Identity

Strange Actions: (I wasn't sure how to classify this) Matt sometimes responds to his subconscious power in ways that others (and often himself) find strange. Example: Matt is standing on a street corner with several other people, waiting for the light to change. Suddenly, he grabs a woman by the shoulders and pulls her suddenly backwards. People react as if he's attacking her, or being a weirdo. Several seconds later, a car whizzes by, running the light. His subconscious reacted to its precognition by saving the woman, who would have otherwise walked into the street and been struck by the car - but no one, including Matt, knows that's what happened.

Temporal Anomaly: Although there aren't too many people with some sort of temporal awareness or other temporal sense, Matt will stick out like a sore thumb to people with such senses, since he's constantly looking into the immediate future.

Stats: 0+6+4+8+2+0 = 20pp

Str: 10 (+0)

Dex: 16 (+3)

Con: 14 (+2)

Int: 18 (+4)

Wis: 12 (+1)

Cha: 10 (+0)

Combat: 12+12 = 24pp

Attack: +6, Melee +10, (+8 without subconscious precognition), Ranged +10 w/Snare & Obscure/Snare attacks

Grapple: +10

Defense: +12 (+3 flat-footed); without subconscious precognition, Defense +9 (+3 flat-footed)

Knockback: -6, -2 without costume, -1 without costume & flat-footed

Initiative: +15

Saves: 4+5+5 = 14pp

Toughness: +8 (+2 Con, +4 (Impervious) costume, +1 Defensive Roll, +1 Enhanced Defensive Roll )

Fortitude: +6 (+2 Con, +4)

Reflex: +12 (+3 Dex, +4 Enhanced Save, +5)

Will: +6 (+1 Wis, +5)

Skills: 76r = 19pp

Acrobatics 12 (+15)

Climb 5 (+5)

Computers 6 (+10)

Craft Chemical 6 (+10)

Craft Mechanical 4 (+8)

Gather Info 5 (+5)

Knowledge 8 (Physical Sciences) (+12)

Knowledge 1 (Streetwise) (+5)

Knowledge 3 (Technology) (+7)

Notice 10 (+11)

Profession 4 (Repair shop owner) (+5)

Search 2 (+6)

Sense Motive 3 (+4)

Stealth 7 (+10)

Feats: 12pp

Acrobatic Bluff

Attack Focus (Melee) 2

Defensive Roll 1

Dodge Focus 3

Equipment 1

Evasion 1


Move-by Action


HQ (Size: small; Toughness 5; Features: Chemical Workshop, Mechanical Workshop, Fire Prevention System, Concealed x2)

Powers: 40 + 4 + 13 + 4 + 1 + 1 = 63pp

Device 10 (difficult to lose) (Madcap costume) [40pp]

Device 1 (difficult to lose) (Madcap goggles) [4pp]:

Enhanced Feats 13 (Subconscious Precognition); Evasion, Uncanny Dodge, Luck 2, Defensive Roll, Dodge Focus 3, Attack focus (melee) 2, Improved Initiative 3 [13pp]

Enhanced Save (Reflex) 4 (Subconscious Precognition) [4pp]

Speed 1 (Natural celerity) [1pp]

Super-Senses 1 (Danger Sense [Mental]) [1pp]

(D) Stun 10 ("airbag" big fist punch) [20]

Snare 10 (super-adhesive silly-string); Power Feats: Accurate 2, Reversible, Alternate Power; Flaws: Unreliable (5 uses) [15]

AP: Obscure 4 and Snare 4 (Cotton Candy blast); Extras: Area burst (on Snare); Power Feats reversible (on Snare); Flaws: Unreliable (5 uses)

Impervious Protection 4 (reinforced costume) [8]

Immunity: own powers – Snare and Snare/Obscure (specially-treated costume) [1]

Leaping 5 (spring boots) [5]

Super-Movement (Wall-Crawling) (Sticky fingers) [2]

Super-Senses 5 (goggles): Dark vision, microscopic vision 1, telescopic vision 1, radio hearing [5]

Drawbacks: None

DC Block:

Snare 10 – Reflex/20: Entangled (fail save by <5), Bound (fail by 5 or more)

Snare 4 – Reflex/14: Entangled (fail save by <5), Bound (fail by 5 or more)

Stun 10 – Fortitude/20: Dazed (fail save by <5), Unconscious (fail by 5 or more)

Costs: Abilities (20) + Combat (24) + Saves (14) + Skills (19) + Feats (12) + Powers (63) - Drawbacks (00) = 152/152pp

NOTES: This was originally a very different character concept, but you know how sometimes a character just refuses to be written the way you want, and goes ahead and does things his own way? So it was with Madcap.

There's a couple aspects of the background I wasn't sure about as they relate to Freedom City in general, and this version of it in particular. I'm basically retrofitting a supervillain into the history of the game, and I hope that's okay. If it isn't, I'm open to suggestions as to how to fit Matt's background into the setting. I'm also aware that Madcap's costume and theme might be crowding the niche occupied by Wildcard. I'm thinking there's probably room for two jestery/clowny guys in the FC universe. If not, again, I'm open to suggestions for changes.

A note about subconscious precognition: This started as a gag power for a Mystery Men-inspired game I ran several years ago. It was for an NPC hero who could see into the future! Problem was, he could only see one second into the future, so the power wasn't terribly useful. He was constantly saying things like "Don't open that door – OH! Sorry. I saw that there was a laser cannon behind the door, but I can only see one second into the future, and by the time I tried to warn you, you'd already opened the door. Sorry…"

Anyway, I was thinking about that game recently, and it occurred to me that for a super-powered martial artist, seeing a few seconds into the future would actually be one hell of a useful ability. Over time, I added the wrinkle that the character wasn't aware he could do this, because it was only his subconscious that could see into the future.

This is why many of his feats are super-feats: his own innate abilities are augmented by this power. If his power is ever drained or Nullified, he's not as effective.


DEX 16: Matt's a pretty nimble kid.

INT 18: Yeah, he's really smart. His long-term goal still revolves around his career in developing new chemical technology, but that's on hold right now.


Reflex 12: He's pretty quick, but also his subconscious precognition aids his reflexes considerably.


Attack 6 and Defense 6: He's had a lot of training in personal combat, but much of what he can do is through subconscious precognition and specialized training, as explained below.


Acrobatics: Very nimble, as mentioned above, plus various athletic training helps.

Climb: Basic athletic training.

Computers: College education, personal experience.

Craft Chemical and Mechanical: College education, personal experience.

Gather Info: On-the-job experience once he became Madcap (which is why he's not very good at it yet).

Knowledge, Physical Sciences and Technology: College education, personal experience.

Knowledge, Streetwise: On-the-job experience once he became Madcap (which is why he's not very good at it yet).

Notice: Part of the training activities his father would put him through.

Profession: He runs a small repair business, part of his inheritance from his father. He's minimally competent at the business end of things.

Search: Part of the training activities his father would put him through.

Sense Motive: Part of the training activities his father would put him through.

Stealth: Part of the training activities his father would put him through.

Equipment: His "headquarters" is the secret area of his litle repair shop/apartment.


Evasion: Innate quickness.

Feature - Speed 1: I put that here because it's not really a "power." He's just really fast (compared to the average human).

Redirect: Just one of his many tricks.

Acrobatic Bluff: He's built on reflexes and cavortment, so this is a natural.

Defensive Roll: Again, fast reflexes.

Dodge focus: ditto.

Attack focus (Melee): He's had more training in hand-to-hand combat than ranged combat.

Inventor: He has a quick and creative mind.

Move-By Action: Part of the reflexes/speed package.


Snare: This is the sudden decompression of a large amount of liquid adhesive that comes out looking like pink silly string. It shoots out of tubules in the sleeves of his costume. It's sort of a cross between Spider-Man's webbing and Jack-in-the-Box's adhesive streamers. There's only so much of the stuff he can carry without needing bulky tubes or canisters, hence the limited uses. Another chemical sprayer in the costume can dissolve the sticky mess (hence the Reversible Power Feat).

Obscure/Snare: The "cotton candy effect" is a 20' radius burst of something resembling adhesive fibreglass – or pink cotton candy. it's the same stuff as the Snare, but it is delivered by a small "grenade," which blasts the stuff into a thready aerosol form. It coats the eyes and sticks everything together in a messy and annoying way, as well as filling the air with a residual pink mist. It's not a very strong Snare, but for many characters, they'll at least have to take an action to free themselves of it – time which Madcap can use to re-position himself for a surprise attack, or to simply get outta there if the situation calls for a retreat. Since his costume renders him immune to its effects, he can also enter the obscured area with a distinct advantage over his opponents.

Super-Senses: All from the kooky/creepy goggles Madcap wears. Standard-issue stuff.

Impervious Protection 4: There's enough armor to protect him from small arms fire, but he's no tank.

Leaping 5: He has spring-loaded boots, which make a "boing" sound when he jumps. He can turn the sound effect off when he wants to be stealthy.

Stun 10: He can suddenly inflate one of his gloves with the pink adhesive, making a giant fist that he hits people with. He times his swing so that the inflation happens as his fist nears his target. Imagine something inflating as rapidly as an airbag, but filled with wet cement.

Super-Movement (Wall-Crawling): Madcap's gloves exude a variant of the adhesive that allow him to cling to vertical surfaces. His Climb bonus keeps him from being flat-footed while climbing.

Immunity (Own Powers – Snare and Snare/Obscure): The Madcap costume is coated with a chemical that prevents the adhesive from sticking to him.

Enhanced Feats: These are feats that represent the advantages of his subconscious precognition. Note that many of these feats he also has as "regular" feats, and the combined totals represent how he (on a subconscious level, of course) uses his ability to augment his own physical prowess. Combining all his feats, he has:

Evasion 2

Uncanny Dodge (vision)

Luck 2

Defensive Roll 2

Dodge Focus 6

Attack focus (Melee) 4

Improved Initiative 3

Enhanced Save 4 (Reflex Save): Yet another advantage of being able to see a few moments into the future.

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Welcome to the boards! I hope you enjoy our time with us.

Let's get straight down to it.

Stats, good.


I would like it if you were to break your bonuses out to what you have enhanced and what you have normally, incase your powers are ever nullified.

Ie: Attack +6, Melee +10, Melee +12 (with powers)

In addition, your Grapple modifier should be +12.

Knockback should be as follows: -6, -2 without costume, -1 without costume & flat footed

It is calculated as: -1 x (your Impervious rank + 1/2 remaining toughness score) with some miscellaneous modifiers you don't have to worry about.

Your Initiative should also be +27. Which is quite a large number btw.

Saves, good. Though I would like you point out that Impervious 4 won't stop much. You can get as much Impervious equal to the lower of your PL or your Toughness save. I'm fine with where it is, I'm just informing you of your options.

Skills, please list them in Alphabetical order and one under neath another. See one of my character sheets (located in my singature for details). Also, 72 ranks costs 18 points, not 16.

Feats, please put this in Alphabetical order as well, and one underneath another. List the details of your equipment in a quote box beneath your Feat section. Also, for quick reference, include another quote box with your Enhanded Feats here as well.

Powers, it is customary to but Device power in a quote box, but otherwise good.

Otherwise it looks good, if not a little awkward. Not awkward in the sense of the build, but rather if you look a little further down on the Character Bank, you'll see the character sheet for Jester. My clown villain turned hero, they're not really alike though, other wise I'd have to break your knee-caps :awesome:

So make those few changes and you'll be on your way. Also, I recommend visiting the Chat room, most of us hang out there and shoot the breeze.

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Welcome to the boards! I hope you enjoy our time with us.

Thank you. I know I will.

Your Initiative should also be +27. Which is quite a large number btw.

Sorry. I completely blipped right over Init. But +27? There's something else I'm missing. I have a DEX mod of +4, and 3 ranks of Improved Initiaitve for +12. So I come up with +16. Where's the other +11 coming from?

Otherwise it looks good, if not a little awkward. Not awkward in the sense of the build, but rather if you look a little further down on the Character Bank, you'll see the character sheet for Jester. My clown villain turned hero, they're not really alike though, other wise I'd have to break your knee-caps :awesome:

OH! I'm mortified. I didn't see the topic with him in it. :oops: I'm glad you're okay with it. (So are my kneecaps!)

So make those few changes and you'll be on your way. Also, I recommend visiting the Chat room, most of us hang out there and shoot the breeze.

I'll have the changes up tomorrow.

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You have Improved Intiative 6 (3 ranks of the feat normally, and 3 from your Enhanced Feats). Improved Initiative gives you a +4 bonus per rank, 4 times 6 is 24. Your Dex mod is +3, so combined that is +27.

Is there a "slap yourself in the forehead" smiley? Geez.

On the brighter side, it was not my intent to have more than three ranks in I.I. So now I have three points to play with (or bank, maybe).

I tried to link an image from Flickr to show what Madcap's costume generally looks like, but I got a "could not determine the size of the image" error. What am I doing wrong?

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Not a clue in the world. Never used Flickr before. I tend to use Imageshack. Also, we have a Wiki for the site (your login & password is the same there as here). You could upload the image there, and then post it here. I believe the maximum allowable width of an image on the forums (the wiki has no such limit, I think) is either 600 or 900 pixels, but I'm not entirely sure.

Not sure if you've ever used BBC code before you need to input the image as follows:

[ img ] The url of the image [ /img ]

only, without any of the spaces. Hope that helps.

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Well, crud. I uploaded the image to the wiki, but got the same error message when I tried to post it here. There must be something about the file itself. It's a .jpg file, and I can see the dimensions of the image in the wiki (and it's not too large), but somehow the board is not seeing that information. I'll try posting in one of the OOC areas to see if anyone else has run into this and has a fix or a work-around for it.

Changes checklist:

Improved Initiative 3 has been removed from the Feats section (I'm keeping Improved Initiative +3 in Enhanced Feats). Initiative modifier is now +15.

Speed 1 moved from Feats section to Powers section.

Broke out Attack and Defense bonuses.

Grapple modifier inserted.

Knockback modifier inserted.

Skills list reformatted.

Feats list reformatted.

Equipment list reformatted.

Devices reformatted.

PP totals adjusted (I think I got everything right!).

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