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Protection from X


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Anyone ever play Magic: The Gathering?

Some cards have an ability called Protection (from a certain color or card type) which basically makes them immune to all effects of that color or card type. Those cards also take no damage from those sources, cannot be targeted by those sources, etc. etc.

If you've played the game you know what I'm talking about.

Is there any way to model that in M&M?

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The very common entry would be the most common things you could get away with. So things like bullets. Or Melee Attacks. That level of commonness.

Is there something specific you are considering? It's probably easier just to tell you its too common or not than to give more examples than that.

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Actually, that's the problem. I DON'T have any specific ideas. I was just kind of chalking this one up to theory. Wondering if it was possible sort of thing.

Would you be able to bypass someone's defenses, like protection, if it were protection granted by mutant powers for example? Or would that be something in the domain of the Nemesis power? Or would that just never happen?

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That would be a linked nullify (mutant powers) not an immunity the Immunity allows you to auto succeed on saves VS the included effects.

But in theory yes you could have a character that had immunity to Fire or darkness for instance and also linked nullify for the same descriptors on his attacks.

What those descriptors could include is limited to what would be balanced. Nothing so common or broad that you are going to be immune/ignore most things you encounter. In the genre both mutation and magic are common enough descriptors that they would likely be over powered.

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I would say certainly descriptors like elemental ones (Fire, Ice, Lightning) or subtypes of magic(Infernal, celestial, necromantic, divine, etc.) or ones like psychic maybe but that's on the edge of being too broad more like psychic(mentalism) or other slightly more restricted versions of psychic phenomena.

Generally though it'd be a very case by case basis personally.

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