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Move Object and caps


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Ok so damaging Move object clearly has to obey normal cap rules (PL for perception range; trade off modified for ranged). If I recall correctly the same goes for non-damaging Move Object due to grapple still being possible. (Though Super-strength/elongation doesn't face this restriction so is grapple really PL capped?)

So would you be able to buy uncapped Move object that can't be used for any attack (like a No Grapple flaw) or would you buy progression to represent being able to lift more though not being any stronger really for grapple purposes?

Idea being basically super heavy lifting Move Object effect.

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Non-Perception and/or Non-Damaging TK is indeed not PL-capped. And there is indeed no PL-cap for grapple bonuses. Normally, this isn't an issue.

The one flaw in this rule is that any TK effect can be used to pick up and throw an object, at which point it does damage equal to your TK rank.

As far as I'm aware, the "solution" to this issue is to let people who want Non-Perception, Non-Damaging TK in ridiculously high amounts for carry capacity purposes do so, but to cap their damage to average with their Attack bonus at the PL should they actually throw an object at someone.

High grapple bonuses from TK aren't an issue. Rare indeed is the telekinetic who can even equal the grapple bonus of a powerhouse with lots of Super-Strength and/or Growth, or even an elastic DEX-monkey with Grapple Finesse and lots of Elongation.

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