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Childhood Dream (OOC)

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Free action to activate Force Field.

Free action pump Power Reserve into Flight, giving him Flight 7 (1,000 mph / 10,000 feet per round)

Standard action to reconfigure Gadgets into something that will negate Liberty's photonic flight power

Photonic Flight Interference Field: Nullify Flight 5 (Extra: Duration/Concentration; Flaw: Range/Touch)

Move action to fly 2,505 feet, and be in front of Lady Liberty.

Extra Effort to SURGE! and gain another Standard action. (And use an HP to nix the fatigue)

Attack roll vs. "Lady Liberty" (1d20+8=16) probably misses, so HP to re-roll (down to one HP now)

Attack roll vs. "Lady Liberty"; HP re-roll (1d20+8=21) 21 hits?

If so, Nullify check vs. her Flight check or a Will save.

Nullify check is... Nullify Flight check (1d20+5=15)

.... I would use my last HP to re-roll that, but I can't. So let's hope she rolls low. Though if she doesn't, that works, too, since her powers are semi-magical. ;)

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Stesha succeeds in the reflex save, but does not have any evasion, more's the pity.

She fails the toughness save and is bruised. Luckily, there is a big hole in the wall through which the sun can shine in.

For her turn, she'll be using Move Object to attempt to grapple Captain Thunder. She fails, spends an HP, gets a 20 on the reroll.

I am told that hits, so there is a grapple roll to be made. She gets a 36.

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