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Holy Meeting (IC)

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Date: January 4th, 2010

Sunrise 7:18am, Sunset 4:48pm. Clear, high 32, NW winds 15-25 mph (wind chill 22 to 19).

Moira had heard some doozies in her day, but this one took the cake. It really shouldn't have been that hard to to believe. She was the daughter of Ares and Aphrodite, what made an actual angel from Heaven so hard to swallow? Pulling into Saint Stephen's Church shouldn't have been this hard. She hadn't been to church since, well... she found out she was a goddess. Se didn't even know if she could step foot in the church. Today was the perfect time to find out.

Getting out of her car, she slowly walked toward the gothic looking cathedral. This wasn't fear in the least, no. It was confusion about what to do and how to go about these affairs. She would go into the church and speak to the clergy, asking them where the angel was. Being careful not to catch a lightning bolt from Yahweh. She finally made it to the door and touched it. Nothing bad so far.

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Alex wasn't the most keyed in member of the super community, nor the mystic one. But some stuff is big enough to hear about anyway, this recent arrival of an angel certainly qualified. It was also something she'd rather like to check out for herself, did have an angel in the family after all and it would be nice to have someone else to compare him with.

Flying over to Lantern Hill was fairly easy, finding the church had taken a bit more effort. In fact she seemed to have manage to find every other church in the area first, this last one had to be Saint Stephen's simply by virtue of her eliminating the other choices. Next time she'd check a proper map.

Swooping in to land she noticed she wasn't the only one here. She touched down behind the, very shapely, redhead.


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Reflexes, not fear, reflexes made Moira jump at the sudden sound. She was deep in thought and the train of thought was derailed by the sudden greeting. It was a sudden jolt, not a jump out of her skin moment. She looked around to find a great-winged woman standing next to her. This would be Mongrel Angel. News carries fast when you die... and then come back. It seems death was kind to her, not messing with any of her immaculate features. A bit taller than her, though it didn't matter. She was a vision to behold. Wait... was she committing the sin of lust on holy ground?

"Uh, hi," Moira said reaching out a hand, trying to hide her blush, "nice to meet such a person as yourself. My name is Moira Morley. What brings you to this holy ground?" She possibly knew the answer. The same thing everyone was so damn curious about.

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"Very nice to meet you Moira." Mongrel Angel replied taking the offered hand. She didn't bother to try and hide the faint blush she herself developed, it wasn't often she meet anyone more attractive than herself."I'm Mongrel Angel, and I guess you could say I'm here to check out the pure bred." The winged one nodded at the church here. "And your own beautiful self is here for?"

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Wasn't this a slice of Heaven here? Not only would she find out about the new angel, she'd met another angel too. "Yeah," she said with a nod and a smile, not taking her eyes off of her. She had a cute blush. It wasn't helping her think about her mission. And for that split-second she didn't care. But that split-second was over. "Say, since we're here for the same reason, why don't you and me go off and see the angel together?" She offered her hand again as she opened the door to the church.

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Dead Head had been in Freedom for about three months, and -- generally speaking -- liked what he saw. He'd had some unpleasant experiences, sure -- vague memories of the demonic invasion, and of the screams of all those who'd died during it, still haunted him -- but in the end those all worked out, and he had met some really nice folks during those events. Why, even before arriving in Freedom City proper, he met some nice folks in the forest to the west. Freedom just seemed a nice place to be. Yeah, it was the center of superhuman activity in the world, but it's probably because the people here have seen and been through so much that they were so friendly, so willing to reach out to help others.

Well, the superheroes were, at least.

And now there were rumors of an angel here in Freedom! An angel! A real, honest-to-God, angel! But even though Dad Head 'lived' in the cemetery near the church it appeared at, he'd still yet to see it. This was largely because the celestial visitor made a habit of appearing and hanging out in the church, a place Dead Head himself did not go.

From his perch high in the yew tree next to the tall & narrow St. Stephen's Church, the Revoltin' Revenant tried peering in through th tops of th stained glass windows. "C'mon, c'mon, where are you...?"

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A few blocks away

"Thank you, Freedom Angel!" Heyzel repressed a tiny sigh at once again hearing the name the Freedom City newspapers had given him. The human love of drama was one complication he hadn't expected, nor was their tendency to conflate him with superheroes. Instead he smiled down at the girl as he handed her the kitten he'd just rescued from the tree, the tiny animal looking cold and sad as it clung to the girl's coat.

"You're welcome," he said. "Now run along home, child, your mother will be looking for both of you. And make sure you keep your friend indoors from now on," he added with a nod towards the kitty. "It's far too cold and dangerous for your pets to be outside." When the girl nodded, wide-eyed, Heyzel flapped his wings and took off, rising high above the narrow streets of Lantern Hill before turning back towards St. Stephen's.

As he headed back towards his residence, he took a moment to be grateful for the generosity of the congregents of St. Stephen's, who'd gladly allowed him to stay in their building since his arrival on Christmas Eve. Finding a home of his own early on, without the chance to make friends and influence people, would have been very difficult.

He was clearly visible as he approached the church, his fluffy white wings and shining armor clearly visible in the crisp winter air, just as down below various people were also visible. He'd expected an encounter with the various super-powered beings of Freedom City...but not so many! And not, perhaps, these particular individuals. He picked the figure in the trees first, flying down behind the yew tree and looking with a frank expression at the animate dead before him.

Was there...a mind behind those eyes? "Hello, friend," he said cautiously. "I don't think we've been introduced."

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Moira led the tall dark and sexy being into the church, gently holding on to the half angel's hand. She felt safe with Mongrel around. Her being built this side of an Amazon was part of it, though there was more than just primal feelings behind it. She had the Judeo-Christian thing going for her. Heck, if Mongrel knew enough about the bylaws and etiquette of heaven, maybe it would save Moira from any uncomfortable smiting attempts.

Still gently holding on to Mongrel's hand, Moira looked for a member of the clergy as they walked in. The cavernesque domain was a bit empty. There was no reception desk, of course. She led her companion to the closest pew, offering her a seat first and then seating herself. "It looks like we gotta wait," Moira said with a soft sigh. She was saying it to herself more than her new friend. Then again, maybe the one she was with could lighten the mood. "So," Moira said with the warm smile returning to her face, "How's life been treating you?"

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"WHOA!" was all the ghoul could say as he spun around towards the source of the voice, lost his foots, slipped, and fell out of the tree, landing with a loud THUD.

A moment later, he sat up, shook his head vigorously, and pulled himself up to his feet. Heyzel saw that the undead thing before him had taken damage from the fall, but its body reknitted itself back together as fast as the bones broke and muscles tore.

"Whoa!," the undead said again, "looks like the rumors were true! Or... are they?"

Certainly looks the part... but with all I've seen in my time, I'd think I would've seen an angel by now. Then again, maybe that big Demonic Invasion was a wake-up call for the Heavenly Hosts.

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Heyzel's hand was only inches from Dead Head's when he hit the ground, the look of horror on his face entirely unfeigned. "I'm sorry," he said apologetically as he landed on the cold sidewalk nearby, looking comfortable in his boots and open armor. "I should have been faster." He reached down again, unmindful of the thing's hideous nature, and extended his hand. He feels pain. And surprise. He is a man. "Are you all right? Will you be able to recover on your own?"

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"It looks like we gotta wait,"
"Yeah, looks like it." Mongrel replied, sounding perfectly content to wait. After all she was about to complain about time spent getting to know Moira. And it when the lady in question smiled and asked how things were in her life there was a brief moment when she felt like spilling her life's story, though that passed quickly enough. After all, that'd take quite a while.

"Well, it's been fairly decent. Sure I spent my second Christmas since coming here alone, again, and I seem largely unable to form any relationship that lasts longer than a few weeks. Nor do I seem able to get beyond one-off cooperation with other heroes. But aside from that, life's grand."

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"Wow, you are a compassionate one," the undead thing said as it re-set its neck. "Which I suppose would be one check mark in the 'really is an angel' column. No need t'worry, though, this ol' body's never quit on me yet."

"Angel or not, though," the thing extended its right hand, "I'm always happy t'meet another freak. Folks 'round these parts call me Dead Head. What name d'you go by?"

Don't be too trustin', now, Burt; remember what that movie said. 'Did you ever notice how in the bible when God needed to punish someone, or make an example, or whenever God needed a killing he sent an angel? Did you ever wonder what a creature like that must be like? A whole existence spent praising your God, but with one wing dipped in blood. Would you really want to meet an angel?' Man, I miss the movies.

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"My name is Heyzel," said the angel, giving the emphasis to the last syllable. "But the people call me Freedom Angel." He clasped Dead Head by the hand, trusting that he'd learn the true name of the man this had once been soon enough. "Come inside with me," he said trustingly. "There is peace and quiet there, and we can talk." Holding Dead Head's hand in a friendly way, he led them around the corner and through the front door. He caught sight of the two strangers in the back pew and hmmed, but waited for them to introduce themselves if that was what they wanted.

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Moira thought about the possibility of 'no relationships'. No friends? No lovers? No one to talk to or interact with at all? This was a foreign concept to Moira. She would not have this! Still smiling warmly at the lonely one, Moira lightly stroked Mongrel's hand as to convey she wasn't alone. "[divine]It would be tough to not have anyone,[/divine]" she said in a comforting tone, "[divine]Just know that I'm here for you.[/divine]" Reaching for one of the small manila envelopes from the pew in front of them, she pulled out a pen and wrote her number on it. "[divine]Any time you need someone, I'll be there.[/divine]"

What followed that was a sight for the tabloids! A zombie and an angel walked into the church. Actually it sounded like the beginning of a joke. But no, there it was as plain as daylight. She looked to Mongrel with a 'are-you-seeing-this-too?' look. She stood to greet the duo. "[divine]That's great,[/divine]" she beamed at Heyzel, "[divine]My name is Moira Morley. You probably knew that already. I came here to meet up with you. It seems that others have too. I guess we can all be here, being the house of the lord and all.[/divine]" She looked to the zombie with a nod and smile, still talking to Heyzel, "[divine]Who's your friend?[/divine]"

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"I'm a leper, visiting from Molokai," the angel's companion said. Heyzel instantly saw through the zombie's joke, but Divine was roped in, at least at the moment -- the guy certainly looked like he was seriously diseased. "I came here seekin' a cure, and lo and be-hold, I found myself an angel!" The 'leper' clasped his hands together and made doe-eyes at Heyzel.

And then his left pinky fell off.

The 'leper' seemed not to notice.

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Heyzel gave a soft sigh, bending down to pick up the fallen limb in a sway of wings, and gently returning it to the being before him. "I'm pleased to see so many people in the church today." Focusing first on Dead Head, he said, "I will do all I can to cure you of your condition." A great flaming sword appeared in his hand, smoothly and delicately. With that same expression of sympathetic understanding on his face, he said, "Perhaps performing the deed in a holy place will help remove your curse."

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Moira smiled cautiously to see such a sight. The angel brought the 'leper' in himself. Tough he wasn't telling the whole truth. This was obviously a zombie. Wait, wisecracking zombie? This would be Dead Head. Man, if it weren't a little powwow of local celebrities. She would shake the zombie's hand, but it seemed it would be unwise to do so.

Before she had a chance to greet either of them, the angel spoke again, this time with a huge flaming sword! Was he really going to cure Dead Head? Would she ever get a word in edgewise. Yes, yes she would. "[divine]You're not gonna go all divine vengeance first thing, are you,[/divine]" Moira asked rhetorically in a boisterous tone, "[divine]Let's get acquainted first before the smitings begin![/divine]"

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"Um, ix-nay on the ure-cay, Hay-zel," Dead Head said in a hushed tone, "wouldn't want ya lookin' like a chump in front of all these nice folks...."

A few folks had tried to 'cure' Dead Head over the years, but thus far all attempts had failed. Most attempts ended up doing nothing, though one Santerian babalorisha down in Florida had come closest... but all he got for his efforts was for his hair turn stark white after getting a glimpse of the thing behind the flames in Dead Head's eyes.

The "leper" waved meekly at the assembled congregation. A part of him hoped the "angel" was just a wacky metahuman.

Moira noticed something rather odd: here were two men who weren't falling and fawning over her!

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"I care nothing for my own dignity," said Heyzel seriously. "Only for the welfare of your soul, my friend." The pure white fire streaming from his blade cast shadows on the wall behind him, casting his pure tan skin in an unearthly light. "Do you find sanctity in this life?" He asked the question without judgement; with the tone of deep compassion he might use for anyone else suffering from a permanent affliction.

He turned and looked at Moira, repressing a faint smile as he looked her in the eye. An earthly body had its pleasures...and its perils. "I'll be with you in just a moment," he said with a small effort. "I'm assisting this man's soul."

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"Any time you need someone, I'll be there."

"...thank you." :oops: Try as she might the taller of the two women is unable to keep herself from blushing, or mange to articulate a better verbal response. Her crimson, smiling face will have to suffice.

When the others arrive she hangs back for a few moments to compose herself once more. The attempt to cure the 'leper' is over, successful or not, she should be able to get a word in edgewise and introduce herself.

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With everything else that had been going on, Phantom was late in coming to see the 'angel of Lantern Hill' and annoyed with herself for the lapse in her duties. Her expression reflected her grim mood as she teleported into the church yard. She'd made certain to try and come at a time that she'd be less likely to run into the faithful. This was not a conversation she wanted to have in front of the bulk of the flock and more than that, she'd rather not have. Rather than bother with turning solid, she ghosted through the doors and into the church, only to see the angel raise his flaming sword over Deadhead.

"If you hit him with that, I'm going to have to hit you, and then it's all going to go downhill from there." Phantom's voice was a low, raspy growl that would have done Avenger proud. Like an angry cat, her cloak seemed to give her more bulk than usual as its shadows blotted out some of the light from the windows and doorways. It spread over the back pews and up the wall behind her, the tendrils at its frayed edges writhing with its wearer's agitation. Unseen beneath her cloak, her fingers curled into fists at her sides. Gone was the eloquent, aramaic speech that she would have normally used to greet the angel but she knew her duties and the nature of these beings well enough to not forget her manners entirely. She switched to the liquid beauty of Aramaic to off a terse but appropriate enough greeting after her threat. "Heyzel of the Angeloi, I would have words with you."

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The flaming sword of pure righteousness disappeared into the void from which it had come, a frown briefly crossing the angel's face. This is not going well at all. I had looked forward to speaking with the mystical authorities, but not like this! Heyzel did not separate goodness and the law in his mind; the laws of the universe were good. "I would be honored to speak to Heshem's champion," he said cordially, speaking like her in the language of the Ancient Near East where the Logos had once been spoken by man. "I was merely speaking with this unfortunate being about ways to liberate him from the prison of his body."

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"Prison?," Dead Head said, half-questioningly. "My body's no prison! I mean, sure, it's no temple, it could use some fixin' up... and the colors are kinda drab... but it ain't like I got anythin' locked up inside me!"

Well... not that he knew of, at least.

"Hey, waitaminute!" he said as he glared at the angelic being, "who ya callin' 'unfortunate,' man? Ah like bein' what ah am!"

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Thank God, Taylor was here. Maybe she would sort some things out. Wait, was she about to go all vengeance on the interloper too?! This was turning into a Mexican standoff right before Moira's eyes. She wanted to say something but she was speechless! This was not fear, but somewhat of a morbid curiosity. Who would do what first? Would their be murder in the house of the being that said "no murder"? Would Freedom City lose it's angel? Holding on to Mongrel Angel's hand again, Moira watched this events unfold like a action show/soap opera!

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