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It's a Jungle Out There (OOC), Closed

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As the Pitchoo isn't being used, I'm going to reallocate my equipment list!

Armoured Geckoman Costume: Protection 4 (4 ep)

Camo clothing (jungle) (1 ep)

Geckoman Mask: Commlink, flash goggles (1 ep)

Tear gas grenades [Visual Dazzle and Nauseate Explosion 4] (21 ep)

AP: Flashbangs [Visual + Auditory Dazzle Burst 4]

AP: Pepper Spray [Visual Dazzle + Stun 5]

AP: Smokebombs [Obscure Visual 2, Independent]

Utilities: Cell phone, digital audio recorder, flash-light, GPS receiver, lock release gun, mini-tracer, multi-tool, night vision goggles (3 ep)

This will increase his Toughness to +8, due to the wonder of not hitting PL caps! His Stealth will also increase to +17 in jungle.

Let's assume he has 45 more utility belt APs :P

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Hunts-With-Poisoned-Claw joined his clutchmates on the hunt for the mammal from the sky mostly just to fit in; he'd much rather have been pursuing the gorgeous females in estrus back at the nest near the rockpile. But Stabs-Cunningly-From-Behind is frightened by the strange actions of the metal men in the volcano, and so he's sent his scouts out to try and bring back these latest arrivals to the Land-Where-People-Live. Hunts fears the metal men as well; hunters from the nest who've gone near the volcano have disappeared with screams as their only tombstone. He hopes the Gate of Light, recently active after being so long quiet, will stay open long enough for his people to return safely.

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Toughness Save (1d20+16=26) Bruised

Enhanced Strength VS nullify (1d20+26=32) Good

Enhanced Con VS Nullify (1d20+26=31) Good

Impervious VS nullify (1d20+11=18) Nullified

rest of his powers can't beat a 31 nor can his will and so are nullified

Now if I have a move action available I can reactivate flight Otherwise ...

He falls :o

Assuming he's high enough for terminal velocity (200') thats a DC 35 toughness save If no one can/does catch him I'll blow that HP for ultimate toughness and Just make it with a 35 (counting the -1 for the bruise)

Of course that includes his link to Psyche ;)

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