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Warp, PL10 (Gold)

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Trade-Offs: -5 Attack for +5 Save.

Unspent PP: 0 (150/150)

Characters Name: Faith Martel

Alternate Identity: Warp

Age: 16 (born November 1993)

Gender: Female

Height: 5'1"

Weight: 110 lbs.

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Hazel



History: Faith was born into wealth and privilege of the Martel family. Her life was an easy one, though she did not take it sitting down. She took up crazy amounts of arts classes. She can scukpt, write, pain, no matter what, if it's an artistic endeavor, she's an apt pupil/teacher. She's a smarty and spunky kid too! She started school one year early and basically breezed through all of her classes with no problem, short of skipping grades. She's a great talker and also a great listener. Though the Martel family line is blessed (cursed?) with a the gift of psionics. It does not appear in any order, any one could get it. Her gift was strange though. It allowed her to bless herself and others with different powers! This did not go unnoticed by her family. Slowly but surely they calmed the girl down and taught her of the family secret. Her cousin, Nicholas, the one she treated like an older brother, took her under his wing. When the powers became less wild, they prepared her for and shipped her off to Claremont Academy. The Martels having their checkbook there didn't hurt the girl's induction any less.

Personality & Motivation: 'Noblesse oblige'. Her family's psionic members are helpers of the people. She is motivated because it's the right thing to do. She is also motivated by achievement. Though she isn't 'hypercompetitive', she is goal oriented. Her parents sent her to Claremont? She's going to do the best she can to make her way through it! She's totally new and doesn't have any friends? That'll change right quick! Her powers are strange and a bit uncontrollable? She will master them! Though she knows there is no I in team, and it shows. She treats everyone with the respect that they deserve. Although she may be a bit of a go-getter, but she remains grounded on earth.

Powers & Tactics: Her psionic gift is to give her and her allies psionic gifts. Her tactics are to hold the backline after she gifts her allies.

Stats: 0+0+0+10+10+10 = 30pp

Str: 10 (+0)

Dex: 10 (+0)

Con: 10 (+0)

Int: 20 (+5)

Wis: 20 (+5)

Cha: 20 (+5)

Combat: 10+12 = 22pp

Attack: +5

Grapple: +5

Defense: +6 (+3 flat-footed)

Knockback: -0

Initiative: +0

Saves: 0+0+0 = 0pp

Toughness: +0 (+0 Con, +0)

Fortitude: +0 (+0 Con, +0)

Reflex: +0 (+0 Dex, +0)

Will: +5 (+5 Wis, +0)

Skills: 96r = 24pp

Bluff 15 (+20)

Concentration 15 (+20)

Craft (artistic) 10 (+15)

Diplomacy 15 (+20)

Knowledge (art) 10 (+15)

Language 1 (English [base], French)

Notice 15 (+20)

Sense Motive 15 (+20)

Feats: 4pp

Benefit 3 (Wealth 3)

Jack of All Trades

Powers: 70 = 70pp

Empowerment 10 (Extra: Can Affect Self) [70pp]

Drawbacks: 0+0+0 = 0pp

DC Block:

Costs: Abilities (30) + Combat (22) + Saves (0) + Skills (24) + Feats (4) + Powers (70) - Drawbacks (00) = 150pp

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OK math looks good and nothing glaringly problematic with the mechanical side but we do need descriptors for your powers.

On the subject of descriptors they have to match for AP's (Including power stunts) so as it sound as if your enhanced wisdom is based off of soething like untapped psionic potential you won't be able to summon things with it only channel it into things with the psychic descriptor. Also without any luck you're not goign to be able to stunt off that often.

Your gadgets pool has the same PP cost as the wisdom and due to the descriptors being different they won't stack in general (There might be rare circumstances but generally no). So you might be better off with less wisdom and puttting those points into some other thematic powers.

The high wisdom overall doesn't really seem to fit with the description given of her. Few relitively normal, competative teens have that level of self awareness. Even Psyche who has less wisdom IIRC is unique in that she doesn't fall into the normal teen ways of thinking. From your description this doesn't seem to be the case for Faith.

Getting into the backstory elements. Some more detail on how they taught her to controll her powers might be helpfull in fleshing out where she comes from but alot of that can also come out in the questionaire. I'm more concerned about her motivations. Hypercompetitiveness isn't really a reason to become a hero, and I'm not seeing any real motivation for her to be a hero other than a vague "I have powers I guess I'll be a hero and show off."

So you might look at lower wisdom and some other actual powers, and I'd like to see why she's a hero and not just a person with powers.

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You need to decide what happens to her summoned objects when/if they are taken away from her.

If she can just summon another object, then she shouldn't get the Gadgets discount, because the power can't effectively be taken away from her.

If she can't dismiss the summoned object or summon another one until she gets back the original disarmed one, then the Gadgets discount on Variable Power applies.

There's a difference between a discount on the Variable Power itself and a discount on the traits within the pool.

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Ok I like the changes to her background and particularly motivations much more heroic sounding.

Empowerment I believe will only allow you to bestow powers on others not on yourself. From what I can tell its constructed as follows:

Variable power X (Any power 7pp/rank; Extras: Effects others +1; Flaws: Others only -1, Action: Full -1) [Final cost 6pp/rank]

If you want it to effect yourself as well the cost would be 7pp/rank basically eliminating the others only flaw.

I'm not going to outright say no to the great-sword but that sword is nearly as big as she is, and she is not exceptionally strong (or really exceptionally physically adept at all) So it does seem a bit odd. You might consider a normal sword as she doesn't meet PL caps with just the sword anyway.

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I thought it was:

Variable power (Multiple powers 6pp/rank; Extra: Affects others +1; Flaw: Action: Full -1) [Final cost 6pp/rank]

The sword isn't mandatory, it's to show off what she's capable of with her weaponcrafting skill. With the side-effect that she gets to use it. I'm taking it off though anyway. it does seem silly.

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6 points: Multiple traits of a particular type (ability scores, skills, feats, or powers of a particular type or descriptor), so long as the total traits do not add up to more than (rank x 5) power points.

As empowerment can grant enhanced traits as well as powers of any descriptor it would be the 7pp/rank VP as is in the book.

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Alright, changed it up. Got rid of the will save and defensive roll. Those are things she'll be using Empowerment for when she's not handing them to someone else :D

Here's where you can teach me something (hopefully ;)) How does 6/rank variable (multiple powers of a particular type or descriptor) vary from 7/rank variable (multiple powers of any type or descriptor) and 8/rank (Any combination of traits) when Enhanced Traits is a power?

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PErsonally I think there were some oversights in the construction of VP's in Ultimate power but here's the way it works as far as I can tell.

6pp/rank; Any power of a given descriptor: This could instead be a category like attributes or skills, as powers however you pick a descriptor such as mutation(even that might be too broad) or Fire, or whatever appeals (Subject to GM approval any descriptor that is considered too broad will be rejected IE magic) every power you construct must be of that descriptor and make sense with that descriptor So fire blast with fire control is fine but an Ice blast wouldn't work for instance.

7pp/rank; Any power any descriptor: No longer restricted to a single descriptor if its a power you can create it. This is the level for really broad descriptors like Cosmic or Magic that can do just about anything as well. So you can pretty freely use any power from UP assuming you can afford it. The descriptor for this kind of power can be pretty varied as well, Gadgets is at this level, you have nearly any power available to you in device form from your huge collection of gadgets and gizmos. The only restriction being that they are devices (which you get the discount for) but you can just as easily pull out a ray gun as a magic wand of polymorph (assuming enough points)

8pp/rank; Any trait or combination of traits: If its on your sheet you can buy it with this Variable. So you can buy powers or skills or attributes or all of them at once. Shapeshift is at this level (though has a limitation on it) so you could go war form and up strength and super strength and get impervious protection, or you could go brianiac form and get intelligence and the inventor feats, or really any combination of stuff you can think of within the points available.

The sticking point however is with UP making everything a power. Personally I think this is just Green Ronin having a case of the right hand not knowing what the left is doing. One guy made the Variable rules and another was like "Ya know what would be awesome? If you could buy everything as a power!" but there was insufficient oversight or communication between the two so the difference between 7pp/rank and 8pp/rank (and under some circumstances 6pp/rank) is pretty small even negligible. Basically the difference would be that at 7pp/rank (or 6pp/rank with the right descriptors) it would have to be enhanced (trait) and with 8pp/rank you could just buy the trait as a standard no-enhanced. Frankly not enough of a difference to be worth it or make sense. So far discussion on this matter has leaned towards saying that you can't buy enhanced traits with the 6 or 7 PP/rank versions but thats not a firm ruling just what has been discussed. Its openly stated that at leas tone of the 7pp/rank preconstructeds(empowerment IIRC) can use enhanced traits so we'd have to figure out exactly how all that will work.

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Ok on to the actual approval issues.

Stats: Good

Combat: Good

Saves: Good

Skills: Good (Perform: Artis should finish being errased though ;))

Feats: looks like 4 points not 5

Powers: 70 points spent not 60

Totals are all from previous numbers and should be fixed. I have 30 + 22 + 0 + 24 + 4 + 70 = 150 so it looks like everything adds up just needs to be edited to the current numbers.

I'm not gonna withhold Approval for this but I do want to mention that you hover around PL2.5 - 3 without being empowered and are even lower than that on exotic saves. The ref's hopefully will be able to resolve what you can buy as far as enhanced traits go with the 7pp/rank VP if you can't get much in the way of enhanced traits it might be tough for you to ever meet caps. Really the whole VP/custom VP thing is still very much being tested out here so be prepared that we may end up asking these things to get changed again at some point. Those warnings given however if you get the details fixed you'll be good to go.

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