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Shoggoth on the Roof (OOC)

Lone Star

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This is my OOC thread. Do somethin' about it!

So yes, in this thread, I have no set direction. My character is waiting for something to happen, maybe a supervillain attack, and he'd like to meet some allies. Anyone who wants to join is invited, although for purposes of clarity I'd say no more than two heroes characters at once. 'Kay? Sweet.

Oh, the current date is the 28th of December.

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What would a pop culture check of 27 get me for that? (skill mastery)


(01:44:15) quotemyname: Those attuned to pop culture may have heard of the adventure comic Typhoon. Equal parts Indiana Jones, Jack Sparrow and The Man with No Name, the titular character was a fictional heroine zooming around circa 1970s trying to save the world. She originally was a successful indie comic before being bought up by Castle Comics and relegated to D-list status until receiving her own book last year. The fan base was small but vocal.

(01:44:43) quotemyname: What would I get with a 27 on pop culture for that?

(01:45:09) angrydurf: Pretty much the whole of what is written there

(01:45:10) Moira: 25 is ubergeek

(01:45:14) angrydurf: I would say

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