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Jack Came Back


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So, the Invasion! storyline didn't go so well for ol' Jack of all Blades. Long story short, one wallop from a particularly massive demon later and the scintillating swordsman is pining for fjords, if you catch my meaning. Luckily the big reset brought Jack back to life... but not quite right.

Basically, when a semi-magical energy manipulator gets killed in a city saturated with hellish energies the brought back to life through even more magic, it seems appropriate for there to be, y'know, complications. That said, I'm still playing around with the specifics. Immunity to Aging or Resurrection are pretty standard fare in this kind of situation, but I'm not convinced they're particularly appropriate for Jack, and there's no telling when he'd actually notice either change.

One option I rather like is that from now on, anytime he makes a sword out of fire, he involuntarily transforms it into hellfire instead. I'm not sure how to mechanically represent that in an elegant manner, however. Perhaps simply as a Complication?

I'm looking for some thoughts either on how to make that work or on other possible 'came back wrong' effects.

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Yea I think complication is the way to go there. Basically any time you use your variable descriptor for a fire effect it is instead hellfire.

Most of the time it really wouldn't have any real negative to it but in special circumstances it might render your blade ineffective or otherwise problematic (say a demon who is immune to hellfire but not fire or infront of those who can recognize the demonic nature of the flames)

Doesn't really do enough to be worth a drawback.

Another option that would work as a drawback is to have some kind of holy ground or similar power loss on one or more powers, as if certain magic powers are now tainted with infernal magic. Then you might have Jack try and purge/cure the "taint"

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