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Bringing MA up


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Right, while I've been away I've thought a bit about what to do once I did get myself back here. And I figured I'd see about moving Mongrel Angel up to occupy the slot left by Exile (PL 11, 166pp).

Now, given that Mongrel has gathered a few pp on her own I'm curious as to what might happen to those.

-Do they undergo the same treatment as when she'd gone Gold (i.e 1/3, rounded down, go with her)


-Do they stay with the PL 6 slot (highly unlikely, but just saying)


-Do they vanish into the great unknown of the binary graveyards?

I've already got sheets prepped for reapproval for her with or without those extra 5pp (Comprehend, or not Comprehend, that is the question.) so I just want to hear what the good judges rule.

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Since you haven't hit Gold, Nyrath, the points don't come with. Otherwise there's not really a point to having a gold slot. You're welcome to submit a PL 10, 150 PP version of Mon-Ang, though.

So no carry over, though I do believe I am entiteled to keep that PL 11, 166pp slot in this case due to Exile (Villain) being retired due to the big rules change back at the end of September.

We know that might not appeal to everyone, either, so a third option (well, third and fourth) is to create an all-new, all-different character, of the same PL and PP total as your Villain or advance one of your other PCs to the same PL/PP total as your Villain.

In any case I thank you for the ruling, now I will proceed and stitch together a thread submitting MA's new stats.

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That's for replacing your villain PC with a heroic equivalent, Geez3r, not uplifting your heroic PC to match. (That policy was a compensation for the loss of a villain, not a reward for playing one in the first place.) And pretty rude, I think, to people who have actually submitted PCs and played them till they hit Gold. Unless Doc rules different, I suppose. ;)

Anyway, Nyrath, I look forward to seeing your PL 10 PC!

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