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By All Your Powers Combined (OOC)


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Notice checks: You have noticed that the pieces of soot seem to be quite jagged (too brittle to cause injury don't worry), where as normal soot is a bit more rounded.

Geckoman with his Investigate picks out a few more details. Firstly, the coating of the soot is far too uniform. If the soot were to be coming from one specific area, then you would expect one side of the tree to have more soot than another, especially given that this is supposed to be recent turn of events. Instead, everything is coated in soot. In addition, you find that with the exception of you lot moving around, none of the soot appears to be disturbed. Not by animals, not by people, not even by the wind. In short: this ain't right. If you were a betting man however, you believe that answers may lie at the center of this "contagion".

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It was DC 20, so everyone makes it. There seems to be motion sensor like devices scattered throughout the trees, as you passed the check, you can stop before you enter within range. You also notice that the ground here appears to be disturbed, and one boulder resting against the mountain side in particular seems to have been moved several times.

So you can take the time to hopefully disarm the motion sensors (Disable Device) or just say screw it and charge.

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