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Fisticuffs Fundraiser! (OOC)


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Here's the OOC for the fundraiser thread.

It's about an hour before the actual event starts, but a bunch of time has been given for the heroes to socialize with the crowd. There's a steady stream of people filing into the Dome, and right in the main grounds Lisa from channel 7 news to get a few words with the heroes before they head on into the arena. There's also a few of the orphans with Lisa who want to meet their "favoritest hero ever!" before the big event.

Take it away, and remember to ham it up.

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Okay, before we get to the matches themselves, we actually need to figure out who's fighting who. They should be reasonably well matched between one another. However, due to Jack's and Colt's use of weaponry, they may be forced to use a boxing glove tipped rapier and boxing glove bullets respectively :D

Anyone have certain requests one way or another for who should fight who?

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I guess Jack could just fight unarmed. He'd be in a tight spot against some of those high-Toughness heroes, though! Darn Colt's wacky coat! Cowboy science is the toughest science of all.

Regardless, I don't have any preference for match-ups. That's what all those Bluff abilities are for, amirite?

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Boxing glove bullets? *Points to variable descriptor 2* I got this!

We could just impose a certain PL limit / tradeoff or something and set everyone equal, and just use our descriptors to make things interesting. Just a thought.

EX. We all get boxing gloves that make us punch just so hard, and no harder or something.

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*flexes his cosmic power muscles*

Now, would those be regular muscles that just happen to be infused with cosmic power, or does Darkstar have like an extra set of glutes for controlling forces beyond the ken of man? I always though he was kind of uptight, but really he's just flexing his cosmic power muscles! It explains so much!

Hmm, who would Grim be most easily matched with, maybe Jack?

I'd be fine with that, certainly. If we're talking about pulling punches, maybe we could just go to a certain number of successful hits? Or the fight ends once somebody reaches a certain number of bruised conditions? The former might favour high accuracy, low power competitors a little too much, but the latter captures the feeling of a friendly boxing match a little better, I think.

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I'm not sure what modifiers we should use, but an Ace/Colt, Grim/Jack and Atlas/Fulcrum fight would seem like a good match up in game. Maybe announce them with hyperbole and salted ham?

The Duke of Danger vs the Cunning Cowboy!

The Pixie Pugilist vs the Swordsman of Swash!

The Red Roller vs the Caped Cruiser!

Or maybe something more creative and less silly? ;)

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Speaking of which, and at the risk of getting ahead of ourselves, how do you want to play the second bout, Heritage? Claws vs. swords, or straight-up unarmed boxing? Jack hurts a little more from losing his weapon of choice, but Grim's already got the advantage in terms of PL and Powers, so I could go either way.

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