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First Run: Shadowjak 2.0


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OK....I am just working out the mechanics before story. Base Idea is a character that "Jacks" peoplesand objects sahdows for means of moving, reaching things. The Descriptor for the Possession power is he becomes the target's shadow, thus the counter is Light shined on him which allows another save attempt. Thus I present the first draft...

Abilities (38pp)

Strength 16(+3)

Dexterity 26(+8)

Constitution 16(+3)

Intelligence 16(+3)

Wisdom 14(+2)

Charisma 10(+0)

Combat (22pp)

Attack +5(+10 Unarmed)

Grapple +3

Defense +6(+10 with Dodge Focus, Flat-Footed +3)

Knockback +5(+2 when Flat-Footed)

Initiative +8

Saves (8pp)

Toughness +3(+10 Defensive Roll)

Fortitude +3

Reflex +13

Will +6

Skills (18pp)

Acrobatics 12(+20)

Disable Device 12(+15)

Escape Artist 12(+20)

Knowledge: Streetwise 8(+13)

Notice 8(+11)

Sense Motive 8(+10)

Stealth 12(+20)

Feats (27pp)

Accelerated Acrobatics

Accelerated Stealth

Acrobatic Bluff

Defensive Roll 7

Dodge Focus 4

Elusive Target

Evasion 2

Fast Overrun

Hide in Plain Sight

Improved Overrun

Move-By Action

Power Attack

Skill Mastery (Acrobatics, Notice, Sense Motive, Stealth)

Sneak Attack 2

Uncanny Dodge: Auditory

Up the Wall

Powers (27pp)

Possession 10, Flaw: Cannot Influence Actions, Alternate Save: Reflex(22pp)

Alternate Power: Transmit Shadow 6 with Accurate, Change Direction, Easy, Moving Feint, Subtle, Turnabout

Alternate Power: Elongation 6 with Projection and Indirect 3

Super-Vision: Darkvision (2pp)

Strike 2 with Mighty(3pp)

Note: Up the Wall is a Mecha and Manga feat that allows Acrobatics to second as a means of climbing as long as there are ledges and such he can flip from and use as springboards. This, along with some of the other feats is to represent Parkour/Free-Running.

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The Acrobatics skill already does so many things, I'd be hesitant to allow that particular substitution feat. However, so many published characters have taken a Benefit feat to use DEX as the base skill for Climb instead of STR (sometimes they call it "Agile Climber") that it has been, and would be, allowed here.

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