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Atlas' Vignette: The Simple Answer

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When: October 10th

Where: Fens and Wading Way


The Simple Answer


It was weird being Atlas. People always looked at you differently, and not just because they had to crane their neck to do so. They assumed you brains were indirectly proportional to your muscles. However, sometimes this could be an advantage. You let people think that you were just a sack of dumb muscle and then surprise them with a 'burst of insight'.


So, Samael had developed a particular speech pattern with Atlas. He talked in 'hulk speak'Â, which meant short words and taking in the third person, and threw in a 'smash'Â, 'crush'Â or 'little man'Â for good measure. And for a while, Samael actually liked the persona he threw on when he transformed into Atlas. He could say flat out stupid things, but it would actually seem threatening in the heat of the moment.


But once e moved past normal street crime, that sort of persona seemed to be in bad taste. Like it was disrespectful for everyone involved to not take the situation seriously. So Samael decided that he would start to phase out the weird mannerisms. After all, he still wanted to have some fun, and people seemed a little scared of him if he got too serious. "So vat do ya zink? Am I over zinking zis again?"


nnnnnnnrrrrryyyyyyyaaaaahhhhh. Mrow. was his only response as Sprinkles woke up from her little nap. She wormed her way through his legs and tugged on his pant leg in the direction of her food dish. 'ÂVat's ze matter? Poor bebbie starvin?†Continued tugs on his pants and a quiet "meow" confirmed this. "Oh da. Ya just wastin away to nuzin. I gotta hurry or zere'l be nozing left huh?' meeeeooooowww â"I'm coming starve-guts." Samael put out a bunch of dry cat food for Sprinkles and as a special treat, added some mackerel into the mix.


Samael scratched Sprinkle's shoulder blades as she dug into her meal. This quiet moment was broken however when news of a break in came over across the police banner. "Time to vork. Goodbye my dear." muttered Samael as he messed with Sprinkles' ears, and headed out the door.


He leapt across town, where the robbers were making their get away in a van. Atlas leap in front of the van, and before it could squirrel away managed to grab a hold of it, and lifted it off the ground. "Little, tiny men should vatch vere zey are going!"Â The apparent ring leader pulled out a gun and shot Atlas in the face a few times, but the bullets just fell to the ground. "We give."Â Said one of the smarter thugs who tossed his gun out of the van and threw up his hands. His compatriots did likewise.


The criminals were rounded up and handed over to the authorities without further hassle. Atlas waved at the small crowd who had gathered and was applauding and cheering him on. With a smile spreading across his face, Atlas leapt back home.


A few minutes later he was back home and sprawled out on the couch with Sprinkles slowly rising and falling on his chest. "ÂYou know, I zink zat I am alvays me, but people, ze see me how zey want to see me. But I am alvays me da?" Sprinkled looks at Samael, cocked her head to the side and then slowly reached out with her paw and squished Samael's nose.

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