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Interceptors! New Recruits (IC)


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The trials of the past month had put their new team through considerable stress. The team had barely been formed before the city was invaded by demons. The stress of these events proved to be too much for some of their members, and Velocity, the team's resident speedster decided she needed to slow things down for a little bit. After her decision to concentrate more on her studies, the Interceptors found themselves looking for someone to fill her spot. It didn't take them long to find some replacement parts, so to speak.

Colt stood on a corner in the center of Freedom City's West End. He was decked out in his full cowboy regalia. He had ridden his motorcycle there and parked it on the side of the road nearby. He wasn't spending the day loitering, though. This was the spot he had agreed to meet the team's newest recruit before he took them to meet the rest of the team. Having only been given the name Elektron, Colt wasn't sure at all what to expect.

Colt leaned against a telephone pole and light up a cigar while he waited. Reckon this meetin' should be shockin' He joked silently to himself.

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With a low hum like an electrical transformer, a strange figure drifts down from the sky: A man of copper and glass, circuitry glittering inside his transparent torso. As he lands gently near Colt, the hum vanishes, and the light glowing in the robot's visor (his only facial feature) turns from yellow to green. In a friendly voice, he says, "Salutations! I am Elektron. Can I safely assume that you're the one who's been expecting me?"

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As it were, Colt was quite taken aback by the new comer. All he could manage to do at first was react to the question. "Reckon I am. That'd make ya Elektron, if'n I don't miss ma guess."

They had plenty of robots in Colt home dimension. But he had never seen one quite like this before. Like everything else on his world, as soon as they got the robots working, they just focused on improving functionality rather than aesthetics. There never was any phase of innovation for the robots he knew. As such, the robots he was used to were all quite archaic and blocky looking.

Colt went to extend his hand for a handshake, but stopped halfway. He took a second to look down at his own hand, unsure. "I...Uh..." Abruptly, he decided to extend it the rest of the way, "Aw, hell. Do y'all shake?"

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"I do shake! I also sit, stay, and speak when the situation calls for it." The green light in Elektron's visor flickers as he extends his hand. It's exactly like shaking a cold metal glove. Up close, Elektron smells of ozone and metal polish, and his voice sounds completely natural despite coming from hidden speakers. It doesn't sound like even a high-quality recording, but like a real voice, complete with breath sounds and the faint imperfections from teeth and tongue. "I have to tell you that this is all very exciting. I hardly know where to start! Should I tell you about myself, or would you rather tell me about yourself and your teammates first?"

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Colt laughed when the robot compared himself to an obedient household pet. "Reckon we got dogs back home that do all that. Don't sell yourself short, though. Yer a talkin' robot, an' that's right fancy in my book."

Colt smiled and turned towards a fire hydrant on the street. "Why bother tellin' ya bout ma team..." He depressed the top of the fire hydrant, and an entire section of the sidewalk opened up. A ramp led down into what looked like a tunnel. "When I could show ya?" Colt gestured to the motorcycle.

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Colt mounted the motorcycle, allowing Elektron to climb on behind him. He pulled the pair of goggles that were dangling around his neck up over his eyes, and stowed his hat in a hidden compartment on the cycle. "Hold on ta that visor," He spoke, turning his head to look over his shoulder at his new companion, "Ain't no speed limits in this tunnel."

The engine roared, and the pair shot through the opening in the tunnel. Despite the high speeds at which they were traveling, Elektron noticed that Colt seemed to be in very good control of the motorcycle. He was even able to remove his left hand from the handlebars shortly after entering the tunnel to press a button on a small remote control he pulled from a pocket. After a small "beep" Elektron noticed the tunnel shut behind them.

Soon enough, Colt began to slow down. They pulled out of the tunnel and into a large room. It was a garage of sorts, though it looked like more of a hangar, with all of the vehicles ready for quick and easy deployment. Elektron was able to see a number of other vehicles in the garage, including a large truck that looked like some sort of transport vehicle, and another, smaller motorcycle.

Colt pulled alongside the other motorcycle, shut off the engine, and removed his goggles. Replacing his hat on his head, he turned to Elektron once again. "Reckon this here's the garage. If'n that weren't obvious," he quickly dismounted the motorcycle with practiced ease and continued, "The others should be here soon. I told 'em ta meet us here."

Thinking he'd better prepare the robot for what he was about to go through, Colt decided to start with the names. "The big-guy's All-Star. Ya may've seen'em round town. He's certainly self-aggrandizin' enough'. The small guy is Razor Wing, our other cyclist," He gestured to the second motorcycle, "Then there's Jack. Jack of all Blades. He's the other one with a fancy coat," Colt gave his own long brown coat a tug. Colt cleared his throat and continued. "Then there's the women. The Russian one is Blink, she's our infiltration expert. And last but certainly not least'd be Grimalkin, or Grim fer short. You'll know her when ya see'er. Her personality practically shines through'er skin." He said the last part with a tone of admiration. Colt tucked his thumbs into his belt and faced Elektron with a look of bright expectation on his face. He was clearly ready to answer any questions the robot might have while they waited for the others to make their appearance.

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Nadia had heard the alert of an approaching vehicle through Vince's network. She had left instructions to be notified for any comings and goings from the underground facility. Before the cycle had even cleared the main entrance, she knew that Colt was coming in with company. While he had mentioned going to get a new team mate, his level of detail wasn't quite up to Nadia's survivalist paranoia. As the machine roared down the tunnel, she had ported into the garage and blended into the dark corner, waiting and watching.

As she had already found, her teammates had enemies; some of them sounding decidedly deadly. She was not about to take any chances.

Catching Colt's introductions put her a little more at ease. He didn't sound coerced and if he was being mind controlled, whoever was doing so certainly was clever enough to keep up some polite banter. Dropping her adaptive blending, she seemed to step out from the wall itself as she approached the pair.

"Zdrastvooyte, Colt. Is bringing of new team?"

The newcomer was quite a sight to behold. The electronics that were on display were certainly impressive. She couldn't help herself as her mind began trying to calculate ways to disable the newcomer if he became a problem. One day she was going to have to break that habit... perhaps one day in the very distant future.


(OOC: Translation: Hello, Colt)

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Elektron raises a copper-clad arm in greeting. "And zdrastvooyte to you, too!" He switches to natural-sounding Russian just long enough to say, "What an exciting language Russian is - such zestful consonants!" before returning to English. "You must be Blink. I am Elektron, and I am very pleased to meet you. Were you invisible there, or did you actually step through the wall? Either way, I'm quite impressed!"

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All-Star cme walking out in, his workout sweats. He draped a towel aroudn his shoulders to keep the perspiration from his hair from running down his back. He took a minute to take in their new guest. Great. Another robot. He leaned over to Razorwing and whispered. "Fifty bucks says, the first time he gets hit by lightning, he tries to kill us in our sleep." He turned to the new comer. "Look I've seen Terminator and Wargames. You got some sort of robot promise to not try to kill us weak flesh beings?" His tone was light but not entirely flippant, the question itself was realtively serious.

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"Of course, I can only give you my word," Elektron says to All-Star, bowing slightly toward him and holding his hands out, palms up. "My creator already tried and failed to corce me to commit crimes; it appears that I have no hidden protocols, and am as free-willed as any human. I would not be here if Daedalus did not share that confidence. I assure you that I value intelligent life above all things, and would never voluntarily end a life."

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"Reckon it looks like we'll be safe fer now," Colt said sarcastically. "Quit givin' the new guy a hard time, All-Star. An' put some clothes on, wouldja?"

Colt wheeled his motorcycle away to another part of the garage, where he could work on it later. For now, he had a tour to give.

"Y'all jus' let me know if'n ya want a tour."

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Blink gave a faint hint of a smile as the robot in front of her recited perfect Russian. Perhaps we'll have to get the rest of the team to learn. Could be an advantage when we don't want people knowing what we are talking about.

She was about to respond when All Star strode in. He jumped into the conversation head first, much like his self proclaimed fighting style. While it was anemetha to Blink, she had pulled some of his files and there was no denying his effectiveness. As long as she could stay out of the chaos that seemed to cling to him like his sweat soaked towel, they should get along just fine.

"Yes, is not walking through walls. Can be blending into background. Is good for not being seen. Are being welcomed to team," she said holding out her hand.

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"Yes, is not walking through walls. Can be blending into background. Is good for not being seen. Are being welcomed to team,"

Suddenly a sweet voice with a South Jersey accent (yes, it is actually possible) called out of the air.

"And she ain't the only one."

Grim materializes in a swirl of pale mist as she steps away from the wall; she's grinning mischeviously as she entwines her fingers into Colt's.

"Y'know, I was gonna give you crap for not including me in the 'infiltration expert' catagorey (not to knock you, B, since you're awesome and everything)-"

She sighs and looking up into her cowboy's eyes.

"But then you called me 'shiny' and I forgave you."

She hops up to give him a quick kiss, then extends a small but firm hand to Elektron.

"Grimalkin, team pixie; welcome aboard, coppertop." ;)

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Colt chuckled as he received the kiss. "Well I thought you'd like that," He scratched the side of his head with his free hand. "Never quite sure when you'll be listin'in'. Y'all're just lucky I'm a good sport." He gave Grim a smile and a kiss on the top of the head.

"Any a' y'all seen the rest'a the team? I told'em ta be here..."

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All-Star cleaned his ear with his finger. "Well thats good enough for me." Actually it was more of a promise than he had gotten form the other Interceptors, more than he had made himself. This guy was strange. He turned to Colt. "Well I'm wearing pants. Besides Blink was a soldier or soemthing right. I bet she checked out all kinda naked guys." He toweled down his hair as he spoke then smiled as he thought of something. "Unless she was in one of those all women units like in the shows that come on after 10pm." He nodded as he thought. "That would be hot. Gonna go hit the showers and make myself something to eat. He pointed at Electron. "Maybe you can tell me about this creator of yours. Later." Then he lifted slowly off the ground and flew away, thinking about a shrimp po boy.

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Nadia watched All Star leave with a blank expression on her face. Thankfully she wasn't all that offended, it took far more than that to rile her up. Plus, she had been in a unit and living in the field in close quarters did not allow for all of the comforts of privacy. Yet to her, it would have been more like spying on her brother than anything more. It simply was how things were and she had never thought twice about it.

"Nyet," she said to his retreating form. "Is not having any other companions in unit."

Yet he was already down the hall and she realized she was wasting air.

Then turning to Grim she replied, "name is not being Coppertop, is Electron."

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Jack of all Blades was in the Underground's combat simulator when a repeating tone announced Colt's return with the base's newest resident. Fiery rapier in hand, the swordsman ignored it, continuing with his grueling exercise. Minutes ticked by as he vaulted over suddenly extending pistons and dodged barrages of darts. Eventually Vince's gregarious visage appeared on a panel on one of the room's walls.

"Hey, Jack-a-rino! New guy just showed up, and he's an artificial brother! And you though I was just fulfilling a quota!" The simulated talk-show host, sitting comfortably on the edge on his desk, gave an imaginary audience a jaunty salute as a musical flourish punctuated the punchline. Jack, however, showed no sign of having heard him, letting his sword of flame dissipate in favour of one made from the energy of the electro-net which had suddenly appeared in his path. Undaunted, Vince continued. "I just mention it because the gang's all turning out to say hello, and you don't want to get a reputation as 'that guy', eh?" The AI waggled his eyebrows wryly. "I mean, ever since the whole 'Stupid Demon Tricks' segment, you've been logging a lot of hours in here, pal-o-mine, and-"

He was cut off as Jack let out a bellow and brought his weapon down through the mechanisms behind a particularly persistent spinning saw blade, sending sparks flying everywhere, and leaving a blackened pile of partially melted slag behind. Vince eyed the destroyed device apprehensively. "But hey, I can see you're busy, so I'll just..." Pointing a thumb over his shoulder, he swung his legs over the desk as though placing it between himself and the unusually intense swashbuckler.

"Don't worry about it, Vince." Jack's scintillating blade disappeared with a flick of his wrist. "I'm finished here anyway." Pausing briefly to shut down the simulator's systems, the swordsman exited to the hallway and made his way toward the vehicle bay.

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"Coppertop! I wish I'd thought of that. It's a pleasure to meet you as well, Grimalkin, and I can't wait to find out what a team pixie does. So what's up next? Do I need to read any guidelines or sign a charter? And is there anybody else I should meet?" When Elektron is finished shaking Blink and Grimalkin's hands, he looks around the garage, the green light in his visor scrolling back and forth.

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Well, Jack and Razorwing not withstandin', reckon y'all could use a tour. We don't really have a charter're nothin'. We're not too big on the official stuff yet. We're just here ta keep people safe if'n we can."

Colt motioned for Elektron to follow him out of the garage. "'Sides, I'm sure we'll see'em on the way." They arrived in the central control room and Colt threw his arms outward. "This here's the control room. Most'a the official stuff happens here. We c'n track the movements'a team members'an criminals alike. This is also the central terminal fer Vince." Colt gestured to the large computer screen on one wall. "Which reminds me. Any sign'a Jack or Razor, Vince?"

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"Right here, Colt." Jack sauntered into the base's hub, and gave Elektron a nod. He indicated himself with a single thumb. "Jack of all Blades, swordsman and energy manipulator. Welcome to the team. Electric powers, right? Guess I need to come up with a new nickname for All-Star." The swashbuckler's manner was cordial and friendly, but compared to his typical, gregarious self he was being downright terse. Of late Jack had been worryingly withdrawn, monopolizing the combat simulator and interacting with his teammates just enough to remain polite. Perhaps most notably, he hadn't tossed so much as a sarcastic comment Marcus' way for days.

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"name is not being Coppertop, is Electron."

Grim puts her hands on her hips and shakes her head sadly. "C'mon, it's just an affectionate nickname, Blink, like how I call you 'Blinky-Dink' behind your back." She winks and grins, but then frowns; the Russian ex-killing machine didn't always get her sense of humor. To clarify, she produces a Looney Tunes-style sign out of midair that reads simply 'Is Joke'.

"Jack of all Blades, swordsman and energy manipulator. Welcome to the team. Electric powers, right? Guess I need to come up with a new nickname for All-Star."

The tiny shapeshifter is happy to see Jack arrive, but has been troubled by his subtle change in demeanor since the forces of Hell tried to sweep away Freedom City; not that she blames him, but it concerned her that the lovable rogue might never fully recover from their shared ordeal. The sign disappears in a puff of mist, and she offers the swordsman a warm welcoming smile.

"Hi Jack."

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"Hey." Only Jack's naturally liquid voice prevented the greeting from being a grunt. Rubbing his jawline the swordsman realized absently that his customary stubble was threatening to become a legitimate beard, given a few more days. He'd have to see to that eventually. Have to keep up appearances, after all, a cynical voice in his head drawled. Ignoring the stray thought, Jack began to buckle his greatcoat. "I was just about to head out on patrol. You still giving Sparky 2.0 the nickel tour, or should I give him the native guide version of the West End?" His smirk and posture were jaunty enough, but an unbidden edge of sarcasm crept into his voice. Jack's eyes narrowed briefly, as annoyed with his own behaviour as he was impatient for action.

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"Ain't no need ta rush things," Colt offered, "But if'n he thinks he's ready fer a night on'a town rather'n a borin' tour here, well, I reckon that's his decision, ain't it." Colt tucked one hand into his pocket as he put the other around Grim. "We're all busy these days, so if'n ya wanna babysit the new guy, be ma guest. Reckon it'll give me a little more free time." He smiled down at Grim.

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