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Accurate Super Senses


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the visual sense is accurate by default. If I build a character with:

Visual: Accurate, Acute, Extended, Counters Obscure (Darkness; Limited to Low Light) {2pp}

Can he target things that he sees with just his low light vision but not normal vision? Also, if I were to purchase the full dark vision would it extend to that? Or would I need Accurate 2 for all of these things?

Does the same go for things like Ultra-Vision?

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Kinda. I think low light/dark vision is a modifier of basic vision (counters obscure{darkness}) which is already accurate not a seperate visual sense. Ultra or infra vision is a seperate visual sense and to use it to target woudl require accurate 2 (all visual senses).

Though basic vision is accurate by default so you only have to pay the 1 (2?) points to 'upgrade' it to accurate 2 (all vision)

Thats how I've always read it at least.

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