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[Flashback: 1985] Fanning the Anti-D&D Flames!

Dr Archeville

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Ironically, I had a aunt who thought that D&D was the devil's tool. So when we would all head to my Grandmothers, she would rail on me and tell my cousins not to play that evil game with me. It didn't bother me all that much at the time, I still read my books and did adventure design since my friends at home played.

Flash forward a decade or so and I have been happily married, 2.5 kids, dog, station wagon, etc. Of her three children, two have contributed to three divorces, all have had multiple children out of wedlock, and other problems. For objecting to my hobby on religious grounds... I always thought perhaps watching her own house would have been a better use of all that righteous indignity. Mind you we all get along, and I'm not the sort to say "I told you so", but it doesn't mean that I don't think it :)

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A 1993 study on the personality of Dungeons and Dragons players finds kinda what you'd expect:

The personality of fantasy game players

British Journal of Psychology

Volume 84, Issue 4, pages 505–509, November 1993

Neil A. Douse, I. C. McManus

Players of a fantasy Play-By-Mail game were compared with matched controls on personality measures of decision-making style, sex-role, extraversion, neuroticism, empathy, leisure interests and personality type. Most players were male. On the Bem Sex-Role Inventory the players were less feminine and less androgynous than controls. They were more introverted, showed lower scores on the scale of empathic concern, and were more likely to describe themselves as 'scientific', and to include 'playing with computers' and 'reading' amongst their leisure interests than controls.

Link to study abstract.

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