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I Wanna Rock!


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Hi everyone,

I'll be playing one of your local flying bricks, Fulcrum. I'm looking forward to playing with each of you and hopefully getting the hang of things quickly. As such this is a general shout out. I've started a, for now, low-key meet-and-greet thread: Painting the Town

Should be a good starter. I'm also in the market for a bigger and flashier entrance. Something more paragon-ish. I'm leery of running combat myself, but if anyone has an idea or open spot, I'm interested. Still checking out all the active threads.

Fulcrum is a Silver/Modern Age Superman-type character. She's trying to fill Centurion's boots, and that's tough one on many fronts. I'm hoping to utilize that for a rich roleplay experience with other characters as well as some crunching combat against some classic villains. Looking to do some team building too. Anyone in the market for a super strong warrior woman? Invisible jet not included.



P.S. I know the chat will return eventually and I miss it dearly. :twisted:

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