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Feralization Drawback

Sandman XI

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I'm making a mad scientist who spliced his own DNA to become a hybrid wolf being. I want to give him a drawback that says "the more damage he takes the more feral he gets" The feral deal is him losing Int. How would this be written up and how much would it be? So far all I have is:

Vulnerability (X amount of bruises/injuries = X amount of Int loss)

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Vulnerability is that you get more damage from getting hit with certain attacks, I'd believe it was more like the weakness drawback.

Weakness (Getting bruised or injured, -1 int cumulative, very common frequency, -4 PP)

Getting bruised or injured most likely happens every adventure, so very common frequency (-3). The effect is an instant, not continuing, so it happens each time you take damage, not continuing exposure (+0). Lastly it is gives a -1 cumulative int, thus it's only moderate weakness (-1).

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(15:06:51) Sandman_XI: Geez3r, did you check that thread?

(15:07:13) Geez3r: uh huh

(15:07:16) Sandman_XI: http://www.freedomplaybypost.co​m/viewtopic.php?f=27&t=2806

(15:07:22) Sandman_XI: OK :P

(15:07:27) Sandman_XI: thoughts?

(15:07:40) Geez3r: angelica said pretty much word for word what I thought

(15:08:03) Sandman_XI: ah

(15:09:42) Sandman_XI: so cumulative means -1 + -2 + -3 + 4 + -5 + -6 or -1 + -1 + -1 + -1, etc?

(15:10:11) Sandman_XI: the first one looks like more than 4pp

(15:10:19) Geez3r: a cumulative penalty to your Int means the penalty = the number of bruises you have

(15:10:34) Sandman_XI: he'd be unconcious in 6 hits

(15:10:55) Sandman_XI: 20 int and all

(15:11:49) Geez3r: you have 4 bruises, therefore you take a -4 penalty to Int. If you take another bruise, that penalty increases to -5

(15:12:37) ex3lev3n: I'm sorry, Sand. We can't allow that

(15:12:41) ex3lev3n: =p

(15:12:51) ex3lev3n: you'll have to make a new char now

(15:13:02) ex3lev3n: nice try though

(15:16:43) Sandman_XI: So, -1 + -2 + -3 + 4 + -5 + -6?

(15:17:03) Sandman_XI: by the sixth hit he'll be dunconcious :o

(15:17:27) Geez3r: you have 4 bruises, therefore you take a -4 penalty to Int. If you take another bruise, that penalty increases to -5 (in TOTAL)

(15:17:51) Sandman_XI: Ah!

(15:18:15) Sandman_XI: So -1 + -1 + -1 + -1, etc?

(15:18:43) Sandman_XI: it'll take 20 hit to take him down?

(15:19:20) Sandman_XI: that makes me feel better about putting him against 2 or 3 people :D

(15:22:21) Sandman_XI: he'll go down in 6 rounds against 3 really lucky people :P

(15:22:50) Sandman_XI: Not 6 hits

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Well keep in mind he still has to make the toughness checks to stay upright too ;)

Honestly the bruises are a bigger deal than the -1 int as very little combat related is linked to Int and the lost traits come back one per round once the stimuli (the bruises) are removed so it wouldn't take long to recover even.

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