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Vehicles, Fixed Defence and Drive/Pilot


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Attacking a vehicle is just like attacking a character. Vehicles generally have an applicable size modifier included in their Defense, and tend to be easier to hit than characters overall. The driver of a vehicle can take a standard action for “evasive maneuvers†during a round. If so, substitute the result of the character’s relevant skill check (Drive or Pilot), modified by the vehicle’s size, for the vehicle’s normal Defense that round. For example, a character piloting a gargantuan fighter jet (–4 size modifier) takes evasive action and gets a Pilot check result of 22. Subtracting the jet’s size modifier gives a Defense score of 18 for that round (much better than the jet’s default Defense of 6). Just as in melee combat, one can also “fight defensively†while driving a vehicle, which grants a +2 dodge bonus to the vehicle’s Defense and applies a –4 penalty on attack rolls made by any occupants of the vehicle.

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