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Interceptors: Issue #1


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Issue #0 just finished up. However it seems doc has a few plans for the first set of possible jobs for the Interceptors.

Is anyone on the Interceptors squad interested in tackling any one of those plot hooks?

Personally, epilogue III seems most appealing to me/colt. Epilogue I seems to smell of the supernatural, and that's not necessarily his cup of tea. Epilogue II I'm also leery of for the same reason (mind control/zombies? Eww.)

However I would not be opposed to doing one of the other ones if one of you wants my presence.

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Okay, so so far we have Colt on Epilogue III, and Jack on Epilogue II. Does anyone else want to throw their eggs in any one of these baskets?

I realize we are all but missing WM and Thevshi, but maybe we can say that they are tackling Epilogue I since it's not going to be as big as the others, and we can just resolve that whenever they come back?

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Well, it's not too much of a stretch to have All-Star and/or Velocity called away to help the Freedom League with some huge threat while the rest of us hold down the fort in Freedom. That said, anyone have any thoughts as to getting word out about the new url? Any chance a forwarding address could be set up at the old site, even temporarily?

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Yea I'm pretty sure that ample attempts were made to notify people of the switch. I got a private message from the new site (which shows up as an email) and a direct email from Doc. I believe he's also sent people emails on the ATT if they have accounts there.

More importantly, we need to examine the possibility that they are not coming back. How long do we wait before we choose replacements?

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Here are my thoughts on all of the above issues :)

(1) On the matter of missions:

I'm ok with any or all of them. Blink has no preference on which to tackle and will go wherever she is needed. She still has yet to find her footing as a hero so is content to let others take the lead. Perhaps later, this might become more of an issue.

(2) On the issue of our missing members:

I think that waiting is just fine. If they make it back any time soon, that would be cool. However, if it's a long term thing, that's ok too. I'd be just as happy with five members as I would be with seven. Five is a lot easier to do joint threads with so I'd be happy just leaving their spots open until they either return or go inactive.

(3) On the issue of scones:

I like them and will be making a batch some time today. Wait, was that on the agenda?

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Agreed! Wait, what were we talking about?

oh yea...

I'm more concerned about the issue of the HQ. With two missing members we're down 10ep while paying for the HQ and MAVERIC. So unless the refs are willing to allow us some leeway until those members return, we're going to have to find some replacements. (unless other members of the team are willing to spend the points and cover them.)

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Yea, war was really constant. Thevshi said she was back for good, and I trust that. It's the fact that they both dropped off the face of the boards at the same time that makes things suspicious.

We could start looking at potential members, then when we decide we've waited long enough, we can just start them right away. (this would also give them time to put aside the necessary pp's to help pay for the HQ. How's that for an idea?

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Okay, so we currently have:

No preference: Blink

Epilogue II: Jack

Epilogue III: Colt, RW, Grim

So maybe Blink and Jack could tackle Mission II and we could have the Colt, RW, Grim trio on Mission III; We can revisit mission I at a later time with any or all of our members.

This would be two different threads, Possibly Interceptors: Issue #1, and Interceptors: Issue #2, each having a cool subtitle assigned by Doc which pertains to that thread specifically? :D

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As I said earlier, 2 and 3 are tied together. And I'm still working out how I'm going to do it all. Like I said, it'll be a Big Thing. :twisted:

You will be getting to all three of those, in time. ;)

But if we're splitting the team like that, we shouldn't do "Interceptors #1" and "Interceptors #2" thing for different groups. If the team's splitting like that, then it seems more like X-Men Blue & X-Men Gold, where one team was in X-Men and the other in Uncanny X-Men.

I will be starting something on Monday, possibly Sunday. :twisted: For now, y'all just worry about getting comfy in the Brownstone and getting to know one another ;)

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Splitting the team isn't necessarily a must, Doc. I just threw it out there as an idea. While Colt would likely want to pursue Epilogue III the most. He knows he has a duty to his team and the city. He would do any of them if asked to help out. Now that we're down to five active members, it would probably be possible to to run a thread with all of us in it, (though I know there are those of us the prefer smaller teams).

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