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Interceptors; A 'Chance' Meeting [Jack/Blink] OOC


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She could use Total Defense; that's a standard action that gives +4 dodge to defense. It leaves a move action free, if there's something else she wants to do.

"Each hit you get on me, I answer one question, guaranteed honesty, no evasions. I hit you, you have to answer one of my questions. First to three hits wins."
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Defesive attack... wait for it... wait for it... 1d20+5 = 7

Now since you made the attack do I have to worry about the distract? My Def will go to +18 if I get an action, otherwise I guess I go full defensive. I'm not to familiar with distract, but isn't it a standard action?

If I do need to resist the distract then 1d20+15=30

Either way, I'm not hitting you at all, and you can modify the defense based on what I can, or can not do.

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Huh, I thought I could reduce Distract to a move action by taking a -5 penalty on the check, just like any other interaction skill check in combat, but now that I double check, maybe not. We could call it a taunt instead, which would just hit her with a -2 to attack, not that it makes a difference. Let's assume her Defense goes to 28, then.

Now, I know I can Feint as a move action (1d20+16=17), though not very well, apparently! Nor can he hit her, evidently: Attack roll. (1d20+15=22). Unless you royally fumble your save against his Feint, that is!

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Ok defense against the feint... Well looks like I'm biting on it.

So it's time to go back on the offensive!

Standard Action: All out attack... +5/-5 trade off.

Yep, that's not happening any time soon :)

Move Action: Acrobatic Bluff (not sure if I can do this or not, but I think so...)

nor is that...

Free Action: None

Ok Castle's got it in for me this round! It wants to protect your secrets! Oh, just for the record, I don't think I have a defense this round...

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I'm hoping that Jack has some kind of comment that will make Blink feel like a total heel at this point... or if he has a way to smack her off, that would be well deserved. Then there can be crow eating and question answering and apologizing :) I just figure that it's not in her nature to loose very graciously.

Oh and if I didn't say it, very well done on the double touch.

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It's good to be back! I can't see Gizmo's last post and Ex, did you post in this thread too, or just commenting on the missing post? If so, I can't see either of yours.

On a related note, I think it must be a permissions thing. If I click on the "Read first undead post" icon next to the thread title, I get a "you are not authorized to view this" type of error.

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