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Ghoulies and Ghosties and Long-Legged Beasties (OOC)


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The guest list, as I see it, is obviously the Interceptors, as well as their new neighbors, who I guess would be NPCs. Grim also invited certain members of her old team, namely Phantom, Avenger, Dark Star, Scarab and Ace. Stesha, DS's girlfriend (I think) is also invited.

Family of Interceptors (like JoaB's sister) are of course also welcome.

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The smiley seems to be mucking things up. I tired creating a link without it, which worked just fine, redundant though that may be at this point.

Anyway, nice find with that photo, Heritage! I was looking at something like this for the ribcage and arm bones, but you definitely found a wicked calaca mariachi!

EDIT: For the sake of argument, Ellie's 'Peoplebuster' costume was inspired by an episode of The Real Ghostbusters where the main characters get sent to an alternate universe where ghost versions of themselves bust living humans in 'Boo York'. Hence: Peoplebusters.

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