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Invasion! - Pramas Bridge (IC)


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That day started like so many others in Freedom City. The sun was shining, a few light and fluffy clouds in the sky. People went about their business as usual. The day started like any other; but it certainly didn’t stay that way…

The first warning was quiet, subtle even if there wasn’t a lot of lead up time. Seers and psychics, ESPers and precogs felt like someone shoved a hot needle in their brain as the horror of what was coming crashed over them like a tidal wave. They saw the destruction of everything, the death of all life coming. And not just coming eventually; it was standing on their doorstep and knocking. The coming event and the things they saw crushed them and kept them from doing anything but try and pull themselves together.


At the base of Centurion’s statue, a young man appeared. He seemed to have arrived in mid-stride. His skins was dark reddish-brown, his eyes were black. Beyond that, he could have been human. He looked around the park, taking everyone in with his contemptuous gaze. He turned and looked up at the symbol for righteousness and all that was good in the city and sneered. He threw his hands forward and massive lances of black flame struck the statue. For an instant the statue held, before breaking off at the knees and falling backward. The tremor from the impacts was felt for hundreds of yards.

Quickly, the broken legs of the statue became darker, an ugly color of stone as they changed. An arc formed, connecting the two towering stone legs. The space between flickered changed and, with a tear that screamed into the horrified citizens, a rent in the fabric of the world opened and filled the space with a gateway. On the other side, waiting, stood rank after rank after rank of nightmares of various shapes and sizes. With a roar and scream, the demonic horde charge through the opening as their summoner leaned against a pillar and smiled coldly.


Across the city, the sky darkened. This was no eclipse, there were no clouds. It was as if the sun died and went out. While it was dark, a harsh reddish glow filled the city with enough light to see. The gloom of a hellish eternal night settled over the city.

The city itself began to change. Slowly at first, starting in the city center and quickly moving outward. Grass and plants withered and died; just dead husks as the life was drained from them. Roads became pitted and cracked as if they had not been used in ages. There were splits in the earth where magma burst forth, creating new rivers of destructions. Fire burned everywhere; some just springing into being. Even the buildings and landscape were altered. Things twisted and changed; sometimes no longer even recognizable. Everything took on a dark and malicious appearance. Horrific creatures, demons of all shapes and sizes quickly appeared. Some came from the hellish glow in the city center while others came from the numerous small portals that opened everywhere.

A wave of fear, terror, hatred, sadness and hopelessness seemed to engulf the city. People shook in fear, cowered or ran. They knew in their souls the end had come and they were powerless to stop it. Nowhere was safe now. No place was untouched. The world of heroes was over. Suffering and death was all that remained. Freedom City was gone. Hell had come to Earth and it wasn’t going anywhere…

Amidst the darkness, amidst the terrified people, there were those that stood strong. Those who shook off the darkness and rose above it despite how it ate at the center of their being. They could still feel this new city/world trying to tear them down, but they were strong enough to fight through it. The world may have gone to hell, but not everyone was willing to give up and quit. Some were not going to go down without a fight…

Over in the North End, visible for miles around, a pillar of golden-white light rose to pierce the darkness. It shone like a beacon in the tainted city; a sign that not everywhere was changed; not everywhere was Fallen. It called to the hearts and souls of the terrified people. Hope wasn’t completely gone yet.


Down by the water, the changes continued there as well. The water took on an almost putrid smell and became discolored. Steam or other noxious gasses seemed to collect and floated across the surface of the water. The waves and motion of the water had slowed and become unnaturally stilled; it looked like a sheet of colored glass…

While the demonic forces were the major threat to the city and its inhabitants, it wasn’t the only one. There were those dangerous villains who would consort with such evil for their own ends. Such was the case here. In the center of the bridge, several robed figures raised their staves and wands, directing smaller demons and the like to capture people or simply do their bidding. Already they had herded a dozen people or so, probably pulled from their cars, and had corralled them up against one side of the bridge. Barricades were erected on the bridge heading outside of the city. Perhaps they were tasked with guarding and protecting the bridge. But they were making good inroads on setting up defenses as well as taking innocents captives. People still huddled in their cars or tried to escape to land even though it was no better there.

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Chris had been in mid-air at the start of events. Now, he flew over the city, horrifed at what was happening. He'd tried to get a call out of the city for help, but communications seemed to be down. He'd called his parents, telling them to get in the cellar and don't open for anyone. He'd need to get them... but there were too many people in danger.

"Liz!" he shouted, finally getting a call through to her. "OK, listen. No, I'm fine, just... well, scared. Get in your cellar, and don't open it. Not even if it sounds like me. No... stop! Listen, I'll come back for you. Just...keep safe." He ended the call. Everyone I know... everyone is in danger. How the hell do I stop this?!

He came to the bridge. They'd started taking hostages. Chris pulled his goggles down. And Geckoman pressed a button, coming down and hovering over the forces below. "Hey!" blasted the megaphone, "I want you to stop, drop, roll and hand over those people, or these..." Another button, and twin cannons dropped from below the Pitchoo. "You are gonna be so many pounds of electrified, steaming gunk."

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Jackie liked bridges, to be accurate, he liked the water under the bridges. All the cliches and analogies involved with water under bridges made Jackie acutely aware of everything he'd been through in his life, and he liked to walk over the bridges, as sort of a personal way of congratulating himself for coming out of it alive and well.

Jackie did not, however like what was happening on this bridge. Hooded figures were herding people along, directing demons, and other nefarious techniques in a matter of minutes that Jackie saw go by in a flash. At first, he was scared, having never seen demons before, but quickly following on the heels of fear was anger at being made to feel it. Jackie let the anger fuel him into action as he pulled out a cigarette and lit up, shouting to one of the robed figures just as a flying...something with cannons started issuing orders.

"Hey son, why don't you do yerself a favor and leave them people be. I don't think you'd wanna tempt yer luck with me or the feller with the guns. I'll give ya till I finish this cigarette to stop what yer doin and go back to where ya came from, or things'll get ugly."

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Angel had very little to do today. Nothing really. Then again, she really had nothing to do everyday. Though today was a no jumping through hoops type of day. All she had to do was kickback and enjoy the day until patrol tonight. But being a hero doesn't take a break apparently. As she drove aross the bridge to get to the post office, the skies turned red. People in robes like a renesance fair were directing demons. Real live demons! The demons were taking people out of their cars. Anger welled up inside of Angel. Quickly slipping on her mask and bracers and pulling her Aeroboard out of the backseat, she got out of the car before they got to her.taking to the sky she sped towards the robed figures blasting one with a burst of ray electricity. Words later. Asskicking now.

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The robes figures looked up from their task as the heroes arrived. One, standing on the hood of a car, laughed. "Fools! The New Order has come! Those who would foolishly stand in the way shall be swept aside! You and your foolish ideals are nothing before the Power we wield! Now surrender! Bow to your Ma-". It was likely the heroes knew what was going to be said next but a sudden blast of electricity from Angel slammed into the man, shocking him and cutting off the robed speakers' words. The other five figures quickly pointed their wands and staffs at the heroes and began their chanting. The dozen or so smaller demons and imps quickly began bounding down the bridge at the heroes!

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Jackie looks as the newcomer levels a blast upon the monologuing warlock.

"Well now ya gone and done it. Now they're really mad."

Jackie moves to duck for some cover of a parked car as he sent another car with a scared driver behind the wheel barrelling into one of the robed figures. "Lady Luck don't take kindly to those who'd try and hurt her favored son, hope that face full of buick reminds you of that!"

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Hopping down from the Aeroboard with a somerault, Angel went invisible from sight and sound. She landed on another of the robed figure's shoulders. Wrapping her legs around the figure's throat, she tries to flip it over on his back while landing on it's chest.

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The robed figure didn't so much as scream in fright as yells "GARFGL" and his neck was squeezed and he was suddenly slammed against the pavement, trying to shake his head to clear it from the sudden motion and even more abrupt stop as he connected with pavement!

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Geckoman rolled his eyes. "Once, just once, I'd like someone to retreat when I ask nicely! Just once!" He trained both turrets on one of the robed dudes who seemed to be in charge. "Byeeeeeee!" came the laughing voice over the megaphone, as a stream of electrical bursts began firing towards the figure at a high rate. Or would have, had the mechanism not jammed. "DAMMIT! Brimstone in the tubes." He pressed a button and the dust jetted from the side as he flew the ship down to the side of the bridge to hover beside the hostages.

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The robed figures raised their wands and barked out harsh words, sending blast of eldritch energy everywhere. They were not the best of shots apparently. A half dozen demons, appearing like something out of the Wizard of Oz flying monkey style, flapped their wings and took to the air. They quickly circled and dive-bombed Geckoman and misfiring Pitchoo!

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River Rat narrowly ducks behind cover as eldritch blasts erupt around his head. One of the robed sorcerers attacks fly wide and hit a pylon, sending a chunk of concrete zipping towards the dizzied practitioner, connecting solidly with the man's chest.

"Now that's what I call a bad beat!"

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Quickly dodging, Angel wondered how the ones with the arcane blasts or any of them saw her. She didn't pay it much attention as she bared her thighs down harder on the robed figure's neck. Squeezing every bit of the thing's air out she could. "You know, if they keep shooting over here, they're eventually going to hit you. Is that what you want? To be hoist by your own petard? Call them off now!"

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"Come on, Mom, answer the phone...come on...," said a frantic Fulcrum as she zoomed over the city. No one was answering, and when the ring ended abruptly, a high-pitched, gurgling shriek replaced it. Her dark complexion drained a few shades as she stared in horror at the phone.

Useless phone replaced in her pocket, the over-sized flyer ramped up her speed but came to a sudden halt. A battle over Pramas Bridge was well under way, but from her vantage point, not everything was visible. Flashes of energy sparkled in the distance and the small forms of citizens huddled against one side. A flying ship of some sort hovered above the action as...flying monkey demons...swooped at it.

The city was going to hell in a hand basket. Her twin duties, family and Freedom City, tore her in opposite directions. What would her mother say if she was here? Biting her lip and looking to the west, Fulcrum made a decision and turned toward the bridge, diving toward it from the northbound lanes.

A sudden fear overcame her, the nagging fear that she would never she her parents or sister again.

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It was obvious now to Angel that the robed figure was a man as the cowl slipped from his hand. It was also obvious that asking someone a question when you're kneeling on their neck and forcing all the air out of their lungs was not a functional plan. "gaak, ga, aak," was about the only thing coming out of the poor fellow's mouth that that point.

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Fists out before her, Fulcrum swooped into battle. Her cape flapped wildly as she leveled from the dive and cocked back a powerful right. Making the decision was the moment of hesitation, but now made, she committed herself completely to the struggle. Inflicting pain was only part of the equation. Dealing with your own pain was the greater portion of the battle. Let the old pain come.

"Freedom is worth the fight," she intoned unconsciously.

Before the little beast was aware, several hundred pounds of muscle rocketed into its face and threw all that energy into a wild hook. Either it was quick enough to dodge or it's ugly little head was coming off. Either way she was hoping to take some of the heat off the hero in the airship. Game on.

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Fulcrum's sudden fly by attack missed the creature by a pretty wide margin. They didn't even bother to look up as they continued their assault. Several started attacking the flying vehicles, claws tearing into the machine. Two others went for the green clad pilot, slathering at the chance for inflicting some pain...

The squished figured under Angel continued to thrash and escape...ineffectually. The heroine had him too secured to escape alone. Though a pair of eldritch blast coming at her might help out! Likewise, River Rat had several bolts flung his way as well!

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Single-minded little monsters. Fulcrum wasn't sure what to make of the flying monkeys or their vicious interest in the flying machine. The hero tucked safely inside the flier must have really ticked them off. Looking that ugly was bad enough but still. Maybe the beasties thought the ship was the Wicked Witch of the West or something. Didn't matter.

Arm cocked back again, she didn't waste any time and unloaded a hay maker right between the wings of her original target. This time the swing landed square. A satisfying thud echoed in her ears, and she hoped to hear an even more satisfying crack. Buckle those wing bones and spine.

One way or another they were going to pay attention to her. Needed to get some of the heat off of the other hero. As she followed through, her gaze drifted down to the bridge for brief moment. Looked like everything was going well enough. If only she had any idea how wrong that thought would be.

For now though she just focused on the monsters before her.

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Fulcrum’s punch landed solidly in the little imp’s back, exploding the creature into black mist as it was instantly sent back. Two of the little imps left off their attack on the Pitchoo and jumped on Fulcrum, trying to claw her skin off, completely without effect besides ruining her costume. Their little claws just couldn’t get through her tough skin.

Inside the flying machine, Geckoman was too busy keeping his precious Pitchoo flying and not crashing to be of any help. Likewise, two of the robed figures turned from River Rat and blasted Angel off of their compatriot. The heroine flew sidewise and slammed into a car, to lie stunned. River Rat, still in cover, quickly rushed over to make sure she was still alive.

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