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Invasion! - Pramas Bridge (OOC)


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here's the ooc

Some ground rules/info

- Barring the ability for dimensional travel, you cannot leave FC. Likewise, communication to the outside is not working.

- Jumping to different threads: not going to generally allow it. However, that said, if you feel it makes perfect sense and somehow know about the other thread, then I’ll reconsider on case by case. (Mainly it’s because I don’t want a massive thread with 10+ people duking it out unless I have to. Already going to have one of those…) Basically: just ask before you do it.

- The entire FC is being corrupted and changed by the infernal presence. There is a general ‘fear/depression/hopelessness’ aura going on all the time. It’s minor/background and I’m having anyone roll for it. You’re the heroes; you fight past it. Just remember that it is there in the RP.

- There is going to be some weird time-dilation affect going on; strength depending on where you are. It won’t matter to most chars as they can’t tell anyway. But just wanted to be upfront about it.

- I’m going to try and keep this going fast (and putting most of my personal threads on the back burner so hopefully I won’t slow us down ;) ). Please check regularly. I don’t want to get hung out for days waiting…

Now to save time: everyone roll inits now as it’s going to come up as soon as someone starts swinging. Feel free to do some RP posts though (unless you start blasting right away ;) )

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As stated: players who don't post with 48 hours of their 'turn' will be NPCed to not hold up players who can/do post. When you return, on your turn you can post again obviously.

So, shall I start the combat going or would you guys like another day or two to RP?

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Okay, since it seems like I'm at the top of the initiative order, I guess I'll go first. Gonna go with a perception range penetrating damage effect. which is a measley DC 21 toughness save, but let's hope it sticks.

Edit: Using move action to move for cover of some sort, if there is any.

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