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Invasion! - Danger Mansion (OOC)


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here's the ooc

Some ground rules/info

- Barring the ability for dimensional travel, you cannot leave FC. Likewise, communication to the outside is not working.

- Jumping to different threads: not going to generally allow it. However, that said, if you feel it makes perfect sense and somehow know about the other thread, then I’ll reconsider on case by case. (Mainly it’s because I don’t want a massive thread with 10+ people duking it out unless I have to. Already going to have one of those…) Basically: just ask before you do it.

- The entire FC is being corrupted and changed by the infernal presence. There is a general ‘fear/depression/hopelessness’ aura going on all the time. It’s minor/background and I’m having anyone roll for it. You’re the heroes; you fight past it. Just remember that it is there in the RP.

- There is going to be some weird time-dilation affect going on; strength depending on where you are. It won’t matter to most chars as they can’t tell anyway. But just wanted to be upfront about it.

- I’m going to try and keep this going fast (and putting most of my personal threads on the back burner so hopefully I won’t slow us down ;) ). Please check regularly. I don’t want to get hung out for days waiting…

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Everyone can post here. Remember, this is several hours later, after the start of the Invasion. Feel free to ad-lib a bit on your deeds and how bad it is.

Also: for this thread, unless you got here at the start and haven't really left, you have _ZERO_ HPs for this thread. You have completely exhausted yourselves doing good deed or just plain surviving to get here.

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*shrug* It was kind of full and of higher PL (Ecal said Gecks was like PL8). And, I needed someone else with a flying vehicle who could ferry civies. It was just mechanics. But anything works. Partly was that Gecks, unlike the rest of YF (*cough some hero team cough* ;) ), actually does go out and patrol.

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I can understand. If it helps, at this point you can assume that 1) all other places in the city have been overrun and no where is safe any more (except here, relatively speaking), 2) you guys found off a few hordes before someone (ie Doc would be a good bet) figured a way to get you guys and a couple hundred civies out of the building without "dying".

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Not really mostly its just fluff. Ace is a total packrat so this is just an excuse for Doc to bust out with inventor if he likes.

he has a solid 75 years of acumulated trophies, gifts, and salvage that he's squirreled away so whatever fun stuff you want to cobble together or comment on is fine ;)

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Remember the scene in Hellboy where the titular character was carrying a reanimated Russian corpse on his back in order to find a certain tomb? Or in The Empire Strikes Back where the dismantled C-3PO is being carried in a mesh bag on Chewie's back?

I imagine that's what Atlas & DH looked like as they were retreating.

Also: I now have two PCs in this thread. I'll have to be sure to label 'em so the Refs can easily count come harvest time.

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