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Invasion! - Hanover (IC)


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That day started like so many others in Freedom City. The sun was shining, a few light and fluffy clouds in the sky. People went about their business as usual. The day started like any other; but it certainly didn’t stay that way…

The first warning was quiet, subtle even if there wasn’t a lot of lead up time. Seers and psychics, ESPers and precogs felt like someone shoved a hot needle in their brain as the horror of what was coming crashed over them like a tidal wave. They saw the destruction of everything, the death of all life coming. And not just coming eventually; it was standing on their doorstep and knocking. The coming event and the things they saw crushed them and kept them from doing anything but try and pull themselves together.


At the base of Centurion’s statue, a young man appeared. He seemed to have arrived in mid-stride. His skins was dark reddish-brown, his eyes were black. Beyond that, he could have been human. He looked around the park, taking everyone in with his contemptuous gaze. He turned and looked up at the symbol for righteousness and all that was good in the city and sneered. He threw his hands forward and massive lances of black flame struck the statue. For an instant the statue held, before breaking off at the knees and falling backward. The tremor from the impacts was felt for hundreds of yards.

Quickly, the broken legs of the statue became darker, an ugly color of stone as they changed. An arc formed, connecting the two towering stone legs. The space between flickered changed and, with a tear that screamed into the horrified citizens, a rent in the fabric of the world opened and filled the space with a gateway. On the other side, waiting, stood rank after rank after rank of nightmares of various shapes and sizes. With a roar and scream, the demonic horde charge through the opening as their summoner leaned against a pillar and smiled coldly.


Across the city, the sky darkened. This was no eclipse, there were no clouds. It was as if the sun died and went out. While it was dark, a harsh reddish glow filled the city with enough light to see. The gloom of a hellish eternal night settled over the city.

The city itself began to change. Slowly at first, starting in the city center and quickly moving outward. Grass and plants withered and died; just dead husks as the life was drained from them. Roads became pitted and cracked as if they had not been used in ages. There were splits in the earth where magma burst forth, creating new rivers of destructions. Fire burned everywhere; some just springing into being. Even the buildings and landscape were altered. Things twisted and changed; sometimes no longer even recognizable. Everything took on a dark and malicious appearance. Horrific creatures, demons of all shapes and sizes quickly appeared. Some came from the hellish glow in the city center while others came from the numerous small portals that opened everywhere.

A wave of fear, terror, hatred, sadness and hopelessness seemed to engulf the city. People shook in fear, cowered or ran. They knew in their souls the end had come and they were powerless to stop it. Nowhere was safe now. No place was untouched. The world of heroes was over. Suffering and death was all that remained. Freedom City was gone. Hell had come to Earth and it wasn’t going anywhere…

Amidst the darkness, amidst the terrified people, there were those that stood strong. Those who shook off the darkness and rose above it despite how it ate at the center of their being. They could still feel this new city/world trying to tear them down, but they were strong enough to fight through it. The world may have gone to hell, but not everyone was willing to give up and quit. Some were not going to go down without a fight…

Over in the North End, visible for miles around, a pillar of golden-white light rose to pierce the darkness. It shone like a beacon in the tainted city; a sign that not everywhere was changed; not everywhere was Fallen. It called to the hearts and souls of the terrified people. Hope wasn’t completely gone yet.


Amidst the skyscrapers and towering structures of Freedom City, Doctor Archeville’s newest corporate endeavor would have stood out, even if it wasn’t owned and run by a public hero. A dedication to science, the building was as cutting edge as the good doctor could make it. It was an impressive sight and drew more than a few looks amongst passer-byes.

As the city change, so too did the massive building. Perhaps the Doctor’s presence muted the effect or that science itself warred with the infernal changes to the city. But whatever the reason, despite the proximity, the building was slower to change. But change it did. It became dirtier, darker. Grittier and more imposing. It began to twist slight and bend slightly like the other buildings, just not as much or perhaps slower. While not immune, it was only a matter of time before it resembled the rest.

The people in the streets crowded forward, seeking the protection offered by the structure. It might not be immune to this hell on earth but it certainly looked better than the other buildings around it. Any chance was better than none at all.

But while the terrified civilians of Freedom City in the area saw it as holdout, even if minor, the demons saw it as well. And they did not take kindly to such disregards to their powers. While the demonic hordes couldn’t damage or breach the glowing bastion of safety, this building had no such protections.

Even as the frightened people crowded into the lobby, numerous large demons began to circle the building, leathery wings flapping. On the ground, demons and devils of various horrible descriptions moved in and down the surrounding streets in seemingly endless numbers. It seemed that it wouldn’t take long before the building was surrounded, if not completely overrun, by infernal forces.

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Like most corporations, all ArcheTech facilities shared certain things in common. All were pyramid shaped (though with flat, not pointed, tops), grayish-white, and 12 stories tall, though some detractors said the darker coloration of the glass in the windows in the center and of some doors at the bottom made the buildings look more like giant stylized As. Many of the windows doubled as solar panels, to supplement the power drawn from the local power grids, though many also had their own generators (the type depending on location). The ArcheTech corporate headquarters were packed with laboratories and think-tanks, including dormitories for participants in lengthy studies (or for Metahumans lacking control over their powers who needed someplace safe to stay), but also had enough storage space to double as rescue shelters in times of crisis, and helipads on the roof for emergency transport. Each facility also had a bulk transporter near the basement storage facilities, capable of nearly instantly teleporting several tons of material at a time, but only to other ArcheTech facilities (including Schloss Wissenschaft, Archeville's castle in Germany, and ArcheStern, ArcheTech's orbital research station). In addition to the researcher on the premises, each also had armed security guards, mostly hired from local security firms.

But now the Freedom City ArcheTech building was changing, its gray-white sides darkening to black, and the streetlights outside twisting into weird obelisks as lightning lanced across the red skies overhead.

"Security!" Archeville's voice boomed over the guard's comm channels, "vhat is going on out dere?!" From his 12th floor office he had a spectacular view of the changes being wrought upon the city, and even from here could hear some of the chaos below... and in his own building.

"S-Sir, I... I don't..." a voice stammered over the comm.

"Get a hold of yourself, man! Vhat is going on out dere!"

Silence came across the channel. The guard's radio was not off, it was just... quiet.

Told you we should've gone with robot guards.

Yes, surely no hackers would see that as an invite to take over.

The Doktor grunted in irritation as he rose from his desk and marched out into the hall, fishing out his Electromagnetic Screwdriver from his labcoat pocket. He configured it so it could tap into the buildings communications system, allowing him to talk to everyone as he walked down the halls. "Attention, attention! Dis is Doktor Archeville. Something... bizarre is happening outside, und I fear it may be starting to affect people inside. I vant you to evacuate immediately to de teleporter in de basement, und prepare for transport out of state. I shall meet you dere."

He finished speaking as he reached the elevator, and got on.

Wait, why aren't we teleporting ourselves out of here now?

Because we have no idea what's going on, and no idea what's coming. We may need to conserve power. Additionally, whatever's going on outside may be interfering with local space/time, which would impede or even block our Belt's ability to generate wormholes, and thus our ability to teleport.

Sooo... you may have given all our employees a big steaming pile of false hope?

... unfortunately, that is one way to look at it, yes.

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As all chaos was breaking loose, one champion of justice was there! A bastion of hope! A symbol of courage! A young woman who would fight to her last breath!

A high school student who didn't have the slightest clue what was going on, cause she was stuck on a wall next to the Archtech building doing her homework.

"Stupid pyramid... Stupid Pyramid... Stupid Pyramid... Stup..."

Yukia Mishka muttered the same mantra as she once again looked past her sketch pad to stare at the flat topped pyramid that she was charged to sketch for her art class. She was the only student who drew that particular slip of paper.

This building, according to the upper classmen of FDR High, twas a nightmare to sketch. The sun glaring off the panels threw off your sense of scale big time. Yuki only smirked at the warning. Those who had spider powers wouldn't have to think about a 'scaling' problem, she thought. How wrong she was. Her gum eraser was almost a slight pebble and for the estimaed thirtieth time, she ripped off the sheet she was drawing on, balled it up, and tossed it off to the side in frustration.

:!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!:

Red skies

:!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!:

It was getting easier now, as the sun ducked behind a cloud. Her elation and concentration was so deep, that she missed the obvious red sky and her intently buzzing spider-sense. She just began drawing. First the General Shape... then the windows...

:!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!:

Wait a second, the windows are blacker.

:!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!:

Erase and correct.

:!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!:

.. no... there is lightning above the pyramid too...

:!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!:

Correct that...

:!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!:

There was no streetlights, just dark demonic obelisks...

:!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!:

Geez, how could she miss that!? Trusty danger sense.


It was at this point that she realized that something was going on. The building was changing. And then the screams were starting. The building under neath her very feet felt... clammy and cold. It was like the Evangelion Movie she was forced to watch during homeroom. Nighmarish with the slight touch of fewar and a choking sense of depression...

Is Doc Otaku doing something again!?

She flipped off the building and swung towards the Archtech building (carful to swing 'around' the obelisks and saw something that almost made her wish she wore depends: Demons, ugly suckers, chasing after civilians who began pouring into the Archtech building. And knowing hyer luck, she WOULD be the only person stuck outside. She landed onto the demonic Pyramid, her mind blank as to what to do. Those people needed help, but to charge at what look like a ton of Demons was suicide.

But then again, so were those bug-bots.

She now wished that other heroes were here. Angel. Breakdown. Razorwing. Heck, she'd even prefered the cowboy. Even if he did cost her her homewo...

SWEET NUTBUNNIES She dropped her sketch book amongst those demons. Blast it!

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Walking the streets of Hanover, looking from victorian styled buildings to a building that fancied eqyptian pharoah tastes, Max took in the sites of the city he was to call home. Having moved around his whole life, Max never took the time to get to know the cities he resided in. Seeing as he was planning on making Freedom City a permanent haunt, however, he felt he should get some face to face time in with the streets.

Everything was going fine, until the sky darkened and abominations straight out of Barker or Lovecraft started pouring on the streets.

"What the hell?!" Max screamed, moving to the cover of an awning beneath a building that looked benign at first, but started to change. "If this don't make real estate prices plummet, I'm a three legged prairie dog!

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Quark's morning was going well until the hellish invasion came. He had been magically keeping himself up for the past one-hundred sixty-eight hours to finish his new invention. He had to stop by Hanover Institute of Technology to put on the finishing touches on it. The last bit of of testing and he was done. That's when it happened. Instead of a sense of accomplishment, fear is rampant. Grabbing his things quickly, he leaves. Getting outside he sees the world has taken on a reddish tone. Panick in the street! Demons in the sky! Wait, Darian thinks, this cannot be good. I have to get to the closest safest place. In his non-rational thinking, he doesn't think to go back into the Institute and hide, he thinksto go to Dr Archeville's place in Hanover. By the time he gets there mass chaos is ensuing! Everyone is trying to get into the building to get away from the great winged beasts of Hell! Darian follows suit.

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Seeing a great deal of people running for the safety of the building shaped like a pyramid, Max knew one thing: No matter how fancy a building looked, the people inside were still vulnerable if some ugly demonic creature got in there too. The masses would need protection. Max juked for the entrance as he saw a girl in some wierd suit swing around to the entrance. Good thing I'm not the only capable person here, I'm not so sure fire's the best thing for demons after all.

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Yuki's eyes met the new comer. It was mostly due to the fact that he was the only one who had enough peace of mind to look up (it's amazing how most people neglect what's above them). She notice him duck inside the Building and Yuki followed suit, sticking to the ceiling. She noticed that she may be the only costume and when someone notice her, they will want HER to deal with this. Problem is...

_How_ am I going to deal with it? I'm just as terrified as they are. Well best to give them false hope the to give them no hope at all.

Yuki stood up (while standing upside down on the ceiling), and coughed.

"Okay everyone? HEY! Yo! Up here!" Yuki felt so old right now... "Okay, I understand that some of you are scared..."

...cause I'm one of them.

"We need to keep calm! Even if monsters are out there ready to..." Yuki you idiot. Start over. "...uhm... to do whatever it is they do... but if we panic, we'll help them! I'm... I'm going to go out there and fight those things. I need all the men to take cover in here and build... 'something' to help protect the women and children incase I fail."

Yuki took a deep breath. "This oisn't the end of the world. Stuff like this happens every other friday. You'll see, when tomorrow comes, you'll be back to paying that stupid street tax that Mayor O'Connell pushes down your throats. So yeah..."

Yuki dropped from the cieling, facing the door. She could just feel the demons on the other side. Fun times lay ahead...

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The people in the lobby were paniced, terrified. The pushed and shoved their way in, not wanting to be left outside. It didn't take long for the lobby to become packed, people crammed in shoulder-to-shoulder, as they tried to find what safety they could. There were so many, they were spilling into the various offices and rooms off the lobby. Yuki, being the only one there who (seeminly) had answers, was the focus of quite a lot of attention. People were terrified, needing a lifeline of hope. And as tenuous as it was, she was the only one available.

The Doctor's employees weren't faring any better really. They moved quickly to the basement, more in that it was a possible escape route than any clear thinking on their part. The security forces were also rather haggard and holding on by a thin, thin thread as they tried to do their job. When the last person was crammed in, they locked the doors. 'For all the good it would do them' was a common thought. Even as the doors were locked, they were changing, twisting, to become a black and twisted gate.

In his elevator, the Doctor noticed a change as well. The a smooth high tech elevator was changing, into a twisted steel elevator cage. All spikey iron bars and chain. Over the little speaker, he heard a terrified voice from one of his science staff. "Doctor! We h-h-have a p-p-problem! The teleporter system...It's offline! It doesn't register any signal to the other facilities! We're trapped!" Over the little mic, other sobs of terror could be heard as the others broke down, knowing their doom was coming.

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Questions exploded in Tempest's mind as the sky darkened so unnaturally. How did this occur? What did this mean? Was this the plot of a villain human? What was the point of this event occurring? But all of that stopped just as soon as it started.

This was death. This was the end of life. Tempest knew this. He could feel it down in the deepest core of his being. And it scared him. He was wholly and truly terrified at what this day had brought. Life was fragile, but it could endure. But this... this was too much. It had to stopped. The humans must survive. They just had too...

His senses reached out, and he felt a gathering of life in the distance, and death encroaching all around him. This is where he would make his stand, this is where he would have purpose.

Tempest streaked across the sky to this bastion of life. He came to a halt hovering over the mass of people making their way to the building. Wreathed in elemental fury he declared "Humans! So long as I am here, no death-dealer shall touch you! This I swear upon the Creators!"

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Argh, must we do everything ourselves?!

This is serious! How are we going to get down there?

What? Easy, you fool, we teleport down.

But if the building's bulk telelporter is jammed, how do we know our isn't? Or worse, what if what's going on out there -- and in here, I would add -- is warping space/time and dimensional geometries and we get smeared into a five-mile-wide streak of paste?

Well, only one way to find out...

No, wa-

Archeville activated the teleport function of his Gravimetric Belt, creating a short-lived man-sized wormhole connecting his location in the elevator and the bulk transporter room in the basement. The trip was rougher than usual, but he did make it out alright.

-it! ... Oh...

I knew we'd be fine. The fool trying to operate the system down here probably got the superpositioning coordinates transposed.

"Von side, von side, let me through!," he ordered as he made his way through the crowd to the transporter controls. "Probably just a... vhat the?... vas.. nein... nein!" His fist slammed down on the console as he saw that the teleportation network connecting all ArcheTech facilities was inexplicably down, as was the intracompany communications systems. They were on their own.

Right, priorities: make sure the people here are safe. Erect blockades, establish/maintain communications within the group. Treat any wounded. Establish chain of command so we can see to getting the word to the outside, if not also the teleporter.

Right, I'll handle this.

Whoa! He-

"Alright, people, listen up!," Archeville called out in a crisp, clear voice*. "We-"

[ * Switching Brain to Enhanced Charisma. And I've wracked my brain for an hour trying to think of something inspiring to say, and nothing's coming, so I'll let others post some. ;) ]

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Yuki took two breaths and was about to step forward and ask for the doors to be opened... then she heard the voice and looked up.

Back-up. Finally. Two is better hen one anyday of the week.

She looked back to the crowd. "Okay, I should've asked this already... but is there anyone else here who has powers or somthing?"

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She looked back to the crowd. "Okay, I should've asked this already... but is there anyone else here who has powers or somthing?"
Darian raises his hand slowly, "I do. Well sort of." He clears his throat and tries to bolster his voice with confidence by strengthening it a bit, "I can give you a magical artifact or technological device in as little as eighteen seconds and no less than two-hundred twenty-two seconds. Depending on how powerful of said device or artifact need be." He nods to assuredly.
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Archeville stopped when he heard Quark's voice.

Oh, great, he would have to get stuck here with us during this!

Oh, he can help and you know it. A second set of eyes on the transpor-

No! He's not touching our transport network!

Yes, he is! He can help, this interference is being caused by something outside our field of knowledge, but he-

he... he... he's so shy and quiet, we'll easily be able to bluster our way trough and make everyone else think we saved them single-handedly, and he'll be too milquetoast to say anything! Ha!

That... that is not what I meant...

"Herr Cale!," Archeville called out. Darian could see he was waving him over to the large console next to a huge teleportation pad. "Vhat is going on out dere? Vhat are dese creatures?"

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Yuki listened to the two men, one saying that he was able to make things, the other waving for one of them (shje assumed he meant the guy who spoke) to come over. All the same she leapt over to the console, shooting a webline to hang upside down from as she looked down on the man. "What are those things? That's the million dollar question, mister...?"

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Who's this freak?

Well, talking to her might be one way to find out.

Bah! Just use the feeds from the security cameras to do a web search on her, combing through-

and do we do that before or after we get this transporter working and save all our co-workers?

... Bah!

"Doktor Archeville," he replied to the suspended woman, "I did not spend six years in college just to be called 'mister'. But Viktor is fine, too, Ms. ...?"

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Yuki canted her head. "You'd think the spider motif and the emblem on my chest and stomach was a dead give away..."

She extended a hand. "...the name's Tarantula, and at this rate I'd be lucky to spend half a yeah in college."

Literally AND metaphorically speakin, of course.

"...so Vick, what's needs to be done?"

Later on, it'll hit Yuki that this guy OWNS this building, but for now, she has other things to worry about.

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Maxie looks to Tarantula and then to the good doctor, before clearing his thread.

"Beggin' yer pardon but I think it's quite obvious what needs doin'. These partycrashers need to be sent back to whatever damn place they came from, and I cast my vote for the violent method."

Maxie smiles to the two before looking out upon the amassing droves. "I might need a lil help with that angle though, so any thoughts on how to deliver the most decisive butt whoopin' would be appreciated. Name's Spitfire by the way, pleasentries can be exchanged after we save the world though."

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Darian makes his way through the crowd, giving Tarantula and Spitfire time to talk to the doctor. When he finally reaches him he has a grim look on his face as if he doesn't know what to say; yet he does. "Doctor Archeville," Darian says with a an upbeat tone in Hindi, "I am speaking like this as not to frighten the crowd. I know what those things are out there."

"Well?" he replies impatiently, in Hindi, "out with it, lad!"

"You... you see," Darian faulters on the upbeat tone but picks it back up, "it's not that easy to explain in a way that a man of... your learnings..."

"What?!" Archeville is clearly getting agitated, "speak plainly or leave me to work on the transporter!"

"Yessir," Darian says now speaking in a rapidly frantic foreign tone, "Those things out there are demons. Creatures from the Abyss. The creatures have many varied traits most of them surrounding our shelter here are simple brutes, but there are larger general type leading. The common trait between them is that they are immune to fire. The brutes are 'simple', they just hit things. Very very hard. The generals though. They're the tough ones to figure out. Clairesentience, Metacreativity, Psychokinesis, Psychometabolism, Psychoportation, Telepathy... Just about anything you can imagine they can throw at us." Darian stops his rapid ranting to take a breath and breathe. Much 'calmer' now, he quotes Shakespeare, "There are more things in heaven and earth, Doctor Archeville, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy." Clearing his throat, he pulls a small toolbox and returns to speaking English, "Now can we get started on the teleporter?"

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In an effort to get more of the panicked humans inside, Tempest widened the doors before molding himself through the wall to look at the lobby area, hanging suspended in midair. Spotting the gathered humans Tempest moved to talk strategy with them before it became too late. "Defender humans, I am here to help defend this bastion. What is the standard human procedure for dealing with this sort of threat? Do any of you possess abilities that would modify that plan?"

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... whoa.

That is all you have to say? 'Whoa'?

A carnie and what others would call an 'Elemental' just barged in here, and the boy's talking about demons. It takes even me some time to process all that.

Yes, well-

And now I know what to do!

Defend! Protect!

"Make sure dose... dings do not get in!," Archeville called out to Tempest, "und if any do, destroy dem!"

"Security forces!," he called out, and several men in sharp outfits and weapons snapped to, "assist... dat!" he ordered, pointing towards Tempest.

"You two," he turned to Spitfire and Tarantula, "round up de peope, get dem avay from de doors und vindows. Dere are some spare rooms in de center of dis floor dat are unoccupied, used for storage, does should make decent bunkers. If you can aid that... Elemental.. thing in fighting off de... demons, do so, but see to de safety of de people first!"

"Und you, Herr Cale," Archeville said as he tuned to Quark, seemingly towering over him, "are going to help me in getting mein transporter vorking so ve can get all dese people to safety."

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"Fraid to say that the standard human procedure is to run around like fools and trample each other to death in these situations. Bein' polarizin' figures of power basically helps to quell that instinct, though not entirely. Scare these people enough and they'll be more a danger to themselves than the so called "demons" out there." Spitfire turns to the newcomer child with the toolbox. "You said they're immune to fire eh? Well that sorta limits my capabilities. To be honest, it downright handicaps me. I'll be sure to bring this up to the next committee that plans a planetary invasion, but that don't mean I'm free to run around skeered for my life. You got anything in that there box that can even the playin' field fer me?"

Maxie looks to the doctor with the funny accent and nods. "Alright hoss, it's yer show, I'll help the floating bein' of shifty stuff but like I said, I'd need some equalizers. Since the boy'll be helpin' ye with the transporter, might you be lettin' one o' yer security guards loan me a gun?"

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"I shall endeavor to create a barricade to stall the demon's entry into the facility. Do what you can to fortify the defenses from here. The humans are counting on us, we must not fail." Without further ado, Tempest left the lobby and went back into the street. He manipulated the matter of the surround cars, trucks and whatever was close at hand to bring them right next to the building. The demons would have to tear their way through the cars before they could get to the wall, which Tempest hoped would give him enough time to stop them.

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Darian quickly nods at the flame throwing mutant. At least he thinks he's a mutant, could be otherwise. Now is not the time to worry. He has the plans in his head already, and could build the thing in a matter of minutes. First things first though. He and the doctor had to get this teleporter working. "I will have your blaster ready as soon as the teleportation device is done." With that he turns to the doctor, "What would you have me do?"

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Even as the heroes and people got organized, started on their minor barricades, the building shuddered. The people inside could hear the chatter and blaring as the building's defense systems were engaged. The sounds of weapons was lost under the screams of the demonic hordes. And then those weapons went silent as they were quickly overwhelmed and destroyed. The walls around the survivors shuddered and boomed as demonic fists, claws and powers started to batter their way inside. It wasn't long between rents and cracks were seem in the metal shutters. A moment or two later and those little cracks were large rents. Big enough for the demons to start pouring through...

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The guards immediately openned fire with their blasters and whatever weapons they could find, shooting anything that moved or tried to get through one of the slowly growing opennings. Combined with Tempest's and other's help, they were destroying demons before they could get in. It was working, mostly. Still, occassionally one or two wounded ones managedto touch down briefly, getting destroyed before it could get to people. But each time it happened, it mean the rents got bigger and more demons could come through. Time was running out.

Doctor Archeville frantically worked on the multiple systems, trying to get devices working as well as come up with new options for them. It wasn't working as well as he would hope. He turned to Quark and nodded brusquely. "Ve need to get the teleportation pads up. Ve seem to be cut off both from local space-time as well as dimensionally. There seems to be an energy beacon relatively close by. But the system vas not designed for this. I need you to reconfigure the entire system for new parameters, not to mention new energy signatures, to bypass the local interference and get it to function long enough for us to use the system to get everyone out of here." The doctor looked at the weakening defense. "Und I think you only haff a few minutes. Time is of the essence obviously."

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