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Invasion! - West End (IC)


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That day started like so many others in Freedom City. The sun was shining, a few light and fluffy clouds in the sky. People went about their business as usual. The day started like any other; but it certainly didn’t stay that way…

The first warning was quiet, subtle even if there wasn’t a lot of lead up time. Seers and psychics, ESPers and precogs felt like someone shoved a hot needle in their brain as the horror of what was coming crashed over them like a tidal wave. They saw the destruction of everything, the death of all life coming. And not just coming eventually; it was standing on their doorstep and knocking. The coming event and the things they saw crushed them and kept them from doing anything but try and pull themselves together.


At the base of Centurion’s statue, a young man appeared. He seemed to have arrived in mid-stride. His skins was dark reddish-brown, his eyes were black. Beyond that, he could have been human. He looked around the park, taking everyone in with his contemptuous gaze. He turned and looked up at the symbol for righteousness and all that was good in the city and sneered. He threw his hands forward and massive lances of black flame struck the statue. For an instant the statue held, before breaking off at the knees and falling backward. The tremor from the impacts was felt for hundreds of yards.

Quickly, the broken legs of the statue became darker, an ugly color of stone as they changed. An arc formed, connecting the two towering stone legs. The space between flickered changed and, with a tear that screamed into the horrified citizens, a rent in the fabric of the world opened and filled the space with a gateway. On the other side, waiting, stood rank after rank after rank of nightmares of various shapes and sizes. With a roar and scream, the demonic horde charge through the opening as their summoner leaned against a pillar and smiled coldly.


Across the city, the sky darkened. This was no eclipse, there were no clouds. It was as if the sun died and went out. While it was dark, a harsh reddish glow filled the city with enough light to see. The gloom of a hellish eternal night settled over the city.

The city itself began to change. Slowly at first, starting in the city center and quickly moving outward. Grass and plants withered and died; just dead husks as the life was drained from them. Roads became pitted and cracked as if they had not been used in ages. There were splits in the earth where magma burst forth, creating new rivers of destructions. Fire burned everywhere; some just springing into being. Even the buildings and landscape were altered. Things twisted and changed; sometimes no longer even recognizable. Everything took on a dark and malicious appearance. Horrific creatures, demons of all shapes and sizes quickly appeared. Some came from the hellish glow in the city center while others came from the numerous small portals that opened everywhere.

A wave of fear, terror, hatred, sadness and hopelessness seemed to engulf the city. People shook in fear, cowered or ran. They knew in their souls the end had come and they were powerless to stop it. Nowhere was safe now. No place was untouched. The world of heroes was over. Suffering and death was all that remained. Freedom City was gone. Hell had come to Earth and it wasn’t going anywhere…

Amidst the darkness, amidst the terrified people, there were those that stood strong. Those who shook off the darkness and rose above it despite how it ate at the center of their being. They could still feel this new city/world trying to tear them down, but they were strong enough to fight through it. The world may have gone to hell, but not everyone was willing to give up and quit. Some were not going to go down without a fight…

Over in the North End, visible for miles around, a pillar of golden-white light rose to pierce the darkness. It shone like a beacon in the tainted city; a sign that not everywhere was changed; not everywhere was Fallen. It called to the hearts and souls of the terrified people. Hope wasn’t completely gone yet.

West End:

The newest group of heroes, the Interceptors, was gathered in their new HQ when they realized something was wrong. Whatever they had been discussing took a back seat as the walls of their base changed and darkened. The lights flickered and changed, the bright halogens became tinged with red and dimmed slightly. Nothing was wrong with them; they were working exactly as they should now that things were different. About the same time, the radio started picking up panicked calls and scared voices, all needing help. Outside, the city was under siege and there hadn’t been any real warning.

A couple blocks down, what had once been an eight story office building with glass siding was now twisted concrete with gaps where windows once were. Despite its suddenly twisted architecture, the building was still standing strong. However, flames licked and burned across the bottom two flowers and were climbing. Terrified people could be seen in the upper floors.

A little ways from that, a crowd of ten or so people were being herded like cattle by more than a half dozen demons into a hastily blocked off intersection; a holding pen. The ten were only a small fraction of what could fit in there. Odds were good that more would be joining them. Most of the devils/demons/monsters were sizable, a couple feet taller than a man and significantly more muscled. There were being ordered by something significantly larger, almost twelve feet tall, its four arms menacing and threatening human and demon alike as it relayed its orders.

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"No!" Colt's voice shattered the silence.

Colt slammed his fist down on the computer console. He had been watching the destruction throughout Freedom City for only a few moments, and it was already horrific. They needed to help. That much was simple. It was their job, after all. But how... There's so damn many of'em. Ain't no way we c'n win this showdown.....No! We have ta try! He eyes focused on the nearby skyscraper that was a horrific perversion of its previous self. Folks're dependin' on us. Reckon there's no way we're lettin'em down!

Colt was just lucky he had already been at the computer console, trying to familiarize himself with some of the more in depth controls when the disaster struck. The others had arrived before long. Now the whole team stood, gaping in awe.

Colt was never one to stand around for too long when there was shooting to be done. He quickly formulated a plan. "Vince! Send a message ta the Doc! Tell'em we're responding to whatever disasters we can avert. Reckon we'll be startin' with that there sky scraper. If'n we're lucky, we'll make it out alive. If'n god's on our side, maybe somma them civilians will too."

"Yes sir!" Vince was dressed in an army general's uniform, he stood saluting in front of a waving American flag.

"Ain't no time to waste!" Colt spun and looked at his fellow Interceptors. "Reckon it's time ta do some savin'!" Colt smiled. If the air of despair, that he felt was hanging over the rest of their hearts, he hoped that smile would serve to raise their spirits. He counted his lucky stars that he had had the forethought of loading Razorwing's motorcycle along with his own into the MAVERIC in case they would be needed on a job.

"There's people out there what need our help. So we best git goin, quick! I'll start the MAVERIC. Grim! Razor! Jack! With me! The rest of you know what to do!

Colt spared a quick glance at each one of his teammates before dashing off down the tunnel to the garage.

"INTERCEPTORS, GO!" He threw his fist into the air!

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"I'm not doing the fist thing," Jack said flatly as he vaulted over the bank of monitors. "All-Star, I'm going to regret this so very, very much, but I need you to fly me in as close to that big one as you can get me, then start getting those people out of there with Blink and Velocity." He looked the big man squarely in the eyes, and spoke in a low tone. "Those are my neighbours, man. Maybe my family. You can get more of them out faster than any of us." Jack's eyes were strained with ill-concealed worry, his jaunty manner struggling to mask his very real concern. This would be a crucible for the entire team, but for the native West Ender it was sharply personal. The swashbuckler grinned and continued, his voice brighter and wry, "Just do it quick so you can come pull my butt out of the hellfire, huh? I'm just gonna keep the freaky thing occupied, not punch it out."

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Blink looked between Jack and Colt as they issuing orders. In spite of the soul crushing despair, she gave a wry smile at the swordsman; he was ordering people about as if he was their drill sergeant. It wasn't that she minded the orders all that much, however, she did wonder about the chain of command... or even if they had a chain of command. It was something that the soldier in her cried out for. However, this wasn't the time to discuss it and she didn't argue or fuss about her assigned task.

"Very well. Will be getting as many peoples off building as I can. Will be getting those deep inside or trapped," she said calmly.

Rescuing people? It wasn't quite what she had expected on her first trip out. Not that it was a problem, but she had guessed at some kind of battle with the mob, or some powered villain. This was going to be something new. Although looking at the precarious structure, there should be plenty of excitement to go around.

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Grim stared stupidly at the monitors, thunderstruck by the extent of the devestation; she wondered what the rest of the Knights were doing to help out.

You can't worry about them, kiddo; you're on a new team with new responsibilites, and what's important is getting your head in the game right now.

"There's people out there what need our help. So we best git goin, quick! I'll start the MAVERIC. Grim! Razor! Jack! With me! The rest of you know what to do!

"Uh, right! Yes!"

She switched from her casual clothes into her leathers in a flash, tearing down the hallway after Colt, hoping he was good at pulling plans out of his ass.


Grim could only nod and point forward.


Yeah, that sounded good...:roll:

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"There's people out there what need our help. So we best git goin, quick! I'll start the MAVERIC. Grim! Razor! Jack! With me! The rest of you know what to do!

Colt spared a quick glance at each one of his teammates before dashing off down the tunnel to the garage.

"INTERCEPTORS, GO!" He threw his fist into the air!

Rising from his seat in front of the advanced computer terminals relaying the scenes of hellish carnage outside and bolting down the hallway at Colt's command, Razorwing rushed towards the garage, his footsteps echoing along the walls of the corridor in unison with his teammate's.

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The Interceptors raced from their HQ into the demonically infested City. The knew their job, there was no time to waste. All-Star and Velocity quickly sped off to the burning building as soon as they were outside. They would the rescue while their teammates would deal with the demons below. For the demons part, they couldn't miss the arrival of the Interceptors tank-like vehicle. One demon stayed by the 'pen' door, while the other five loped and bounded forward; their roars chilling the souls of the City's defenders. They began clawing and pounding on the vehicle, trying to get at the defiant heroes inside!

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The waves of terror and hopelessness washed over Jack like crashing waves against a cliff face as All-Star dropped him in front of the pen outside before speeding off toward the burning building. The swashbuckler felt a tentative calm suffuse as he landed, drawing a fiery blade to his hand from the surrounding blaze. He doubted there was much he could do to stop the overwhelming onslaught, and with that realization came a clarity of purpose; he would buy the innocent bystanders as much time as he could.

He stood to face the demonic creature guarding the door to the enclosure with a smirk. "Well, aren't you just ten pounds of ugly in a two pound bag," he taunted as he whirled his sword in dizzying patterns before him. Jack lunged suddenly, not trying to actually hit the beast, only to test his defenses and open him up to further attack. "Now, why don't I ever get to go up against those succubi and fine demon ladies you hear so much about?" he mused, shifting his weight in anticipation of the demons inevitable attack.

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The MAVERIC screeched to a halt on the street in front of the wave of demons. "All-Star! Velocity! Git them civilians safely here ta the MAVERIC! We c'n evac from there!" Colt's voice echoed over the team's communicators.

The demons began swarm over the MAVERIC. Suddenly, the doors to the back of the truck burst open. A motor revved within. The Stellar Cycle roared and screamed out of the opening. It hit the pavement and its tires squealed as it turned around and rocketed towards the army. "Ground team's all set ta support the evac."

"I got yer back, buddy." Colt said as he drove with his left hand, he leveled Jericho and aimed at the demon Jack was fighting. Colt usually exercised restraint when bringing in bounties. But with demons, he saw no reason to hold back. He had loaded real bullets into his gun for this battle.

Colt fired at the demon, striking him right between the eyes.

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Her original task had been to rescue the civilian's, but like all plans, this one was going to evaporate with enemy contact. She wasn't sure what the creatures were, only that she didn't like them one bit. Fighting mob goons and rebel soldiers was one thing, claws and teeth were another. She watched Velocity and All Star streak away to the twisted skyscraper just as the creatures began to batter the Interceptors vehicle.

Even as Colt and Jack went to free the humans in the pen, she knew that someone was going to have to clear the path to the Maveric, or those poor souls would have no where to go.

"...am not getting paid enough for this," she said mostly to herself before porting out of the vehicle to appear behind one of the creatures.

Instantly her body was blending into the terrain as she hoped the creature would be taken by surprise as she launched a Parufusetta, whirling and spinning through the air to strike the beast with her tightly laced combat boots.

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The big demon, the one in charge and still by the 'pen' was totally confused and put off guard by the swordsman's words and whirling blades. He was completely caught off guard by Colt's fire. However, it seemed to have little to no affect on the demon as it looked down at the swordman and contemplated eating the little man's heart...

Back at their truck, Blink appeared outside the truck. The demons there had no idea and her attack slammed one hard enough to bounce of the armored vehicle with a roar of pain and surprise.

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As Colt hit the brakes and the MAVERIC came to a stop, Razorwing exits the vehicle from the back loading ramp and spots the massive demon guarding the make-shift bullpen. Drawing a handful of Razorblades from his utility belt as he tumbles towards to the holding cell, he sends the piercing barrage flying towards the large brute.

This is crazy!

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The MAVERIC was taking a beating; it's heavy armor and frame battered and dented from the demons tearing on it. Or they were until Blink clocked on in the back. Only one continued to try and destroy their ride. Since the other heroes had ignored them, these 5 demons turned as one and lunged for the former criminal. Despite their numbers and ferocity, the agile heroine avoided most of the attacks with ease. Only one manage to land a solid hit.

Jack unfortunately faced their leader and had taunted it quite successfully. Ignoring the others who had attacked it, Jack bore the full brunt of it's anger. "INSOLENT HUMAN! NOW YOU DIE!" With a roar, it brought all four of it's hands together into one massive fist and brought it crashing down into Jack!

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The big guys are supposed to be slow, Jack thought indignantly as the demon's fists streaked towards him. Why are they never slow?! White hot pain was followed immediately by the numbness of unconsciousness as the swashbuckler was sent flying through the air to collide with a nearby building. The impact released a flurry of brick chips, and Jack fell limply to the ground, resting in a bloodied pile.

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"JACK!" Colt yelled as he saw his friend suddenly learn how to fly...straight into a concrete wall. "Blink! Git'em ta the MAVERIC! I'll try an' hold these critters off fer ya."

With that, Colt revved his engine and pulled a wheelie. The Stellar Cycle accelerated and took to the air. Soon enough he was circling above the demon's heads.

With his newly improved vantage point, he was able to get another clear line of site a the big demon that had just given Jack flying lessons. Twirling Jericho around on his finger, he caught the grip, took aim, and fired!

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"Am..." Blink said in a clear unpanicked voice, "trying to keep..."

At each pause in the conversation she ported from one spot to another, her body melding into the background like some kind of crazy translucent film, "them from..."

Yet at each blink while random and designed to throw the creatures off, she edged closer and closer to the one that she had smashed into the MAVERIC, "wrecking vehicle! Is..."

"no safe place..." there was the opening as the demons roared and swiped at her "for wounded comrade!"

Taking her shot, she connected hard with the confused beast and latched on with all her might. While the creature was strong, she kept porting all round it, pulling an arm, or twisting a leg. She wasn't sure what was vital, but twist enough, and something had to give!

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It was somewhat amusing that Blink was dealing with five demons singlehandedly and was still being told to take on additional tasks. But she was doing quite well as he surprise teleporting left a demon bruised and stunned.

The Big demon, apparently unconcerned about the puny gun, took the shot. Indeed, it didn't even break the skin. But the special bullet shocked and froze the expression of hate and anger on the demon's face as it's body locked up, becoming rigid and frozen.

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The sheer scale of the conflict was almost overwhelming to Grim, and for a moment it was like it was happening to someone else, or a really overdone Jerry Bruckheimer flick. But then she saw her teamamtes taking hits, and she was snapped out of her reverie. She leapt out of the car, shimmering out of sight as she did so, and moved to aid Blink with her current foe. Grim swipes viciously at the creature with her razorsharp claws!

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As blink frantically avoided the lunging talons of the demons she thought she could hear the whistling sound of something plummeting through the air. The air compressed and her teeth rattled as something hammered into the ground like meteor, raising a titanic wall of dust. She glanced over to where the explosion happened to see All-Star sunk up to his knees in a crater demonic limbs splayed around the crater's edge. He was standing on the creature's chest. It groaned feebly. The young hero raised his foot and drove his heel into a fanged snout causing another mini peal of thunder as the street shook again.

His lips were pressed tight and his eyes had a wild look. Had he been crying? He screamed as he stomped on the demonic head again. A wordless sound of anger and pain. What had happened?

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Razorwing almost lost his footing from the tremendous impact that shook the street. All-Star had made his move, and the demons now looked to him as the primary threat. Velocity was evacuating the building, presumably, while Blink and Grimalkin were duking it out with the forces of Hell. Colt had taken to the sky on his Stellar Cycle and took to raining lead down on the horde. Jack, on the other hand, was sent flying across the street and into a wall. He laid motionless in a crumpled heap, too far away from the rest of the team.

Drawing his grapple gun from it's holster, Razorwing took aim at his fallen teammate and fired. The line wrapped around Jack's oddly angled forearm and Razorwing reeled him in. It wasn't the best idea to pull an unconscious person into the thick of a melee, but given the circumstances, it would be negligent to leave his friend out there on his own. He pulled a smelling salt from his utility belt as he knelt down next to Jack.

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The smaller demons continued their assault on Blink, and now Grim as well. (Smaller being a relative term since they were close to 8 feet tall.) They seemed unaware of the paralyzing round Colt had shot the leader with. While Blink held on stunned demon tight, the others rushed forward with claws an teeth, attempting to tear into the two heroes. It was in the midst of this melee that All-Star plummeted down, crushing one of the demons attacking the two.

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If Colt had managed to fly under the demon's radar so far, that was all about to end. He let the Stellar Cycle hover in the air where it was, content that his teammates were taking care of their fallen comrade.

Fortuitously enough, Demons existed in his world just as they did in this one. So too did all the tales and stories about them. Though Colt usually fired non-lethal bullets at the criminals he dealt with on a day to day basis, Demons were certainly something that he was not going to pull punches on. Though it seemed that even regular bullets were having minimal effect on them.

Reaching into one of his pockets, he withdrew a set of eight bullets made of iron arranged on a holder with the same dimensions as his revolver. He opened Jericho's clip and spilled out the remaining unspent bullets, abandoning them as they were seemingly all but useless. He quickly slapped in the 8 new bullets, removing the holder and closing the clip in one motion. Turning to the right, Colt looked down at the large demon over the side of his cycle. "Reckon y'all're gonna like the taste'a these." Colt unloaded the clip full of Iron bullets into the leader of the demons.

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The large demon was frozen for a long moment...before it's yellow eyes blinked. It shook itself free of the effect, roaring in defiance. It was quite clear that if it wasn't pissed before, it certainly was now. That roar of defiance changed to a surprised bark as the fullisade of lead slammed into it's body. Now it was wounded AND angry...

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As her team mates entered the fray, Nadia inwardly sighed in relief. These creatures were far too tough to take on alone, and she relished the comforting presence of those fighting next to her. As the Interceptors attacked, she found purchase at the demon's neck, making small ports across it's back to get her arms in a position for maximum leverage. Even as she did, she kept kicking and jabbing at the thing, trying for some kind of vital point to speed it's demise along.

Even as her arms tensed with the effort, her body blended into the background alternating between the colors of the Maveric and the creature she was trying to crush.

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