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The Long Arm of the Law (OOC)


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Think you can give us a more detailed description of Burger Chucker? Inside and out? No floor plans necessary or anything, just so we are better aware of the atmosphere, and such. does this place have just as much class as it sounds like? (very little?) or is it as respectable as burger joints can get? etc.

You can make this a new IC post if you want, rather than incorporating it into your old one, if you feel it flows better that way. (also more posts that way *thumbs up*)

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the description of "burger chucker"

imagine you're stereotypical fast food joint, you know how stereotypes are supposed to be exagerated. exagerate this even more. the employees are either surly obese chefs, or completely stoned cashiers. smoking is allowed and encouraged in the back as it's the only thing they know of to mask the smell of the rat traps. all the uniforms have stains of various types, except those of the managers, whose glisten with prestine glory. The food reflects the workers. The burgers have melted cheese and greese dripping down the bun often burning the consumer in the process. The soda is monstrously underpriced for the serving size, 85 cents for 32 ounces. the customers are typically the loyal regulars, most of which residents of The Fens. The average passerby of Downtown Freedom wouldn't dare enter, unless they had some insane craving for artery clogging, seering hot, buckets of greese shoved into their hands by a clerk who, they can tell just by looking at, probably has a criminal record.

imagine if the guys from "its always sunny in philadelphia" ran a fast food joint instead of a bar. That about sums up how the place would look. other than that, basic McDonalds building layout, just much dirtier.

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