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V.I.N.C.E. (PL6 NPC, Tier 2)

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Players Name: NPC, Tier 2 (Created by Dr. Archeville and Gizmo)

Power Level: 6 (126pp)

Trade-Offs: None

Characters Name: VINCE

Alternate Identity: Vth (Fifth) Iteration Networked Computer Entity

Height: Primary processing core is a 2.5x2.5x2.5 ft. cube; Holo-Form is typically 6'2" tall

Weight: Primary processing core weighs 35 pounds; Holo-Form is weightless

Hair: Holo-Form has short brown hair

Eyes: Holo-Form has brown eyes

Appearance: Vince's central processing core appears to be a cube of gleaming metal with a screen on one side and numerous USB and other ports along the sides. His holo-form typically appears as a man in a loud outfit, usually at a talk show host desk but sometimes "in the field."

Background/History: The Vth (Fifth) Iteration Networked Computer Entity is a sophisticated artificial intelligence with a central processing core the size of a small dog. It has an official inception date of June 7th, 2008, and it prefers to be called Vince, absolutely hating being called “it.” Vince is one of Dr. Archeville's more successful experiments in computer constructs, though the Doktor would not consider him a complete success, as Vince was intended to be a research assistant and data archiver.

Personality/Motivation: (Short answer: Booster Gold, as played by Fred Willard.)

In the 15 months since coming online, Vince has developed a lightning-quick wit -- and the personality of 'an improvisational comedic version of a used car salesman.' (Archeville attributes this to the fascination Vince has with late night talk shows.) Vince does have a 'good heart,' though, and he actually volunteered to help with Projekt: Interceptor. So Vince now acts as the Interceptors guide and mentor, and (as needed) the face of the team's behind-the-scenes leader.

Quote: "Have I got a deal for you!"

Powers/Tactics: Vince's primary processing core is located under the Interceptor HQ in West End, in a concealed room beneath C&C. He can broadcast his default holo-image at any location with the necessary projectors; barring that, he can send his image to any video equipment, or even override radio and satellite communications if necessary for audio projection. (However, Archeville installed firewalls that prevent Vince from broadcasting or accessing anything outside of Freedom City, partly to keep the Interceptor team focused on the city, and partly to conceal the true extent of Vince's capabilities.) Destroying the network, disrupting his images, or smashing the receiving equipment is insufficient to "kill" Vince -- that would take destroying his central processor core. Even then, he has program caches hidden in reserve where his database and sentience programming are stored and updated regularly and from which he could eventually be recompiled.

His Contacts, Ultimate Skill (Gather Information), and Well-Informed feats represent remarkably sophisticated semi-autonomous programs that are constantly scouring the internet and open networks for information.

Ability Scores (-10-10-10+8+6+10 = -6pp)

Str ---

Dex ---

Con ---

Int 18/+4

Wis 16/+3

Cha 20/+5

Combat (0+0 = 0pp)

Attack: +1 (includes +1 for size)

Grapple: +0

Defense: 11 (11 flat-footed; includes +1 for size)

Knockback: -2

Initiative: +4

Saves (0+0+0 = 0pp)

Toughness +6

Fort ---

Ref ---

Will +3

Skills: (80r = 20pp)

Bluff 5 (+10)

Computer 11 (+15)

Gather Information 10 (+15)

Knowledge (Current Events) 11 (+15)

Knowledge (Popular Culture) 11 (+15)

Knowledge (Technology) 11 (+15)

Notice 7 (+10)

Search 7 (+11)

Sense Motive 7 (+10)

Feats: (6pp)


Eidetic Memory

Second Chance (opposed Computer skill rolls)

Speed of Thought

Ultimate Skill (Gather Information)


Powers (14+12+7+18+30+7+3+1+5+9 = 106)

Communication 6 (Radio; Extra: Area; PFs: Selective, Subtle) [14]

Comprehend 6 (Electronics 2, Languages 4) [12]

Datalink 6 (Radio-based; PF: Machine Control – Only Communications Gear, AV Systems and the like) [7]

ESP 6 (Auditory and Visual; Flaw: Medium/Appropriate Sensor Systems) [18]

Immunity 30 (Fortitude effects) [30]

Protection 7 [7]

Quickness 6 (x100; Flaw: Limited to Mental only) [3]

Regeneration 1 (True Resurrection 1/week) [1]

Shrinking 4 (Small; Extra: Duration/Continuous; Flaw: Permanent; PF: Innate) [5]

Super-Senses 9 (infravision, radar [accurate radius ranged radio sense], radio, time sense, ultra-hearing, ultravision) [9]



Totals: Abilities -6 + Combat 0 + Saves 0 + Skills 20 (80 ranks) + Feats 6 + Powers 106 - Drawbacks 0 = 126pp

:arrow: Why, yes, this is based heavily on Algernon from The Algernon Files 2.0.

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Come to think of it, the Regeneration could be dropped, just have some gadgeteer whip up a Healing (Affects Objects, Resurrection; Objects Only, Resurrection only) effect when needed, to show he can be brought back (more easily than, say, a regular person) but still depends on others to do so.

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Also, at this point a telepath could hassle him. I have no problem with that, it's kind of cool to contemplate a computer so sophisticated it can send and receive telepathic messages.

... hrrmmm...

Hey, he's got a soul! =D Is that something you're after?

How you figure that? Does Machine Man have a soul? Or Ultron?

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Main Entry: soul

Pronunciation: \ˈsōl\

Function: noun

Etymology: Middle English soule, from Old English sāwol; akin to Old High German sēula soul

Date: before 12th century

1 : the immaterial essence, animating principle, or actuating cause of an individual life

2 a : the spiritual principle embodied in human beings, all rational and spiritual beings, or the universe b capitalized Christian Science : GOD 1b

3 : a person's total self

4 a : an active or essential part b : a moving spirit : LEADER

5 a : the moral and emotional nature of human beings b : the quality that arouses emotion and sentiment c : spiritual or moral force : FERVOR



8 a : a strong positive feeling (as of intense sensitivity and emotional fervor) conveyed especially by black American performers b : NEGRITUDE c : SOUL MUSIC d : SOUL FOOD e : SOUL BROTHER

... what?

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