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Yufone Ryujin -- Tier 2 npc PL10 Villian --The Joshie

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Players Name: Josh

Power Level: 10

Trade-Offs: -2 Attack for +2 Damage, -2 Defense for +2 Toughness

Unspent PP:

Characters Name: Yofune Ryujin

Alternate Identity:

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 215

Hair: Black

Eyes: Brown



(Left: Yofune, Right: Her sister, Kiyo)

It's often joked that Yofune is the 'masculine' of the two despite Kiyo's tomboyish nature. This stems from Yofune's neverwearing make-up and the way she wears her hair freely. She wears pants 90% of the time and rarely if ever dresses casual. It's possible that this may stem from herleg injury and the fact that she is still ashamed of the appearence of the wooden appendage that she chooses to wear pants over a skirt.


Yofune and Kiyo Ryujin were raised by snakes. Their mother was a Yakuza enforcer and their father was the head of an expanding Yakuza family in Freedom City. There birth was a secret, one that their parents took to the grave, as they were gunned down in a bloody battle between Coda and Silencer. The shambles of their family packed up and prepared to leave Freedom but Silencer wasn't done. Not knowing that the children (the twins) was on board, Silencer hijacked and sabortaged the plane, ultimately causng it to crash outside Freedom city limits.

Yofune and Kiyo, along with their uncle, were the only survivors and Yufune hip was crushed in the crash (she was later amputated. As fate would have it, the crash landing occured just outside a secret SHADOW encampment where the Twins and their uncle recieved special treatment in exchange for the resources that survived the wreck. Unable to return to Japan on their own, the Uncle, along with the twins had no choice but to cast their lot into SHADOW.

While Kiyo eventually drifted into the now defunct Ninja force in shadow, yofune's options were limited. She was now handicapped with an organic wooden leg (a technological wonder. It organically grew as her body grew so that it never needed to be replaced). This limited her physically and left her with nothing to do but strengthen the one aspect thast was left... her mind. She joined the officer training program in Shadow. There she learned organization tactics, using big business to cover operations, how to use and delegate middlemen to take the heat off you and other tactics she took to heart. She soon was near the top of her class (she had nothing to do but study anyway), passing the course and was sent to Japan to apply what she learned at the age of 17.

As a SHADOW plant, she was placed inside an American Import/Export comapny (Sisco Inc.). Hewr cover was that as an advisor to the CEO who was being investigated for embezzlement of funds. With Shadow's help, Yofune was eventually placed as co-CEO and eventually CEO itself while her predecessor was put away on the criminal charges (with falsified evidence). UYsing Sisco Inc, Yofune began to tap into her Yakuza roots, establishing connections to the Yakuza families in Lower Japan. This, combined with her links to Shadow, lead to Yofune gaining almost unlimited power amongst the Yakuza. At least for the time being.

Desaster struck again, when an Aegis sting shutdown the Shadow cell thaty Yofune was working with. Her training saved her from being arrested, but now her shadow connection was severed, as she was splintered from Shadow (common Shadow procedure to avoid detection. As a burn agent, she had nothing left but the Yakuza and she needed something, a show of force, to prove to the families that she was still just as, if not MORE dangerous, then she was with Shadow.

It was here that she was re-united with Kiyo, who also was struck by misfortune. The elite Ninja unit she was working for was compromised and scattered due to another Aegis sting. Like Yufone, Kiyo was now a burn agent, selling her skills as a ninja to the highest bidder. It was when Yufone learned that Kiyo was still incontact with other rogue ninja mercs that an idea popped into her head...

Hireing the ninjas, Yufone once again had a weapon of over whelming power. And it was a silent one. While Yufone worked on expanding Sisco Inc (gathering more money to fund her operations), She had Kiyo run a shadow operation. A huge crimewave that consisted of arson, theft, drug trafficking, you name it, her fingers were in it. And thanks to the ninja's natural affinity to stealth, Kiyo (and ultimately Yofune) were left clean as a whistle.

Yofune managed to get an iron finger into the pie of the Japanese underworld and with the limitless resource in her disposal, she had her sights set on the one place where the Yakuza were constantly beaten back on every front: America.

But this time, things would be different. Using her training gained from Shadow, Yofune entered America through a coperate expansion... she bought off two more American Import Export Businesses and through those, secretly leached Yakuza Elements into America. She now had Yakuza cells in Florida, New York and Freedom City. Stationing her main base of operations in Freedom, Yofune aims to ultimately push out the Mafia and gain control of the Freedom city underworld.

Personality & Motivation:

Yofune is an intense and cutthroat individual who shows no loyalty save her sister. There's even rumours that she may had eventually cut ties to SHADOW themseves if she didn't have need for their resources.

She understands the concept of expendibility, often ready to tear down what she built if it would lead to greater gains in the fututre (a lesson she has learned from losing her own leg). To this end, she is not squeamish when t comes to crushing lives to promote good business. Yufone watches the brutal acts of her sister without batting an eyelash, since she knows how effective they are. Plus they often keeps Heroes of her back.

Ultimately, Yofune goal is to accomplish what her parents failed to do: establish Yakuza dominance in America. This goal would have been obtainable if it wasn't been for her one weakness: her obsession with Freedom City. She just HAVE to have Freedom City as her foothold, the one city that even her parents failed to take over.

Powers & Tactics:

She may not be the most physically powerful opponent heroes will ever face, but she’s no pushover, even versus super-powered heroes. She has economic,

social, and political power that’s undeniable. When Yofune decides to pay attention to someone who is becoming a thorn to her side, he/she/it should be very careful. Yofune's hired hands and informants are everywhere, and while they may not always be able to overpower her enemies on their own, they can be a serious threat as a group. Yofune is known for “attacking†from directions that people don’t normally expect, like through acquaintances, friends, and loved ones. Yofune's favorite attack is blackmail, where she forces her enemies to hurt themselves if they chose to go after her by attacking their own pride (secret identity or if they have a public identity, she attacks their reputation).

When worse comes to worst, Yufone isn’t above calling in specialists to get the job done. She’ll hire anyone from super-powered

thugs, to assassins, to sneak-thieves in order to get what she wants, usually through middlemen, so the deed can’t be traced directly back to her. She is synonymous to 'frustration', as it will be very difficult to pin anything on her. After all, she isn't physically commiting any crime.


Stats: 8+2+6+12+10+14 = 52pp

Str: 18 (+4)

Dex: 12 (+1)

Con: 16 (+3)

Int: 22 (+6)

Wis: 20 (+5)

Cha: 24 (+7)

Combat: 12+24 = 36pp

Attack: +8

Grapple: +12

Defense: +8 (+4 flat-footed)

Knockback: -5

Initiative: +1

Saves: 7+5+5 = 17pp

Toughness: +11 (+3 Con, +8 other)

Fortitude: +10 (+3 Con, +7)

Reflex: +6 (+1 Dex, +5)

Will: +10 (+5 Wis, +5)

Skills: 120r = 30pp

Bluff 8 (+15),

Concentration 4 (+9),

Diplomacy 8 (+15),

Gather Information 8 (+15),

Intimidate 8 (+15),

Knowledge (business, civics, current events, streetwise, tactics) 8 (+13),

Languages 5 (Chinese, French, Japanese, Russian),

Notice 4 (+9),

Perform (oratory) 8 (+15),

Profession (importer/exporter) 8 (+13),

Profession (criminal) 8 (+13),

Search 4 (+10),

Sense Motive 8 (+13)

Feats: 48pp

All-Out Attack,

Benefit-Get out of Jail Free Card *

Benefitâ€â€Status (social elite),

Benefitâ€â€Wealthy 3 (wealth bonus 22),



Defensive Roll 8,

Distract 2,

Equipment 6**,

Fearsome Presence 2 (10 ft., DC 12),



Master Plan,


* Yofune has the best Lawyers money can buy and a ton of money to bribe city officials. If she wants someone out of jail, she can usually pull it off.

**Equipment points used when needed. Equipment 6 provides 30 ep's to be used.

Powers: 0+0+0 = 0pp

Device 2 (electro-cane; easy to lose) 6pp

Strike 12 (Flaws: Unreliableâ€â€5 uses)

Strike 4 (Feat: Mighty) 5pp

Drawbacks: 0+0+0 = 0pp

DC Block:

Electro-cane --- 27/Toughness --- Bruised, Staged

Strike 4 --- 23/Toughness --- Bruised, Staged

Costs: Abilities (52) + Combat (32) + Saves (17) + Skills (30) + Feats (29) + Powers (11) - Drawbacks (00) = 0pp

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