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Student Study: Breakdown (IC)

Sandman XI

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Quark had an idea two kill two birds with one stone. He would get to know his fellow students better and he would find out more about the sources of their powers. He left a conspicuous note on a few bulletin boards around the school. "Claremont Student looking for peers to participate in power research study. Study will involve a verbal questionnaire and power demonstrations. Food/compensation provided. Please call this number if interested." One student that answered the call was Eddie Ozan, better known as Breakdown. He was informed that he would be filmed in a natural enviroment when the research was going down and it would only take an hour or so to complete. When he agreed, they set up a meeting afterhours in the school library. Where it would go from there was anyone's guess. Quark arrives early to the library and waits for his first test subject.

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Eddie crossed campus through the air, quickly. If he didn't hurry up, he was going to be late. He hated being late.

He eventually came up to the front of the Library, and touched down outside the doors. Spotting the only other kid in front of the library after school hours, Eddie assumed it would be Quark.

"Hey man, nice to meet you." He said, extending a hand in greeting, "I'm Eddie. What's up?"

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Darian chuckles, "None of this will be anywhere but on personal file, I assure you," he says taking out a digital camera and putting it on the table, then turning it on. "Now, for the notes, I need your full name, year and month of birth, gender, ethnicity, and species." He smiles, "Don't worry, this will be the only formal part of the interview."

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"Uhh... Okay." Eddie was slightly taken aback.

He cleared his throat, looked at the camera, and filled in the blanks. "Eddie Ozan," He began, "Born June 15th, 1992. Caucasian, Human."

Eddie hesitated for a second and glanced over at Darian, "How was that?" He asked, his eyebrows rising. "I didn't really have time to rehearse a speech." He smiled, cheerfully back on track.

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Eddie smiled, it seemed he was getting at least some recognition. Though not the good kind like he wanted. "Oh man. Did I ever. I've only ever been hit that hard twice now. The other time, I took a compact car straight to the face! Good thing is, I'm still here. That's all you can really ask for, right?"

Eddie smiled sat down at the table across from Darian. He let his bag drop to the floor. "Next time I make the news, I'll either be winning the fight, or it'll be because my band put out a new single." He wagged his finger in the air and nodded in confirmation, "Just you watch!"

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Darian wonders if Eddie would be able to perform at full strength today. He had planned to go off school campus to see Breakdown in action, but if he's hurt he wouldn't drag him out. "That would be nice," Darian says with a smile. He mentally notes everything Eddie says. Paper and computer notes would be style cramping for this type of interview. Luckily Darian could remember things eidetically. "So, you have started your band? I know you were auditioning. How's that working for you?"

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"Oh it's going great!" Eddie smiled. "I've got JJ on keys, Zoe and James on guitar, and this guy name Alexis on Drums. I've written a few songs for the band, and we've even given a performance at a party I threw. Hey, how come you didn't want to come to that? I invited everybody..." Eddie tried to act as naturally as possible. He knew the interview was supposed to be a casual one.

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"Let's just say I was really engrossed in my work then," he sighs. "I used to be a workaholic, then a sudden change happened. Like I needed to get out of the laboratory. So, here I am. Out of it." He clears his throat and smiles half-heartedly, "Well, enough about me. We're not here about me. Forgive my absense. I wish your band and your parties well." He pauses for a second, "Hm, maybe we can go walkabout. I was thinking of taking out interview out into the field. Though after that bump you took, I was wondering if you were OK with it? At the very least I owe you dinner."

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Eddie smiled, "Actually, that might be a good chance for me to show you some of my movement based powers. We don't need a cab."

Eddie pulled one of his iPods out of his pocket. "In the interests of being clear, I have three different ways of getting around depending on what I am listening to. Actually that's a pretty common theme with me. Most of my powers depend on what music I'm listening to at the time."

Eddie hit a few buttons on the iPod, and Darian heard music begin to play over the headphones. "When listening to rock music, I'm a lot stronger, and I can run really fast. So if you don't mind being carried, I can get us there that way if you want."

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Darian nods, "This will be interesting. So, here we go with the first question: When and where did you first discover you had these power. On a side note how are we going to do this? Should I hop on your back or are you going to carry me in your arms." He pauses with an embarrassed look on his face, "Uh yeah... That didn't sound right."

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Eddie smiled at the question. "Carrying you would be kind of lame, wouldn't it. Let me see if I can cook something else up."

Eddie scrolled through his iPod for a second, humming to himself while he was at it. After a few seconds of searching, he looked up at Darian, "Hmmm, the sun should be coming up about now in Tokyo, right? Let me see your bag."

Eddie clicked a button on his iPod as he received the bag from Darian and slung it over his other shoulder opposite from his own bag. He began projecting the music that was flowing through his headphones.

"Around the world, around the world.

Around the world, around the world.

Around the world, around the world.

Around the world, around the world."

Eddie laid a hand on Darian's shoulder, and suddenly the pair were no longer standing in front of the library.

Seconds later, two teenage kids stood on top of the Tokyo Tower in Japan. As the sun rose the pair of them looked on in awe of the spectacle.

Finally, Eddie broke the silence, saying, "I was fifteen, I think. I had a CD player, and I loved my music to death. One day, I got grounded and my mom and dad took my music away. I wanted to hear music again so bad that I tried and tried, just imagining I could hear my favorite songs. A few days later, I discovered that I could hear the radio broadcasts of FM channels. I'm also able to project any music that I can hear as if my body were a set of speakers." Eddi handed Darian's bag back.

Eddie was quite again for a few moments. He leaned up against the side of the tower with one arm as he looked out over the city of Tokyo. "Eventually, I found out that I was able to alter my body and my surroundings as well as the moods of other people depending on how the music I was listening to made me feel."

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Eddie had been assaulted by the amount of radio waves pouring out of the Tokyo Tower when they first arrived. He had quickly turned off that portion of his senses, however, and was now able to enjoy the sights without a cacophony of sound running through his head.

"Well, sure," Eddie responded to the question, "One limitation is the type of music I'm listening to. Rock music makes me feel different than Jazz music. So when I listen to one or the other, I have almost an entirely different set of powers."

Eddie turned from the view for a second to look at Darian, "I do have a few powers that remain constant no matter what I'm listening to, though. My ability to hear radio waves, my ability to remotely control audio equipment, and my ability to project whatever music I'm listening to pretty much come standard no matter what I'm listening to."

Eddie turned to face the Pacific Ocean. The sun had now risen above the horizon and was reflecting off of the expanse of water. The sight truly was beautiful. "The biggest limitation that I have is the presence of music itself. If there's nothing to listen to, my powers turn off like a light-switch. Thankfully, there aren't too many places you can go an not get a radio station, and even then I've always got an iPod. But I'm sure there's some way to even get around that."

He turned to Darian again and smiled, "Partially the reason I don't tell my enemies I need music to fight. My headphones are the first thing the would break, haha."

"So listen, is there some place specific in Freedom you want to go so I can demonstrate the rest of my powers? If I turn off this one song to give you a different demonstration, it'll be harder for us to get back. I'm not usually used to teleporting two people over such long distances, but I figured it was worth it for the cool factor. I have a feeling that I might even be able to go farther," He looked up at the sky, "But I don't know how good I am at breathing in space, so I figured I would keep the trip terrestrial." Eddie smiled.

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"Very interesting," Darian muses when he learns that Breakdown must have music. He wonders if he can just hum a little tune and be powered up. "Yeah we should be getting back to Freedom. We're trespassing as of now. We wouldn't want to cause an incident, would we?" Darian thinks for a moment. With lightning quickness he makes up his mind. "I wish to test something. Can you move about dimensionally? If not, I can get us there, but it will take us about half a minute."

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"You know, I've never tried that either..." Eddie whipped out one of his iPods. "I mean I guess that's just another form of teleportation, right? Well, let's see what I can do. We'll head back to freedom first off, then you can tell me where I should try and target dimensionally." Eddie considered something else as he chose another song. Man, he is really going to give me the stress test of my life, here. I just hope it isn't worse than that time I fought Madame Zero...

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"Sure," Darian nods approvingly, "This shall be an interesting. What type of music do you have planned?" Darian pulls out a notepad and jots down a long string of coordinates and symbols. "You know," he stops himself, "I do believe this is a clash in styles. My longhand might mean nothing to you. Though if you can understand it enough to travel."

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"Alright, let me see that." Eddie received the paper from Darian. At first the symbols meant nothing to him, but then they started to become clear. "Here's the thing. I can read things like this, but it takes a few seconds. Also, I've always felt that listening to a song with jumbled lyrics like lots of those dance songs helps me comprehend things better."

A few more seconds of staring at the paper made the message clear. "Alright, here goes nothing. I'm gonna load up some chill out music. I usually use it when I go to sleep, which has always felt like journeying to another world for me, so I figure that it just might-"

And then they were gone.

In another time and another place, the two teenagers popped into existence, "-work. Holy crap!"

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