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Another One Bites the Dust (OOC)


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Demons 21

Wander 18

Big Demons 10

Edge 10

Phalanx 6

Psyche 6

Also, Durf: you didn't use an HP for the surge since Alex 'shielded' James and you guys destroyed the demon

Regular demons attack! First 5 on Phalanx, Second 5 on Wanderer as they lunge forward, claws slashing!

1d20+5=10, 1d20+5=25, 1d20+5=17, 1d20+5=6, 1d20+5=24, 1d20+5=15, 1d20+5=11, 1d20+5=20, 1d20+5=25, 1d20+5=12

On Phalanx: I think that's 3 hits, one being a crit (not that I know what that does)

On Wander: I think that's 2 hits, one being a crit (not that I know what that does)

These guys base attack is +7, so DC 22...

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Cy, do the little demons count as minions? I wasn't sure, because minions can't technically get critical hits on PCs, but that's an easy rule to forget anyway. :D

Assuming they are minions, Erin's going to start taking 10s on a full-out power Takedown attack, which would make the attack on each one 20, with Mark's Inspire bonus. Assuming that hits each of them, the DC to save is 30, and if they fail, she can go on to the next one, and so on. Mark has generously volunteered the use of his powers in the event that one should make the save.

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ok, to save time (though your char wouldn;t know...)

the smaller ones have +7 defense and +7 toughness. (ie not too much of a challenge)

the bigger ones have +10 defense and +14 toughness.

However, they are all injured with at least 1 wound (so toughness is a little lower), some with more.

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Erin's wading in with the same attack she made before, full power attack plus three all-out attack, with the inspired bonus.

Her attack roll will be 1d20+13. Damage DC will be 32.

First attack is a miserable failure by all accounts, spending a HP. Second attack is also horrible but does succeed.

If the demon is disabled or knocked out, she will go on to a second one. Assuming the attack can be made it will hit, again for the same damage.

Her defense is down to +7 now, not counting the inspire bonus.

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(15:55:38) Cyroa: grr,,,IC is down again

(15:55:44) FreedomBot: Cyroa rolls 1d20 and gets 7.

so 14...yowsers...

he goes 'poof' in a firey-sent-back-to-hell kind of way

(15:57:44) FreedomBot: Cyroa rolls 1d20 and gets 5.

(15:57:49) Cyroa: C'MON

as does the second....


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