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The Interceptors: Issue #0 (OOC)

Dr Archeville

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The OOC post for the first meeting of The Interceptors!

Your first post in the IC thread should contain the following:

* A brief flashback to when your character received the summons to come here. (Remember, only Grimalkin and Velocity know it was Dr. Archeville; Doc'll reveal himself to all later as this thread progresses.) It could've been from a package with a card and some money in it that appeared in either our mailbox or in your home, or a letter hand-delivered by some nondescript person, or a call (or interrupted tv transmission!) by a mysterious man in shadows promising great opportunities. Doc/The Letter/The Mysterious Messenger does say there will be others present, and that you will be working as a team for an indefinite length of time on several important projects; tailor the message to whatever would most likely get your character out here.

* Why you agreed to come (curiosity? desire for more money? Gut feeling telling you this would lead to Good Things?)

After that, y'all are free to post whatever "meet & greet" stuff you like.

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I think they know varying amounts at this point. The Doc hasn't revealed himself to everyone yet. Grim and Velocity probably know the whole score, though.

I made Jack's summons particularly vague because that's what would best attract his attention; if something's going down in the West End, he needs to check it out and learn more. He would have viewed a letter delivered to his home, where his family lives, as tantamount to an attack. Conversely, a bizarre television message? No way he could just let that pass.

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