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Beautiful City (OOC)


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His toughness save was terrible... Congrats, you get an HP! <.<


See, terrible.

Okay, Alex is going to spend her turn moving the civilians. She'll be stuck doing that for this and the next round at least.

Thrasher is going to bellow his outrage at Wander and swing his lightpole at her. 1d20+8=16 I don't believe a 16 hits but if it does its a DC27 Toughness save.

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Erin's going to use her move action for an Acrobatic Bluff against Thrasher, hoping to catch him flat-footed. She has Skill Mastery and an Acrobatics modifier of +10, so with the -5 penalty for move action, that's a DC 15 for him.

For her standard action, she'll do another +3 power attack, which puts her attack at +7, damage at +15, and Defense at +10.

Attack roll is a 17. DC 30 again for toughness.

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Erin's going to attempt to disarm him of the helmet this round. She's making a power attack again, this time a full-out one at +5. That drops her attack to +5, raises her damage to +17 with the bat, and leaves her defense at +10.

She attacks with the bat, and amazingly, succeeds with a 19!

Roll to disarm is 1d20+17, first roll is pathetic! I spend an HP, taking her back down to 2 again.

Second roll is (thanks to the HP) just fine, a 33.

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