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And Blackjack [OOC]


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I have a question; does Grim/Lynn know what Derrick looks like? I can't recall if she's ever seen him not be Dark Star. She might recognize his voice if it doesn't sound too different powered down. Lynn and Grim look more or less the same, though her ears are pointier and hair spikier as Grim. Or are we just assuming most Knights have seen each other out of costume at one time or another?

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No, Derrick and DS don't sound the same. The only thing they sort of have in common is they are almost the same height.

DS has rarely been out of "costume" and that was only for the original crew and those he knows well. Few will have 'seen' him as Derrick directly. As former Knights, she probably knows his name though not that he uses it for anything. I'd say her knowing his name was a given. As for what he looks line? Kind of doubt it. *shrug* Wether she makes the connection or not is up to you.

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Yes. Yes, it would. :P

And I'd forgotten Phantom was at the Fallout, so I'll edit that bit.

I am assuming Doc knows what DS's human form looks like, due to the tests he was doing on him (before Avenger's cross-dimensional hijinx).

So this is after Knights Fallout, but before Cy's big Hell-Thing, right? (IIRC, Invasion/Danger Mansion is the first time Doc & Fleur were in the same thread, so he has no idea who the green-haired girl is.) Is this before or after the Carnival (and the Interceptors formed)?

EDIT: Well, even if it's before the Interceptors formed, Doc's comment re: Grim would still stand, since he was considering her for part of him team for some time.

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I'm playing Grim as though she's already spoke with Taylor and Jack in this thread, which I suggested take place on Tuesday, October 6th, but I don't know how that date works for Phantom and Avenger's busy schedules. In my head, it's before the Interceptors invite, but I've been keeping Grim mum on the subject in case it works better if it's after.

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