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Death Don't Have No Mercy (OOC)


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  • 2 weeks later...

Can I say that BD would have been in trance form since he was trying to notice more things? (He knows he's better aware of his surroundings in that form)

EDIT: Actually it doesn't matter in terms of the will save. His Will save in Trance form and Jazz form (which he would have been in after landing) are exactly the same!

Will DC 20 (1d20+12=19)

Really? Are you kidding me?!

*sigh* *cowers behind Grim*

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We'll get to that. I kinda had the comic book image of BD trying to cower behind Grim until she gets scared and jumps into his arms (a la shaggy and scooby doo). However there's no reason he can't turn on rock form after that. Point is, he can't switch forms as a reaction. He would either have been in Jazz form from when he landed, or Trance form if he was trying to notice Dead Head more efficiently. Neither of those forms have Fearless.

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That takes care of Breakdown (the cheater), but what about poor fleeing Grim? Well, Kenson sez:

With the Fearsome Presence feat, how long does the shaken, fleeing or panicked effect last? Just one round, or is it a "Lasting" effect with new saves after some time interval?

Treat it as a sustained lasting effect, allowing for a new save for each time interval that passes.

Ultimate Power sez:

A sustained duration lasting effect allows a new save for each interval on the Time Table, the same as with concentration duration (i.e. starting one minute after the effect occurs, then 5 minutes, 20 minutes, and so on), but does not require an action to maintain; its effects continue until the target successfully saves. If you concentrate during an entire time interval (taking a standard action each round), the subject does not gain the cumulative +1 save bonus for that interval. Once you stop concentrating on a sustained lasting effect, you cannot start concentrating on it again without an entirely new use of the effect.

The Willpower option of extra effort (see Extra Effort, M&M, page 120) allows you to gain an additional saving throw to recover from the lasting result of a power. The save occurs immediately as a free action on your turn and does not count as one of the normal saves you make, although it does add to the cumulative save bonus if it fails. If you’re entitled to a normal save on that round, you get to make it as well. You can spend a hero point to negate the fatigue from the extra effort as usual.

So Grim gets to make another DC 20 Will save in one minute (ten rounds), with a cumulative +1 bonus per previous save, unless you use the Willpower option for Extra Effort to get a save sooner.

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So, Heritage, you gonna spend one of your three HPs to immediately re-roll that save and not flee? Or use an Extra Effort/Willpower (and an HP to nix the fatigue) to attempt a save before the one minute mark?

I think I'll do the later, so less editing will be needed.

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This seems a good place to wrap up, unless either of you had something to add.

Yeah, we can wrap this up.

Oh, odd question: would either Breakdown or Grimalkin have relatives in the cemetery?

I described Grim's reaction to Christian cemeteries earlier in the thread, so I'm guessing her grandparents would be buried at a Jewish cemetery somewhere else in the West End.

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