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Ice, ice, baby! (OOC)


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I rolled before you called for it. got a 27 :P

but I'm fine with it if you stick them ahead of me.

that attack is:

Sound Wave 11 (Damage 11 Extras: Area/Burst, Selective; Flaws: Full Round Action) [22pp]

Sound Wave ------------------------ DC 21 REF / DC 26 TOU ------ Damage (Staged)

The actual DC block on my sheet is a little messed up. Forgot to update it when I hit my PL11 caps. I'll be submitting an edit for it soon, but that's what it's supposed to say.

If they're not within 55ft. I'll change this... I just assumed they were for quickness sake. I will be using selective to only include the enemies and any damagable weapons they may be holding, etc. no civilians, friends, or property.

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Reflex DC 24 (1d20+11=17)

Bound and Helpless. But now I will act. I take a free action to switch into Jazz form and slip out of the snare.

I will then float up away from the combat (about 50ft up) and send some Emotion Control Calm towards The Ice Queen.

EDIT: Bad pun is bad! My emotion control powers have been made perception range on this version of the character, this one hits for a Will save DC 21.

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Are their results. The damage is energy so you do take damage.

Ok damage saves by the corps vs the radiation attack. #2 takes a bruise #3 also takes a bruise in addition to his previous one.

Damage save of ensnarement. I'm just gonna go with taking 10 on the snare's damage save. So it takes one damage condition and is now at 23.

She saves against the emotion control. (22)

Ok so tell me what your hero point totals are now.



Power Corps 1

Power Corps 2 (1b)

Power Corps 3 (2b 1S)

Power Corps (4)

All-Star (Bound)


Madame Zero


#1 moves up after Breakdown firing gets a (30). hit Dc 24 Energy damage.

#2 fires on Breakdown .. (19). Miss

#3 is stunned so doesn't act this round

#4 fires at Darkstar (19) Hit. DC 24 energy damage


Power attack with Plasma Blasts on his Ice Barricade. DC 32. Taking 10 so damage beats it by 8. So he breaks the snare but is still bound.

Razorwing is up next.

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