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Ice, ice, baby! (IC)


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Date: October 10, 2009

As summer winds down and falls swings into high, the residents of Freedom begin to put to put on shirts that are a little thicker, pants that are a little warmer, maybe even a coat or two but no one goes overboard; it isn't winter yet. Unless you are in Hanover, where the temperature seems to have dropped an alarming degree. In front of one of the many technological offices in the area, the people seemed to have stopped moving all together, still as a lake in winter.

They are frozen in strange panicked flight, one frozen man clutches a an icy brief case before his face, a frost covered car sits in the middle of the road, door open,it female driver halfway out, a frozen scream on her lips. And before the door stands a police officer, icicles dangling from the his gun, a long tendril of ice exits the barrel, to bullet suspended in the air. A crackle of radio static, it comes from the frosted walkie-talkie at the cop's hip. "*shhhhhh* Davis?..*shhhh* Davis do you copy. *shhhh* all Hanover units be advised Possible disturbance on Lanover and Main. *shhhh* Officer Davis not responding over *shhhhhh*.

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Its amazing how far sound travels on the wind; snatches of conversation here, rough laughter there, and when you can here a fly fart from nearly a mile off, filtering out noise becomes more important. It was trick All-Star had been trying to get down ever since he had gotten his powers. It had been funny pretty fun the first couple of... minutes. After that i had gotten old fast, and he started to get an idea what a schizo went through all the time.

But it still proved useful, like how at this moment it allowed him to hear a police radio, report on a disturbance in Hanover. With a thunderous boom the young hero took off.

It didn't take him long to find the strange scene.

"What is this?" he asked to the air, as the silent citizens stood frozen. Then he heard a noise a boy who grew up in an arid desert probably never heard. The sound of Ice breaking.

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Dark Star flew over the area and slowed. It didn't take a physicist to note something wrong in this neighborhood. He frowned as he stopped, searching for the cause of the disturbance. And next to that, actually more of a priority really, was how to save and restore the innocent people trapped in their frigid states. He noted the flying cape and assumed given the concern that the young man was one of the 'good guys'. "I'm afraid this is a new one to me as well. I don't think I've encountered an ice villain or catastrophe in the city yet," he said in passing.

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All-Star turned his head and looked at the strange being that hovered near him. Whoa! That is freaky. Then he thought of the radioactive Hiroshima Shadow and drifted a little further away. "Who are you?"


Suddenly the wall of the building the two heroes were facing, split wide open, like a sheet of ice smashed down the middle. A wave of frozen mist wafted up as a a strange wave of ice spilled out through the gaping hole in the wall. On the wave stood a figure that you could see was a woman. She wore snow white body armor, and her face was hidden be hind a crystal blue visor. It the hair that came out the back of the suit's helmet was composed of spikes of blue ice. Riding the wave next to her was a massive chunk of ice almost he size of a small car, inside the ice a was strange machine, whose purpose you could not identify. She looked up at the two flying heros.

"Oh my," she seemed surprised. "I hadn't expected heroes so soon. I don't suppose you are goign to let me go." She asked sweetly.

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*shhhh* all Hanover units be advised Possible disturbance on Lanover and Main. *shhhh* Officer Davis not responding over *shhhhhh*.

The call came over his suit's radio scanner as Razorwing woke slowly. He had been patrolling North Freedom all night on a cold trail to the point of exhaustion and had decided to make camp in a dark corner in the basement level of a parking garage. Stretching as he gathered his senses about him and realizing he had passed out in his costume, Razorwing hastily packed his bedding into his duffel bag and slid it into a nook between a support wall and the ceiling of the garage. No rest for the wicked. Swinging a leg over the Razorcycle and kick-starting the machine into action with one fluid movement, he peeled off out of the parking garage, using his bikes navigation system to plot the quickest route to Lanover and Main.

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Breakdown had been lazily flying over the city when the call came over the police radio. He heard the radio waves loud and clear in his head. "Alright! Finally some action!"

He quickly tapped the switch playlist button on his sleeve and an instant later was gone. He rematerialized at the location described in the radio transmission.

Expecting trouble he immediately made himself ready for a fight. "Woh... What the he--Wait. It's WAY too cold for hell here."

He quickly sent a message to dark star over his short range radio senses Dark Star, what's the situation?

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"Fat chance," All-Star snorted. He felt almost giddy with excitement; his first villain. "I don't know who you are or where you came from, but you better put that back where you got it, and fix these people before I turn you into a snow cone." All-Star hoped some news crews would come by and start filming, he might be able to catch himself on the news tonight.

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Dark Star could have sighed. Breakdown, not the most restrained of the Claremont students, as well as two others. At least the one in the cape seemed willing to try and talk things out first. I'm uncertain. Though I would assume this young woman and the device are responsible or at least connected to this frozen tableau. He turned to the woman. "Ma'am. Please stop what your are doing. You are endangering countless lives. Please reverse what your are doing and we can avoid any unfortunate scuffles."

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"Snowcone?", she asked. "Well at least I wont be killing the the Freedom city brain trust." She seemed annoyed to find even more heroes appearing. "Seems we are having an unseasonable flurry of heroes." She raised her wrist to her face and spoke into it as she pressed a button. "Ha," she laughed at Darkstar's request. "I like the place better this way." "Sorry boys I don't have time to play with you today. Boys!" As she shouted four figures shot out of the hole in the wall. Their armor gleamed and was covered in sharp looking icicles, but fire streamed from their rocket boots as they sped out of the building.

"We have this under control. Three meta-human targets marked, engaging fire protocols. You chumps should have stayed home to polish your tights!"

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"Ugh. What an awful joke. I'm not even wearing tights..." Breakdown gestured to his leather jacket and camouflage shorts before setting his face in his palm.

"Anyway doesn't matter. Last time I checked, things that can shatter don't like loud noises!" Suddenly, it sounded like he turned the volume up on a sub woofer to maximum. He heart pounding thump echoed across the street, but it seemed to only affect the enemies. Clearly Breakdown was getting better at aiming his powers.

Y'see, teach, He communicated to Dark Star, I'm gettin' better at this game.

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The four armored figures flew towards the trio, but slammed into the massive sound wave. As the heroes watched the sheets of ice on their armor shattered, revealing themselves to be late added decorations. Underneath the Armor was shiny and metallic, with black tights between the polished metallic pieces. On each of their chests was engraved numbers one through four. Number three in particular Breakdown got a good look at as he seemed to absorb the brunt of the attack. He yelled as he grabbed his, sparks shot out of his armor as something popped and hissed as he fell to the ground.

Madame Zero erected a dome of ice around her, in that brief second, it shattered too but she was unharmed.

"Damn #3!", the armored villains shouted. "Your gonna pay for that!" In what seemed to be a well practiced maneuver #1 and #2 circled around Breakdown, their wrists crackled with energy that they discharged at Breakdown. Seeking to prevent others from interfering #4 positioned himself between them and the other heroes. He fired his wrist blasters at Darkstar.

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"Hey!" All-Star shouted. "Dont Ignore me!" He flew at #4 and leveraged a mean hay-maker at the villains face, but the suits were more agile than they looked and the villain floated aside before the blow could connect. Stand still dammit! This wasn't going at all as the young hero hoped, but adversity made you stronger. That is one thing he knew wouldn't change in the hero world.

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The woman tsked. "Its seems you guys cant do anything right." She raised her hands and the air became bitterly cold as wet hail flew through he air, where it struck the heroes it clung tight until another added on to it, restricting their movements.

All-Star quickly found himself encased in thick block of ice as he plummeted form the sky.

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Dark Star sighed as things degenerated rather quickly. "Why does everyone insist on fighting," he asked rhetorically. He shook his head and thrust his hands outward, sending waves of damaging radiation outward, affecting the various villains and All-Star's bonds, but little else.

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Breakdown quickly became encased in what looked like a miniature snow bank. He managed to tap one of the buttons on his sleeve, and soon he was shaking snow off of his body. He began to float up and away from the fight.

When he reached about 50ft off of the ground, he turned to face the Ice Controller below. He extended his music towards the battle and projected a cool calming jazz tune. "Look, Lady, you gotta cool off!"

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The armored villains attempt to shield themselves from the deadly radiation but #2 grunts as the blasts hits her in the chest. #3 already dazed is unable to protect himself and the blast hammer shim into the pavement.

"This is ridiculous," says #1. "Take these idiots down; concentrate fire." With that he and #2 homed in on Breakdown firing their blasters. The agile hero manages to dodge most of the blasts but he was forced right into another. #4 Continued his offensive on Darkstar pouring energy Blasts into the hero.


Wow how cheap is this? All-Star fumed as he found himself out of the action. Now he was being upstaged by these other guys. The ice was impossibly hard, he found it hard to move his body. Drawing on his inner energy reserves, All-Star let loose a stream of super-heated energy from his eyes. He could see his attack working, the ice was melting, but he knew that energy attack should have vaporized any sort of normal ice. What was this stuff made of. Just you wait, lady you gonna pay for this.

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Razorwing had used his Grapple Gun to ascend to the rooftop adjacent to the battle zone, surveying the scene before acting. The four opponents in the powered armor didn't seem to pose much of a threat to the assembled heroes, but the ice woman seemed to be holding her own. He kept his eye on her, watching her every move, waiting for the right moment to strike.

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Madame Zero didn't seem to be enjoying the fight. "It didn't have to come to violence. You could have just minded your own business." Her palms glowed with energy as she fired two crystal blue beams at Darkstar. The airs seems to shatter with a cold that seems to affect even the powerful energy being.

Even as it hit the wave of ice she rode slid off further down the street. Taking the device with her.

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"See, now... Minding our own business is basically the exact opposite of our job description." Breakdown flew after Madam Zero down the street. Once he was right above her, he tapped one of the buttons on his sleeve and turned on the rock.

Breakdown came down on Madame zero with with a powerful elbow.

"In order for us to keep doing our job, we have to stop your shenanigans."

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Breakdown's flying elbow smashed through the hastily erected shield of Ice the madame threw up, and smashed into her head stunning the Ice Queen. The icewave she rode on collapsed under her as did the iced over machine but the thick layer of ice around her prize remained.

"Damn," shouted #1. "We have to protect the client!" With #1 and #2 flew after breakdown opening their blasters to full power. The strafed the streets vaporizing large chunks of concrete and ice, one over charged bolt even struck Breakdown.

#4 saw that Darkstar was reeling, from the Madame's attack and pressed the advantage with a full power blast at point blank range. "How do you like this?" he shouted. Even #3 staggered to his feet long enough to reroute his suit's back up energy to his blasters, the beams punched into the shadowy hero.

All-Star could feel the massive blows connecting around him, but he was trapped int he most inane manner possible. He threw all his frustration into his plasma blast. The Ice prison shattered under the force. He caught the attack on Darkstar at the end, and took of towards the the Power Armored villain with the #4 on his chest. "All right, now I'm pissed," he said to himself. He balled his hands together and swung them in a vicious uppercut, but the villain was able to dodge it.

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"Ahh!" Breakdown yelped when he was hit in the chest by the laser. It didn't phase him much, though. "I don't have time to deal with back up singers. You two can wait your turn!" He crouched down and tore off down the street after the recoiling Madame Zero. When he reached her he delivered a simple, yet destructively effective clothesline - and kept on running!

He dashed straight back to where All-Star was standing, having just broken out of his Icy Prison. He probed the surrounding area with his radio senses, hoping to pick up some signal from Dark Star, whom he had lost sight of. He quickly even sent out a message, hoping he wasn't too far away from Dark Star for the other hero to pick up his transmissions. "Dark Star! Say something! Where are you?!"

Breakdown quickly switched to his jazz playlist and got ready to rejoin the fight. If Dark Star was lost, there was nothing that he could do for him now...

"Three...Two...One...Let's jam!"

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As Breakdown's attack started, Zero quickly shook of his previous attack. She thrust her hands at the ground. Walls of ice shot out of the ground, which Breakdown was able to dodge around, but as he brought his arm around for the attack it smashed into a wall of ice. The Madame gave Breakdown a wicked grin behind the transparent sheet.

The #1 and #2 continued to harry the musical hero. "Where do you think you're running to freak!" The unleashed more torrents of energy. A stray blast struck an empty car, lifting it into the street with a large explosion. Breakdown got the impression that they were just firing at random, until a blast struck him.

"That was a rookie mistake," #4 said to All-Star. He swung his armored fist into a backhand that smashed into the young hero's jaw. "You ain't no Centurion that's for sure."

"Guys!" #3 Shouted as he clutched his chest. "There goes another one." He pointed at the previously unseen Razorwing. His outstretched hand glowed briefly then discharged a volley of energy blasts.

All-Star blinked to clear his eyes from #4's fist. He anger rose up in his chest. Rookie! He swung another blow that the armored villain parried.

"Told ya that is a roo-" All-Star's fist smashed into his visor, whipping his head back.

"I'm a damn All-Star!" Marcus shouted. "I don't warm the bench."

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