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Large City Wide Plot Thread - Interested?


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Ok, for a while Alder and I have been planning a large plot bit that has a city-wide affect. I'm getting ready to open it up.

Now, this will affect the ENTIRE city. (It is ref sanctioned, so no worries! ;) ) There will be danger everywhere and citizens in constant dire peril from every direction. No one is safe; there will only be a couple 'safe locations'/bastions for people to retreat too. Large section of the city will be badly damaged... The whole thing will take place over the better part of a day. However, at the end, people will never know it happened (outside of the heroes of course) as things are reset and the heroes prevail.

How this will work mechancis-wise: I'll be grouping people who are interested into various threads to make things easier. I'll have one thread per group. I will do my best to post to each at least once a day (assuming the players in said thread have gone on their turn). Note: there will be lots of combat, some quite rough (depending on your PL) but there will also simple be plenty of 'saving' to do for those non-combat types.

I intend to kick this off within a week or so as it is likely going to take some time to do. So, if you're interested, please let us know!

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If there's risk of people dying by unnatural/supernatural means, Dead Head would be in. Depending on how Durf's "Darkness Rising" thread goes, of course.

Doc will also want in, of course. Science v. the Supernatural! Plus, his company may be opening in October (1st Quarter of the fiscal year), and he'll want to protect that!

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ok, this is who I've got so far:

Claremont Thread

Edge – PL11

Wanderer – PL11

Psyche – PL? (going gold maybe)

Phalanx – PL? (going gold maybe)

Breakdown – PL11

(Guest Appearance: Phantom)

Unassigned Threads

Jack of all Blades – PL10

Ace Danger – PL11

Colt – PL10

Doctor Archeville – PL14

Dead Head – PL11

Quark – PL? (Note: will likely have issues with plot given char background/history)

Wesley Knight – PL?

Ironhide – PL10 (I’m assuming he isn’t a villain as your tag line says though it doesn’t matter much for this)

Blink – PL10

Geckoman – PL7 (possibly in Claremont thread?)

Atlas – PL10

Tempest – PL13

Razorwing – PL10

Mongrel Angel – PL6*** (is this char of Angelic descent? Wasn’t sure)

Spitfire – PL10

River Rat – PL6

Leon Mighty – PL10

Possibles/Haven't heard about

Dariusprime (no char currently; possible PL10 Paragon)

Avenger – PL13

Arrowhawk – PL11

Zephyr – PL10

Scarab – PL12

To keep the threads small and (hopefully) moving relatively quickly, there will only be 4-5 people in a given thread in most cases. They will most likely be grouped semi-randomly based on preference (see below) and effective combat PL (when applicable). Some chars are just much tougher than others despite PL. Everyone will be challenged. Again, if there is a preference/team-up you'd like, let me know.

Now, if there is a particular type of thread you would like or not like to see your char involved in (straight up fight, hopeless battle, minimal combat and rescues instead, Doc mentioned defending his building/stuff, etc), feel free to mention it. I'll do my best to make sure it works out.

If you can do rough math, this appears to be around 6 different threads running simulataniously. All will be happening at the same rough time in character/game. There can and may be some cross over between them. However, unless cleared with me (or the GM of both threads involved), don't hop over to another. Even if some threads are progressing much faster than others (due to posting speeds and the like), I'm going to be keeping a rough 'time counter' on all of them.

Obviously, this entire thing is something of an experiment (and I'm not exactly a M&M rules expert). Hopefully it will work out and everyone will have fun (even if your chars won't). Thanks for you patience, help and support.

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That's a lot of heroes! Jack of all Blades, Colt, Blink and Razorwing, along with All-Star, are forming a new super team, the Interceptors (next big thing, tell your friends), so depending on when this takes place, it might make sense to have them in a thread together.

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I second that motion by Gizmo. The Interceptors should be banded together by the time this thread goes off. It may just be simple enough to put us all in the same thread. All Star included. I'm not sure if he expressed interest in this at all in the first place, but if he doesn't want to participate, then there is still a 4 man team with us.

As for the type of thread, I'm still getting used to playing Colt, so I'll leave that up to you. But I am open to anything. Colt is pretty well rounded.

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