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Stonewall (OOC)


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Current Init Rolls:

Yuki's Init (1d20+18=27)

The six thugs in the order of 1 through 6: Thugs init

#1 10

#2 04

#3 10

#4 10

#5 13

#6 09

???: Mysterious Combatant Init is 25. SPOILER!!! Don't click if you want to keep the Surprise. This is just for validation. (1d20+6=25)

Yuki's Stealth Roll (1d20+22=27)

??? Notice check vs. DC 22. If succesful, ??? sees Yuki... (1d20+8=18)

Surprise Round:

Yuki takes 10 on attacking Thug 1 with web balls. She hits.

Thug 1's Toughness. DC 24 (1d20+1=3). Thug 1 is out.

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Init Count and status:

#!. Yuki: 27 2 HP's (gains one for stopping the thug from killing Leonard)

#2. ???

#3. Thug 5: 13

#4. Thug 3: 10

#5. Thug 4: 10

#6. Thug 6: 09

#7. Thug 2: 04

Combat Turn one:

Yuki takes ten on thug 2. Since it's impossible to save, he's ko'd (+1 Toughness save vs. a DC 24 attack).

Yuki power stunts to gain Takedown attack and continues this 4 more times to take down the rest of the thugs in short order.

??? attempts to sneak attack yuki. Yuki's Danger sense roll, DC 15. (1d20+10=22)

Since Yuki isn't suprised, it's just a regular attack. It's a miss. 22.

Yuki gains another hp for the ambush.

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Round 2:

#1. Yuki No bruises, 1 hp

#2. Sandstone No Bruises

#3. Leonard, on virtue of the impossibility of surpassing Sandstone's intitve, is dead last.

Sandstone begins in her particle form.

Yuki's Turn:

Yuki attacks... but Sandstone is immune to bludgeoning attacks in particle form. Yuki leaps up to 360 feet onto a nearby wall above Sandstone.

Sandstone attacks Leonard. DC 10. (1d20+12=31). Leonard's Toughness roll (Anything less then a nat twenty is going to be brutal...

DC 27 Toughness roll. (1d20=4)

Leonard is KO'd

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Round 3:

Leomard is KO'd.

Same status as before.


While actively moving to maintain her 360 feet gap between her and Sandstone, She's going to attempt a Acrobatic Bluff (1d20+22=42)

It's impossible for Sandstone to beat the roll, so the feint is successful. Sandstone is flatfooted towards her next attack.


Sandstone goes for surge. First Standard Action she activates Growth, turning Huge. She moves 30 feet as a move action, then as her second standard, she attempts a Intimidate Check. +2 for growing from medium to huge. (1d20+19=20). ((What a sucky roll :rotfl: ))

Yuki's counter-roll, DC 20... (1d20+6=18) (( Doesn't Matter. Yuki failed. :rotfl: ))

So Yuki is now -2 to her attacks, checks, ANd saves. for one round. Sweet Payback.

Yuki gains an HP from GM Fiat, as Sandstone is cleared of fatigue.

She now has 2 overall.

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Round 4:

Yuki (no damage, 2 hp):

Snare Attempt, DC 18. (1d20+13=15) ((Note: I goofed. The DC is 15. Sandstones defense is 20 minus 5 due to falling for the Acrobatic bluff. So this is a hit.))

Sandstone's Reflex save vs. DC 19 snare. (1d20+8=25) Sandstone avoids the snare.

EDIT: I also forgot to implant Yuki's -2 modifier for being intimidated. The Snare missed anyway, so no harm, no foul.

Uses Super-Movement (swinging), to stay in the air. (32 feet)


Grapple Attempt. First, Attack Roll. DC 26 (1d20+10=16). It's a miss thus Grapple fails.

Sandstone moves closer to Yuki.

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