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There was nothing like a late evening train ride. There were many a high school teenager who spent an entire afternoon riding on the train, eiter relaxing or conversing with friends. Yukio Mishka was one of those teens, throuh she was more of the relaxing type. There was a major difference, however. While people rode in the train... Yuki rode _on_ it, sitting indian style just above the operator's car. The soothing wind was wiping her hair back, cascading her body in coolness of the evening's chill. She needed it, since, thanks to that dolt who choose to crash into downtown Freedom, she was unable to properly finish her report... and she received a deficiency notice cause of the missed assignment.

"No... mom, My web-slinging is not interfereing with my studies... I'm telling you I 'did' do the work... but some cowboy crash landed his space bike and caused me to lose it..."

Good god, that sounded corny.

"...look, the point is, I don't need to cut down. I'm saving lives here, it's not like school is important... nonono, I didn't mean it that way..."

Her stop was coming up, causing Yuki to roll back to her feet, then back flip off the train, shooting a webline to catch a nearby billboard. It was a picture of MAyor O'connor saying something unimpressive. She struck him right between the eyes. The amazing thing was, she was doing all this with one hand, her other had a cell phone pressed to her ear..

"...oh come on, you can't hold the tardiness marks against me, you know why I'm late most of the time! Well, tell that to the people I saved from that burning building... and the old lady who was almost ran over by a truck... and Rant and Rave, for get about them? ...okay, true that was in the afternoon, but still..."

Yuki pulled a corkscrew plancha over a sky scraper, pulled a dead man drop down the other side, before firing another webline to another building and swung.

"...wait, you're telling me that they gave me demerits!? They never told me that... I have to do what!?"

Yuki almost let go of her webline prematurely. "...but... why do 'I' have be the one to do community service!? There's kids who have waaaaay more demerits then me! I..."




Yuki stabbed the disconnect button as soon as she felt the familiar buzz and her head instinctively whipped towards the distant sound. She released the web line and fired another one, whiping her body around the corner... and then realised she hung-up on her own mother. Nutbunnies.

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GM Post

Leonard Russell was trapped. He's been running for close to an hour... but it was no getting away from them... not with 'her' on their side.

And then he crapped up and made a wrong turn down a dead-end alley. The Mob enforcers were on his heels. This fact was proven when he turned into a .45.

"You truly think you can sell Max without paying the street tax, punk."

Leonard couldn't speak. He was about to wet himself.

"All we were told to do is rough you up and take our money. But judging that you ran away... it must mean you have squat. What you think we should do, Leo? Shooting you is so excessive... but we need to make an example of what happens when plebes like you stand above what you're worth. Tell me... what should we do?"



The web ball bounced right of his head, dropping him to the ground.

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"I say let him go. That could be the beginning of a brighter, happier criminal!"

Yuki stayed in the shadows, watching as one of her classmates, a person she would 'never' had pegged a dealer, get trapped and was staring down the barrel of a gun.

What is up with people... don't they know the damage they're doing to others and themselves...?

She watched as the thug she targeted dropped to the ground like a sandbag. Speaking of a sandbag, yuki cracked her knuckles. "So... who wants a hug from auntie Tarantula?"

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((Beginning of the actual combat rounds))

Yuki was off the wall as the other men reached for their pistols. It was the standard mobster greeting.

"Okay, so maybe noone wants a hug... a kiss perhaps?"

Yuki flipped over the closest mobster and spun her body around to land a sickening reverse flying kick to the back of the head of the closest one. She dropped to the ground and slid between the legs of her first target before he hit the ground. She landed another kick to another's groin.

"Wow... okay, you may want to put some ice on that...

She managed to roll onto her feet in a crouch, before firing a webline into the chest of another mobster and yanking him towards her so that he met her head as she stood up...

No, she leapt. And as the man flipped backwards from the impact, Yuki executed a split kick to knock out his two friends who actually manged to pull out their weapons.

Of course, they never had a chance to use them.

"Young and dumb. Well... they don't look to young, but dumb all the same..."

:!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!:

Wait a second.... why is there sand on the ground? And why is it moving... uh-oh...

:!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!:

Yuki back flipped away from a giant fist that nearly rammed her into the wall. Thank goodness for her Spider-sense.

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Sandstone retracted her arm after her fist missed the annoying female. Slowly she shifted into her human looking form. "This is none of your concern you annoying insect. Back-off."

Meanwhile Leonard was ducking behind a trash can. He watched as the woman in the skintight clothing dropped six of the men in almost a blink of an eye... but now she was facing the real reason he was terrified. That sand girl was hounding him since Motley and Bolevard street. Why can't they just leave him alone...

Then he saw it... one of the mobsters dropped their pistol...

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"Annoying Insect? Please, you're too kind... call me Tarantula, all my friends do! You don't want to know what my enemies call me..."

Yuki pressed her legs into a nearby wall. "Then again, I knock out most people before they can utter a syllable... so congrats in saying a full sentence!"

She pressed off and her fist (with her entire body) went through the woman. Yuki managed to land onto the opposite wall without a splat.

What, is she made of sand or something!?

Yuki leaped off her perch and climbed further up the wall. Need a plan, yuki... you need a plan...

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Sandstone's body was splashed all over the alley... but she pulled herself back together in time to see this... 'Tarantula'.... climb up the wall. "...ah, I've heard of you..."

Sandstone was no idiot. While Tarantula was climbing and leaping out of her range, She sent a fist flying into Leonard, knocking him heads over heels into another pile of garbage.

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  • 2 weeks later...

"You've heard of me!? SWEET!" Yuki fliped off the wall and began swinging and leaping in random directions. "...you, however, I know nothing about. What's corny name have you come up with? Sandcastle? Sandy? Pebbles?"

The strategy was elementary, but looks to be effective. Keep her off balance, and maybe...

:!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!:

Something is hapening...

:!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!:

...oh lord...

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The next to last statement, the one about not knowing who she was, set Sandstone off.

"Who Ami I?"

Sandstone's Body began to grow, as she began to spread the loose particles of sand, as well as some of the sedatives in the alley, along her form. She now was four times her original size, each fist the size of Tarrantula.

"The name is Sandstone. Undefeated champion of Circuit Maximus. Un. Defeated. Any questions?"

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Yuki has now, officially, crapped out her cornflakes. Ah, the beautiy of a full faced mask, as it covered the mask underneath: the mask of absolute terror. Many times people has made idle threats of squashing her like the bug she portrayed... but now this Sandstone may do it literally.

"Champion? Everyone knows those fights are staged." For the record, Yuki had no idea what the heck Circuit Maximus was. All she was focuse on was trying to vary her attacks. Using her fists was no go... perhaps...

Concentrating, she shot a wide glob of webbing right at Sandstone... and Groaned inwards as she saw that same glob miss the giant woman. Sandstone formed a hole in her chest that the glob went through, plastering harmlessly onto the wall behind her.

"Besides, it'll take more then showmanship skills to defeat me. It'll take... well... It'll take more then a paper championship, that's for sure!"

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