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Rained Out Stake Out (OOC)


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In case it matters:

Use Environmental Control to use the following:

Hamper Movement 2 - Drops all movement speeds to 1/4 of their normal value.

Visibility - A -4 penalty on all Notice and Search Checks

Distraction 2 - Forces anyone using a Sustained or Concentration duration (like flight or speed) to make a DC 10 Concentration check in order to maintain the effects.

I have Immunity (own powers) so I ignore each and everyone of these effects.

Use the Air Elemental Attunement to get Flight 5 and close the distance.

Land immediately in front of the limo and switch to Earth Attuned to get lots of Impervious and Immovable, so it can't go anywhere or attempts to ram me are ill advised.

I'll then All out Attack 5, which gives me a +16 to hit with his Shape Matter effect against the Defense 8 Limo. Equipment is effected automatically upon a successful attack roll. The Limo and the several thousand pounds of material around me are now like soft clay for me, and also I have Precise.

There's more to come, but that was pretty much 2 rounds, so I'll give you a change to catch up. :D

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Okay hows this. After you place the cage in the sidewalk, I'll stroll over to the building above it, and hop down on top of the cage. We can assume that with the cage being elevated this is no more than a 40 ft drop (I was envisioning these buildings being kinds short.)

Skill mastery on acrobatics means I hit DC 30 and ignore the first 25 ft of damage. I also ignore the first 10 feet naturally, that's a fall of 5 feet, and I have to save vs. DC 16 toughness, sound right?

toughness DC 16 (1d20+12=17)



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